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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I am so sorry for being out of the blogging loop in the past days. Work has zapped my energies and the little that I have left at the end of the day is spent eating and prepping the girl for sleep. I am grateful for our very reliable and caring caregiver who is not only good with taking care of the girl and keeping her amused but also cooks so well! She prepares our viand for supper at lunch time so I just cook rice once I get home. She arrives around 6:30 in the morning and accompanies the girl once we leave for work. At noon time she prepares her for school, feeds her and brings her to school. And then she goes home to her 4-month old baby. She came just in time and I sooo prayed for her. She is a living proof that prayers work. ;) She loves the little kid to bits, she likes playing with her and even indulges her with ice cream and apples! The little one follows her like a shadow and even offers to help her in some of her tasks. She has been with us a little less than a month now and thanks to her, my life has become easier and my waist, a little bigger. :D

Anyways, here is a recent photo of the little girl with her beloved Tita Jen:
Thank you, Jen, for everything. And I hope that you will stay with us for a looong time. :)

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Rain, Rain Go Away!

Monday, July 7, 2008

There is no class/ office today and as much as I loove holidays, I am not celebrating because it was caused by a flood that is being experienced by 75% of the city as of this morning. This is such a sad thing. We had a reach-out activity last Friday and I blogged about it here. We passed by one of the overflowing rivers and I saw the devastation the flood caused. I feel for the victims. Good thing our subdivision is not flooded YET. But what if things go worse? My parents' house was flooded some years ago and it was terrible. I can just imagine the majority of the people here have been going through. :(

Please include us in your prayers.


3rd Day

Thursday, July 3, 2008

... was spent attending two meetings and preparing for our community outreach tomorrow. We are going to roam around the city and ask for donations for the flood victims. A little sad trivia - 60% of the city where I live is flooded. This is sooo new. And sad. I saw the video footage on national news. Some of my friends live on some of the flooded areas. *sigh* So I will be turning in early tonight. I need to be in school tomorrow before 8 AM. I hope and pray that we're going to encourage more people to help. ;)



Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I know I have been ranting about the difficulties I have been facing as a mother and wife and a full-time employee and wanting to do more with so little time and having no help at all. Yesterday, I was about to go insane for the nth time. I was tired and stressed and loaded with so many things to accomplish and suffering from a lingering headache. Almost throughout the day, I was praying for help. And I was wondering what's this *suffering* is all about. Where is God when I am facing domestic and work-related concerns?

The day was about to end (dinner was over, actually) when someone sent an SMS to me asking if we already found someone who will look after the girl in the mornings (since her class is in the afternoon) because someone that she knows is willing to apply. It was unexpected and they arrived last night. We talked and agreed. And today, she started working. And Therese like her! I like her too. We all like her! I have told her and I prayed that sana, she is the one we have been praying for. I am keeping my fingers crossed. :) Welcome, Jen!

So what is this suffering all about? To glorify God because He never leaves us. He provides. He loves us. :) And prayer truly works! Thank you, Lord! I am grateful. :)


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