Ballet Recital in 2 Days

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Despite her 2-week absence from her ballet class because she was hospitalized, DD was able to catch up and is included in about four dances in their recital. She is very much enjoying ballet that she even asked me if she can still go and attend ballet on weekends once her classes in school begin. DH and I are considering that request since there are limited fun, learning activities available in the place where we live. No rv parks, zoos and playgrounds to go to! Moreover, since DH and I are not into physical fitness, it is good that ballet dancing can keep my daughter physically active. She is having fun being with other kids and her instructors while being physically active and gains more self-confidence! What more could I ask for?

Two more days and it will be DD’s ballet recital. We have been going home late these days because of their rehearsals. This afternoon will be their technical rehearsal, with all the lights, sounds and effects. Just to let them get used to the “real stuff” so to speak. Tomorrow night will be their grand dress rehearsal. I already asked someone to help her change costumes at the backstage. Of course! So I can watch and enjoy the show and take pictures too! Many things need to be prepared so I filed a leave of absence this morning to take care of them. Hopefully, I will be done this morning because it is taxing just to think of them piling up.

You have a great day and God bless!



Monday, May 25, 2009

Sorry, I can’t think of a more creative title. LOL! But it’s the truth and the very reason why I ignored the phenphedrine review sent to my inbox in last week! 

Here’s the proof:


Nope, we are not expecting twins (but will gladly accept them if they are!) DH bought two and I just had to use them both just to be sure. I had a bad case of boil on my left knee about two weeks ago and I refused taking antibiotics because like what I said, we’re expecting though we were not sure yet. Our ever kind and sweet school nurse asked me to test so that I can be referred to an OB-GYN just in case. On May 19th, we tested and it was confirmed! On the 21st, I visited my OB after six long years! This is now my 7th week of gestation.

And now you know why I have not been blogging in the past weeks. I am not that tired upon coming home. But I just feel plain lazy. If I were to choose, lying down while playing Sudoku is the most active I can get if only I need not go to work or do household chores. LOL! Aside from that, I tend to be sleepy all day long. No morning sickness. Yet. I hope it will never happen. Haha!

My parents, my in-law and my friends and colleagues already know the big news. Almost all of them are wishing that it’s a boy. DD is excited as well. She even coined names for the baby, whether it’s a he or she. She is one kind kid who adores kids. I know and believe that she will be loving and take care of her sibling. I also pray that her sibling will be as strong-willed and kind and sweet as her.

For now, I am still adjusting to this state. I am already worrying about maternity dresses since I don’t want to wear those that look like maternity dresses. Haha! No Christmas trip for us this year but next year, there will be four of us who will celebrate our Christmas in a new house in Pampanga. Hopefully. :)

And to my Twitter barkada, no EB for me this year but here’s an addition to our ever-growing number of Twitter babies! Glo, Trin, Diane, Faye and Angie, you’re next! :) And Caryl, too! :D


First Sunday of May 2009 Roundup

Sunday, May 3, 2009

One important lesson I learned last night was to never shop online before bed time. The excitement brought about by shopping for kits in celebration of the {inter}National Scrapbooking Day sales and make-up kept me up until 4 AM today! Good thing today is a Sunday and I could get up late, which did not happen because we opted to attend the 8:15 AM Mass. We had breakfast at McDonalds where I learned another important lesson: Happy Meals are called as such because toys are included in the purchase. We don’t usually buy meals with toys so I am clueless what they are called (and the McDonalds opened just some months ago). When I ordered spaghetti for DD, I was asked if we would go for a Happy Meal and I said “Yes.” assuming that it’s the same with a Value Meal (spaghetti with drinks). Imagine my surprise and DD’s delight when she was handed a toy! When we were about to it, I complained to DH about it and that’s when DD gave a lecture I should never forget until she reaches 12 years or so. If you’re a clueless parent like me, remember: Happy Meals are called as such because toys are included in the purchase. OK? OK.

After the enlightening breakfast, we proceeded to the groceries and were able to buy a 2-week’s worth of food supply. One of the many things that make me happy is a well-stocked grocery shelves. We also bought some meat and had a tasty sinigang na baboy during lunch. Yum! One persistent sales clerk convinced us to try their new herbal weight loss pills but I declined since I rarely remember to take them on time (an hour or half an hour before meal times). I also looked into the store’s freezers and saw that the new line of my favorite ice cream brand is already available! I can’t wait to try them in the coming days!

Anyways, that’s how my Sunday went. I am happy that we (Therese and I) were able to hear Mass again after a month or so. Added bonus was that it was the Archbishop who celebrated the Mass at 8:15 AM. What a blessing!


Manny Pacquiao Did It Again!

manny_pacquiao Woot! Woot! Manny Pacquiao was able to defeat Ricky Hatton in the second round (SECOND ROUND!) of their fight today in Las Vegas!

I was never a boxing fan nor a Manny Pacquiao fan. But this time, it’s different. It dawned to me that the Filipino nation needs this fight (and every fight of Manny) to show the world that we’re a great nation and we do excel in many things if we put our hearts into it. I now admire Manny’s courage and faith. Go Manny! You make me feel more proud to be a Filipino!

God bless you, Manny! God bless the Philippines!


‘Tis the Season to Make Her Feel Special

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Just a night or two ago, I asked my husband if what his plans are for Mother’s Day. As usual, he has nothing in mind YET. I told him that I, on the other hand, have plans for Fathers’ Day (which will take place about a month or so from now). I am thinking of buying him something which he badly needs these days. But I can’t divulge what for now since he is an avid reader of my blogs. ;)

Since Mothers’ and Fathers’ Days are approaching, I know that many of us are hunting for good gift ideas, either for that special mother or father of our kids or our own mothers and fathers. Personally, I find it difficult to look for gifts for men. Good thing ShopWiki is here to assist. It does not only list gift ideas but also categorize them. If the man you are going to give gift to is a car-lover or maybe sporty, you are sure to find the best and unique gift for him with the help of ShopWiki’s list. Say goodbye to the usual hankies and socks!

Finding the ideal gifts for women can be tough too, because there are so many things to choose from. But if you are asking me, I would love to have this:

par450 It’s a manicure/ pedicure set, perfect for bonding moments with my daughter!


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