Girly Update

Monday, August 25, 2008

Just an update on how things have been with my not-so-little girl.

She is getting slimmer but taller. She has a good appetite - even taking small in-between snacks of cookies and milk. She doing good in school. I noticed that she is good at reading, both in English and Filipino. However, we are still having difficulties in getting her to write. She easily gets *tired*. We already provided her with things to get her to write but she's just plain lazy. *sigh*

On a lighter note, she still adores her caregiver, Tita Jen. (Here is an old post about them.) She tails her whatever Jen is doing. She even helps her clean the house and wash the dishes. Jen is fond of fixing her hair too. I usually look forward to seeing them before they go to her classroom.

She loves playing. She is a solitary player, being an only child. I usually hear her dolls and bears and animal toys *talk*. And mind you, they speak in English! :) But she usually gets to play with her classmates before I (or some other good people) fetch her from her class. I have been meetings, usually late in the afternoons. And I am sooo grateful to friends like Joniel and Roy who volunteers to fetch the girl from her classroom and accompany her until the meetings end. And the girl just adores them!

Anyway, I am leaving you with a photo of the girl taken on the *luckiest* day of the year: Oh-Eight-Oh-Eight-Oh-Eight. It was a holiday and I was able to attend a friend's wedding where the little girl was a flower girl.
I am a mom to a drama queen, alright.

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It's Been a While

And I am sorry for being a bad blogger.

Anyways, we are caught in the middle of Mindanao crisis and just an hour ago, one of my brothers in-law called up, asking me (and my small family, of course) to move-out and relocate. (He was watching the news and I can just imagine their worry.) Sure, I would love to, but it isn't that easy. He offered their place to stay but of course, we (meaning Wes and I) has to find work. I jokingly said that we'll go when things get worse and there'll be no more flights available. (knock on wood!) And he replied that maybe soon, Mindanao will be a separate country and we'll be needing passports if we intend to travel to Luzon. Hehe.

I am very much thankful for having a loving and supportive family in-law. I don't have a mother in-law nor father in-law problem and Wes' siblings - love them to pieces! September is just around the corner and you know what that means? The countdown to Christmas begins! We'll be with them again very soon and we're sooo excited! :)


Ready, Set, Game!

Friday, August 8, 2008

This post is dedicated to my older cousin. He is 7 months older than I am and he just turned 30 about three months ago. However, when I hear video and computer games, he is the first person that comes to mind. He has been soooo addicted with video games, ever since he was able to afford buying them. It all started with PS and then an upgraded version and later on, a personal computer. I have lost count but I believe that he already got himself a PlayStation 3.

What's so cool about PS3? Everything! Just take a look at its PS3 controller - it is fully loaded with motion sensor technology and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible. Do you want to watch Blu-Ray movie discs on your? You can with Sony PlayStation 3 blu-ray remote control.

Surely, my cousin has been enjoying these useful PS3 features and I can't wait to visit them soon so I can try it myself.


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