Plants vs. Zombies

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Plants vs. ZombiesOne of the many things that kept DH pre-occupied this season is the game Plants vs. Zombies. He is enjoying the game so much that he is staying late at night just to play. Waking up with a sore wrist, he seemed to be oblivious about the reason, saying that he must be suffering from arthritis and he needs arthritis treatment soon. Isn’t it obvious that the Plants vs. Zombies addiction is the culprit? Haha!



Saturday, December 12, 2009

By this time next week, I will be blogging from the nice and new house in Pampanga! I don’t know when the house blessing will take place. It might be two weeks from now, I suppose. The tree and other Christmas decorations might be up, knowing Tedley, our in-house interior designer. My husband, who already saw the house during a trip to Manila last month, told me that the chandelier by Dolan Designs is already installed. I asked him where in particular could I possible hang out and blog (or scrap) while watching my daughter play with her cousins and he answered that there are many spots to choose from since the house is very spacious. Oh well, we’ll find a nice spot, that’s for sure. 


Daddy’s Turn

Some of you are aware that my daughter was sick again.I don’t know if it’s plain coincidence that she gets sick during examination week. Haha! It happened twice now. However, unlike last time, she was able to recover and take her exams on time. She was absent from her class for a day and a half. Her Dad brought her to her pediatrician yesterday and he was mighty proud to report that the little girl answered her doctor’s questions all by herself. Moreover, she bravely climbed on top of one of the exam table when asked. It’s the second time that he brought our girl to her pedia for a consultation. Usually, it’s my job. But I asked him to fill in for me because I couldn’t possibly leave the office yesterday. And they survived! Woot! He is also taking the responsibility of making sure that she takes her medications on time. I am one lucky, lucky girl indeed. :)



Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I’ve been pestering some friends regarding a concern. It’s not life changing, I know, but equally important. It’s whether New Moon is still shown in cinemas when we arrive in Manila next week! LOL! I am so pathetic, my husband promised to buy me a DVD of the movie (and a brand new DVD bluray player) when it comes out in the market so I can watch it over and over again. But, but, but watching it on the big screen is different! And so, he promised (again) to watch the movie with me IF the cinemas are still showing it on my birthday. Woot!


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