Another Holiday! Yeah!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tomorrow is a national holiday. Yay! I so love to type that. It means that I won’t be rushing to work, and that I can spend time with my family and just do anything that I like before another busy week with the upcoming school festival. I plan to buy groceries and then see some girl friends again. We will be visiting that cafe for sure. :) And I will be devouring my favorite pasta and cold coffee along with a slice of superb blueberry cheesecake or choco mousse perhaps. I hope to finish more tasks, like this one on hotels las vegas. I don’t know if I can scrap a page but let’s not loose hope here, OK? Smug The Monday after tomorrow is also a holiday here since it will the city’s patronal fiesta. That’s another good break after the busy and crazy week which is this week! :)

Have a lovely one ahead! Take care!


Why I am Forced to Buy a DSLR.

  camerastrapsNo, these totally adorable camera straps are not the reason! Read on to find out why and later on, to know where you can find and win one of those lovelies. ;)

I am *forced* to buy a DSLR soon. (As if I am not dreaming of owning one! LOL!) Thanks to my sideline, we can finally afford one! Thank you, Lord! :) Anyways, back to my story. My brothers in-law, Mark in particular, has been planning a surprise 30th wedding anniversary party for my parents in-law. Of course, everyone has to chip in and surely, I was assigned to work on the invitation. It will just be a simple celebration come December 30. Wes and Jeff (another brother in-law) were assigned on the documentation, though as what Markley hinted, maybe we (meaning Wes and I) can do this once we get a DSLR (he is aware that it is one of my dreams). So the scrimpy but charming Husband of mine decided that its time to buy one! (Instead of him, hiring a professional photographer, of course!) Haha! So there. I will be buying a DSLR soon. It will be a Nikon for sure, though I am not yet sure what model. I am a bit apprehensive because I barely have two weeks or less to practice. *sigh* Good luck to me! :) I know I have been eyeing one but I shelved the idea. A friend convinced me that I also deserve to buy something extravagant for myself. Another one told me that since I will be turning 30 (yes I am!) this year, the gift should be grand. So there. :)


Last Weekend of November Roundup

Happy Sunday! How did you spend it? Mine was just spent here at the house. Therese spent her Friday night and her Saturday at my parents’ house – since she would not be here during the holidays and to give me time to really rest, which I badly needed after the stressful weeks which are now behind me. Wesley was finally home after a long trip. He also spent the weekend watching his favorite NCIS which I wanted to watch too but unfortunately, the Internet was much attractive than the telly. Haha! Maybe I’d reconsider if we have a theater room with a totally rocking home theater with home theater sconces. :D

Unfortunately, Wes had a slight fever this morning so we had to stay home and just watch the Healing Mass on TV. He needed to recover fast since he will be leaving again in a few days’ time. The little girl arrived around 9AM and we surely missed her! The house was just too silent with just the two of us. And of course, so neat and orderly. Haha! Now there are papers and toys and hair accessories plus slippers everywhere! But its OK. As long as she’s here and she’s happy. :)

The Husband is doing better now. He’s rested and ready to fly again. ;)

So there goes my weekend! How about yours?


A Night with the Girls

I have friends who keep me sane. And I have friends who make look insanity look normal. They are the bunch of girls and guys I grew up with – my high school buddies. They are crazy and totally insane. And I know that they are taking that sentence as a compliment! LOL! Last Friday, I was able to have a spend time with some of them since Raquel (a.k.a Aking) came for a week-long vacation. She visited me at the office and we both left for our favorite cafe. However, it was packed with people (being a Friday and payday). She proposed that we go somewhere where there were grilled food, drinks and music. She called the two other girls – Marijo and Remy and they had to get off their ride and ride back. Haha! Anyways, we met there and they were totally surprised when I told them that it was my first time to be there. Haha!

So we ate, good food really! We had their famous chicken wings, calamares and nilasing na hipon. And no, I won’t share how many servings we ordered. That would be betrayal. Haha! There were two singers – both were former students of the university. One was OK and the other one was pwede na. Haha! We later on ordered some drinks. Honestly, (and they knew it) it was my third time to take alcohol in my ENTIRE life! The last one was about 3 years ago, during our batch reunion. The first one was maybe 10 years ago when my cousins arrived from Bukidnon. Anyways, we were having a good time (just one bottle of liquor each with lots of ice), until someone made a call, felt guilty and had to go home early. Hehe. Well, we had to let her because well, it’s her life! On the other hand, my husband was supportive. Haha! He just reminded me to take lots of water. That’s my Love! :D As usual, we talked about our own lives, our batch mates’ lives and how we were some years back. We’re so old! It shows because we talk about the past! Haha!  We went home around 8 PM – slightly tipsy but all too happy. And we hope to see each other again soon!

And that’s why I failed to write a review on life insurance rates last Friday. Better do it now! :)


My Christmas Started Early!

Look what I found on top of my office table after I attended a meeting last Friday (November 28, 2008):



A package from my *mommy*! Like what I mentioned here, I joined our Twitter group’s Exchange Gift. I never thought that *she* is my mommy! Yay! Anyway, what did she give me? Not a Manolo Blahnik of course, because I did not ask for one! LOL! But I did not open it right away as we were about to leave for a night-out with an old friend who came for a vacation. But I opened it upon coming home and here’s what’s inside:


Books! Four books, like what I requested! Yay! And she also sent a hand-made bookmark plus a cute pencil for my little girl (so fitting since we have been encouraging her to practice writing!) and look, our first Christmas card for the year! Thank you so much, Mommy! I was a little bit tipsy that night but that did not prevent me from reading a page or two from these books. I did not know which one to read first! LOL! These are totally enlightening and inspiring books and though I like them and can afford them, I know I can’t buy them for myself. No guilt feelings because these were given! Haha! So let’s do this again come Valentine’s Day, girls! Haha!


Double Woot!

First: I survived the week! Wohoo! There were some glitches re some of our activities but they were manageable. Another busy week ahead with the upcoming university festival – sort of an intramurals. Our student leaders are going crazy with the preparations. As expected, they have been facing a lot of difficulties and our office is doing the best that we can to help them. They are surely lucky to have us there. ;)

Second: Another great news came in, by the way. One of the persons close to my heart will be proposing to his long-time girlfriend very, very soon. He has been scouting for the best engagement rings around. I was taken aback when I learned how much he’s willing to pay for for those rings! But well, he has prepared for this and I believe he can afford something like this one:

gi_WF-4000w_t It’s pretty, right? I know that K will surely like this once J shows her this. ;) Good luck, loves and I wish you both the happiness and love that you both deserve!


Tuesday Ramblings

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And another passed though I don’t think it was a productive one for me. I attended a skill enhancement seminar but I had to get out of the room every now and then to make calls or talk to people. We are going to have a launching of the Mindanao Week of Peace and the re-launching of our Campaign Against Smoking . This is through the collaborative effort of our Peace Center and the Student Organizations’ Council where I serve as an adviser. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that EVERYTHING will turn out fine tomorrow. More activities are lined up in the next couple of weeks and to say that work has been stressful is an understatement! I have been taking Gatorade like water these days! I am taking everything in a stride so as to keep myself from going insane. :D

Well tomorrow is another day and kindly help me pray that all of our initiated activities will become successful and have a positive impact to the lives of our students. ;)


Merry and Stylish!

Monday, November 24, 2008




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Too Fast!

I have a graduating pupil and it makes me both happy and a kinda sad. Happy because she has been doing well in school, at least by my standards. LOL! And sad because she is growing up way too fast! We have been preparing for her graduation and to start off, they had a pictorial this afternoon with their graduation gowns. I am not a make-up expert but I did try. Though I am not sure if a did a pretty good job. Hehe. A friend also helped me so a big thanks goes to her! Parents were not allowed to stay for the pictorials, plus the pictorials took place later in the afternoon, not upon our arrival. Anyways, here’s a pic courtesy of my point-and-shoot!


The next pictorial will be in January 2009 wherein they are required to be in their formal dresses. It will be easy-peasy since one of my bestest friends own a dress shoppe! LOL!

Tomorrow, we will be attending her Second Convocation. Being invited (that is being sent with an invitation to the occasion) means that our little girl is in the honors’ list again! Yay! Keep up the good work, Love! We are so proud of yah!!!


To Buy or Not to Buy?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

During our 3-day seminar, I was privileged to be allowed by my facilitator/ friends to take photos using their Canon DSLR. It has the basic lens but I had fun shooting! It is indeed liberating to be shooting with a DSLR and I guess I had better photos when I am using one. (Or maybe I am just fooling myself! Haha!)


I discussed the possibility of me buying a DSLR with the husband (again!) and this time, there is a glimmer of hope that I might get an approval from him. About 5%! Haha! But he says that I have time to think about it since we’ll be spending the holidays in a place where there are malls and stores so my choices are endless (but my budget is limited. Haha!) So now, I am discerning whether to buy a DSLR or not. Or a camcorder instead, since I already have point-and-shoot. *sigh* Decisions, decisions… To buy or not to buy? That is the question. And I wonder what the answer will be. Haha!


Still Here

So where have I been? Just here, as usual. We had a 3-day facilitators’ training on inter-faith and inter-cultural dialogue. I am telling you, my list of special tasks is growing by the month! It was a fun-filled and enlightening experience though. I wish I could share my insights now but I don’t want to bore you. Plus I have been feeling tired and kinda grumpy these days. I attribute it to stress. Trust me, we are so loaded these days, especially now that various school festivities and celebrations are fast approaching. The pressure and stress, I know I can take. But like a good friend of mine, Marijo, who will be celebrating her birthday tomorrow, I am also thinking of rewarding myself. An xbox 360 will do. Haha! But that’s when I have saved enough for one. As of now, all I can afford is an MP4 player for my e-book reading pleasure. And I am going to have one next month! Yay!

Anyways, things will definitely get busier in the coming days so don’t be surprised if you see me now and tomorrow, not!


I See You

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Questions of the Week #39

Thursday, November 13, 2008

1. Who brings out the BEST in you?
My husband and daughter. God and what He’s been sending my way.
2. What makes you laugh?
Silly and corny jokes, my gay friends!
3. What makes you cry?

4. Would you help this damsel in distress? (You notice a woman with a stroller struggling to get to the top of a broken escalator. You’re late for a meeting with an important, and impatient, person.)
Sure. Her need is urgent.
5. Do you need some form of retribution and vindication before you forgive?
Not necessarily.
6. Do you think you are mentally prepared to win a jackpot in a lotto?
Very ready! :D

7. Do you think the kinds of movies a person enjoys are an indicator of what type of person they are?

8. How do you do anything?
It depends. When it’s job related, I prepare for it. But if its not, it really depends on my mood. Haha!
9. Does music affect your personality?
No. I am not much into music.
10. What can you say to brighten someone’s day?
Wow, you look fabulous and sexy! You should be the next diet pills endorser!



I should have been scrapping (as I have two CT kits that needs to be used) or reading and posting about vacation rentals but no sir, I did not do any of those! This kept me busy:


It’s my second dose of the Shopaholic series (posted about the first one here) and I am totally loving it! I don’t have the money to shop like Becky but I can’t help but relate to her tendency to hoard! I also bought several cards thinking that they will be useful in the future but up to now, I’ve only used one. *sigh* The story is amusing and at the same time enlightening. I can’t wait to read the next book! And speaking of books, those are just some of the things that I hoard. LOL!



Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hello and happy Saturday! It’s indeed a happy one for me as it is a much needed break from work. It has been stressful, in fact, I had to attend three meetings in a span of 5 hours yesterday! And I am preparing for four more this coming week! Ack. But I am not complaining, I love my job. Super. :)

Anyways, here’s a side-kwento. Therese spent her Thursday and Friday at my parents house. As expected, every whim and wish was granted. She came home with those cheap toys which she bought at one of the sari-sari stores there. It has been a practice and I believe that the store owner rejoices whenever she sees my kid. Hay. Also, she is allowed to watch cartoons on TV  until her eyes drop! Hay, grandparents! I speculate that she watches TV upon opening her eyes in the morning until she closes them to sleep at night. No wonder she was begging me last night to allow her to extend her sleep-over. No way, girl! Because more than the TV issue (which is not a big issue really), I missed you! Haha!

I am off to work now. I did not notice that it’s almost an hour passed since I went online and prepare for a post about car insurance. If you need one, there’s the link to visit!


Some of the Best Things in Life are for Free

Here is an email worth sharing:

“Find a guy, who calls you beautiful instead of hot.
Who calls you back when you hang up on him.
Who will stay awake just to watch you sleep.
Wait for the guy who kisses your forehead.
Who wants to show you off to the world when you are in your sweats!
Who holds your hand in front of his friends.
Wait for the one who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares
about you and how lucky he is to have you.
Wait for the one who turns to his friends and says, "...that's her."


Thanks, Liz! :)


Auto Insurance Search

Sunday, November 2, 2008

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