Board Exam for Nursing November 2009 Result

Sunday, January 31, 2010

I was already preparing to sleep when I received a message from Roy saying that the result of the licensure exam for nurses last November 2009 is released. See the complete list here.

I am so happy for my former student leaders, Lianne and Neil. They made it! I just talked to them and we are all joyful about the great news! They so deserve this since they worked hard for it.

Congrats to all new nurses!


We Want her Back

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Before going home this afternoon, my companion and I went to visit our sick colleague, our office secretary at the hospital. She has been confined there for almost 3 days now. It is good that she finally realized that hers are no ordinary illnesses and that she needs medical intervention to get better. We found lying on the bed but conscious. Her sister, who was doing an admin job search online at that time when we arrived, was the one attending to her needs. She was delighted to see us. She shared how she had been and how inconvenient it was for a workaholic like her to be staying in bed most of the time. She is now feeling better, she claimed. Hopefully, she will be discharged tomorrow, though I doubt if she is already able and fit to report for work early next week.

Before we left, I told her to recover fast because the office is not the same without her. I did miss her. We all missed her. Even our students and other clients miss her presence. We all want her back! And soon!


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Mumblings on a Saturday Night

After a restful day in the mountains today, I am so ready for the week ahead. Our evaluation and planning demands much of my time and energy. The boss expects us to turn in the documents at the beginning of February so good luck to me.

Speaking of February. Can you feel that it’s that time of the year again? I certainly do! The digistores are filled with Valentine’s Day themed kits! Even freebie designers have been generously creating love-themed kits. I noticed this just last week. The digiscrapping world is surely prepared for love day!


Football Equipment Supplier

I remember my colleague and the boss talking about finding a reliable basketball, baseball, softball, lawn tennis, table tennis and football equipment supplier. They were trying to plot the budget needed for the next school year, that’s why. When I saw their paper, I was shocked to find out how huge the budget was. I never thought sports development was that expensive. But our sports coordinator assured me that they have canvassed for the best prices in town so it’s the lowest.  For two days, they went around the shops in the city to look for the best shop that can give them the best deal.

This reminds me of Clubline Football Supplier. It is United Kingdom’s the leading mail order supplier of high quality sports equipment and team sports wear. They also offer a wide variety of training, coaching equipment and first aid kits. Their commitment? Provide high quality products choice and value in all categories of sport with competitive prices. No need to hop from shop to shop. Just check their online store and it’s all there. Convenient and fast! To save more, take advantage of more savings by availing of their different sales, promos and mega deals.


Fashionable Jewelries

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My daughter and I were browsing through a kids’ magazine last night when she saw a girl wearing a nice pair of faux sapphire earrings. She said she wants a pair too. It is quite pricey, if you ask me. Surely, there are better, more affordable and more fashionable earrings at Holsted Jewelers. They have been engaged in the jewelry business for almost 39 years. That alone is a proof that many have patronized their company and loved their jewelries for a long period of time. Their adherence to strict quality-assurance guidelines is their assurance that every purchase you made is created to the highest standards and inspected twice before shipped to your doorstep.


The Day that Was

I did not notice but it seems that time passed my by today. We we had the part one of our office’s annual evaluation and when you’re just sitting, listening, talking and eating, you will really not notice the time. I am glad that we were able to accomplish something significant as an office. Various institutional planning and evaluation activities are already scheduled and we hope to submit the necessary documents on time.


How to Help Haiti Quake Victims

Haiti's Hope Reading the news about the Haiti quake can be depressing. I came across an article on Yahoo this week, discussing the orphans left by the tragedy. I am certainly affected by this. And it is the very reason why I am now looking for a way to somehow help on my own little ways and I stumbled upon this website, Haiti’s Hope. They have various projects where one can support. Click on the ad if you’re interested.


Best HGH Supplements

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Athletes who are seeking to improve their performance and adults who are searching for safe and effective ways to feel and look young have turned to human growth hormone (hgh) supplement for help. It is said to be effective in losing weight, decreasing body fat, increasing muscle mass, reducing wrinkles, improving skin condition and enhancing performance.

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We passed by the grocery store during lunch break today and I am very happy to discover that the shelves are finally restocked. My favorite talc powder is already available after two weeks of waiting so I grabbed one big plastic. I also grabbed some cookies and biscuits for the little girl’s snacks. My companion was also ecstatic to see that the

neutrogena skin id shelf is full again because he is also wanting to buy one. It’s the only brand that is compatible with his skin type because others cause breakage and acne, he said. And so he bought two pieces just in case the supply runs out again.


Slot Machines RVM | Online Slot Machines

Technology definitely changed the way we live, work and even play. Slot machines which form the winning number by pulling the lever or handle is now seen online! And instead of a lever, the player just clicks buttons of an online slot machine rvm to generate the winning number. Virtual ones, of course.

Slot machines is also known as fruit machines or poker machine. And we are all aware of its simple rule: form the winning number or combination and you’re a winner! I have recently came across with an online slot machine and I can say that playing it can be tempting because of the 3D effect given to it that made it look real. I reckon that it is one of the main reasons why many players from all over the world are into playing it.

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Many games are now played online. But I think that what made online slot machines popular are its user-friendly methods and because it is an easy and fast way to earn some money.


Wednesday Happy Thoughts (1/20/10)

happy[7]And here goes my list:

1. The bed weather (though it’s a problem when it’s time to get up for work and school)

2. My family’s health

3. My work
4. My husband’s work
5. The opportunity and capability to help others.

6. My friends – longtime and lifetime friends, friends from work and friends I made online.
7. The opportunity to travel and meet many online friends next month.
8. The long weekends next month. Yes, I am THAT excited. LOL!
9. The *walk* with Ate Ces this weekend.

10. Having accomplished much tasks (offline and online) this week.


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Cure for Acne

Monday, January 18, 2010

Looking for a way to eliminate acne for good? When proper skin care, diet and creams do not help, try taking acne pill to help you. Sure, there are hundreds of brands to choose from but beware, not all of them work. One must be very careful and do extensive research before popping that acne pill. The Internet can help in finding the best one. There are many reviews being published and reading them won’t hurt. But as always, it is best to consult your doctor so that you can be assured of the quality, product safety and effectiveness of your medicines.


New Profile Pic!

I am sporting a new profile photo at Facebook. Lookie:

My husband took this photo early this year basically because I want to show off my shirt. Haha! But it does not only show my nice shirt, it also highlights my fats! When a cousin saw this, he said that I should definitely find diets that work for me. And soon. We grew up together and while he is keeping himself fit by playing table tennis during weekends since we were in high school while I have been living a sedentary lifestyle for the longest time. My appetite and sweet tooth do not help either. Oh well.


The Best Pork Cracklings…

…are prepared by Ma, my mother in-law. Just take a look: These are home-made chicharon (

pork cracklings) especially made by her with so much love. I say that because preparing this is not only time-consuming but also very exhausting. What you’re seeing is just a portion of what’s left after we’ve eaten a large quantity of what she cooked. Cholesterol overload, I know. But I just can’t resist it. It’s our favorite, indeed. That is why I think that to get rid of belly fat is a difficult task if we live in Pampanga because aside from chicharon, my mother in-law prepares the yummiest dishes in the universe. And no, I am not exaggerating. :D


Finding Old Friends through Facebook

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I was talking with an old friend last night and it was nice to finally be in touch with her after a long time. She was a classmate in college and we parted ways when we graduated. We lost touch but thanks to Facebook, we found each other again. As expected, many stories were shared. She is now happily married, has three kids and working in one of the hotels in orlando. She and her family will be coming home to the Philippines this year because it’s high time that her kids meet their relatives. Hopefully, we would be able to meet too!


Meeting Sr. Pastora

Another person whom we visited during our Christmas vacation was my paternal grandfather’s sister – Sr. Pastora, a Carmelite nun. We went to her convent in Gilmore, Quezon City after meeting Liz. Finding her convent was not easy because we went there at around 7 in the evening. Being with Wes who was able to visit her some years back did not help either. Ted, who is a regular visitor of the monastery was not available at that time though he and a friend of Mark did their best to direct us to the place. So after 48 years or so, we finally reached the place! It’s a good thing we called Sr. Pastora before going there because 7 PM is her bedtime. We were all delighted by her stories and sharing. The first time that I met her was 20 years or so ago. Because of her age, she has several health issues. Thus, she kept on reminding us to take care of our health. She said that she is currently taking some herbal colon cleansers. She also insisted that I do something about my myoma. Right.

It is a blessing that Therese was able to meet our Lola Madre. We hope that we could visit her again this year.

And here are some photos taken during our visit:
Therese and her namesake.

And the gang. From left to right: Andre’ (my younger brother), Therese, Sr. Pastora, moi and Wes (top photo) and Mark (bottom photo).



Friday, January 15, 2010

For the first time, I went home from a trip to Manila and Davao without a pair of foot wear. Even a pair of slippers. Nada. I was not able to even buy the techie stuff that I was supposed to buy. . I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not. Trips to big cities is my only chance to buy stuff that I want need which are not available here.

But surprisingly, I did not do much shopping during our trip. Just stuff for the little girl and gifts for our friends and my godchildren. And all that I bought for myself were some tee shirts. And because I did not shop that much, we were able to save much during the break. I visited the bank yesterday to deposit to our savings accounts. One is for DH and I while the other one is for DD’s college education. We are thinking of opening a health savings account too but since my employer is covering our health insurance, we don’t see a need to do so at the moment.

Going back to my story, before going back to the office yesterday, my companion (Joniel) and I passed by a shoe store and behold! Something nice caught my fancy. Needless to say, we went home with a box of nice, high-heeled shoes. Haha! I was actually complaining the other day that my favorite pair looks old. Ces told me that I just need to brush it so it would look new. I did but it did not work. A new pair is the solution so there. And Ces was not around yesterday, thus giving me a chance to purchase a new pair of shoes without my *conscience* telling me that I don’t need them. Haha!


Ing’s Recipes

If you are in search of Filipino recipes, try visiting Ing’s SnapEat blog. She is a friend based in Dubai and I met her, where else but online! She is a talented digiscrapbooker too. I am amazed at how she balances everything, especially that she has two small boys to attend to. Going back to her culinary expertise, I say you should visit her blog and see for yourself. I love that her recipes are so very doable and the best of all, she has photos of what she prepared!

So visit Ing’s blog if you are looking for something new to prepare for your family. Enjoy!


I Need…

Thursday, January 14, 2010

…an lcd monitor! My eyes have been complaining these days. They itch and sort of hurting. Definitely not sore eyes. Maybe eye strain because I have been working on my office computer for long hours these days. Aside from that, my neck is also aching because my humungous monitor is embedded on my table. Neck strain? Check! Hopefully, our ICT will grant my wish next school year. Aside from being sleek, it will also prevent many body aches and complaints on my part. Hahaha!


Grand Meet Up!

Almost one month from now, my family and I will be meeting my longtime online friends and their families. Some of them will be coming home from abroad while others like ourselves will be flying in to Manila just to attend this big event. To say that I am excited is an understatement! I can’t wait to meet them all and I know I will be star struck. Haha! It will surely be wonderful. Early this week, I received an email that state the various activities being lined up for the meet up (along with some emails from insurance advertising agents). I will be attending the all-girls party on a Friday and a Jollibee party for families on a Saturday (and hopefully, join another all-girls outing afterwards.) We will surely be having a grand time. Finally meeting friends with whom I talk with everyday is another dream coming true. I can’t wait!


Blogging Break Gone Bad

Hey ya! How’s everything going? I know I have been a slacker but work has been busy since we got back. And I can’t say that we’re finally slowing down because we are definitely not. The school year is about to end so it’s time for reports and evaluation, etc. And as if I am not already swamped with work, more assignments are coming my way. But hey, I am not complaining! This job, I really love and I appreciate my superiors’ trust on my capacity though sometimes, they trust me too much. Haha! 

And it seems that I already forgot how to blog! Hmm… But since I don’t want to be kicked out of the blogging world, I am trying to get my blogging mojo back simply by blogging again. So here I am! Indeed, too much of anything is not good. In my case, too much of blogging break is bad!


Foods that Help Lose Weight

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another goal that I’ve set for myself this year is to SERIOUSLY lose weight. I am unhappy with how I weigh at this time, thus the need to trim down. Some of my clothes don’t fit anymore and many people noticed how big I’ve become. Not a good news indeed. I should definitely watch I eat.

And speaking of losing weight and eating, how timely it is that one of the featured articles at Yahoo’s main page discussed the Top 6 Skinny Foods for 2010. The list includes pumpkin pudding, vegetable soup, cucumber tomato salad, ginger green tea, fiery chicken salad and shrimp cocktail. If you want to know more about the list and why the mentioned foods aid in losing weight, read here.


Family Travel

Friday, January 8, 2010

Speaking of goals, another goal that I have on my list for this year is to travel to other places that we have not visited before. The list long weekends for this year was announced yesterday and one tourism officer commented that long weekends is good for tourism because it allowed Filipinos to discover their country. And I agree. Aside from the low air fares, the presence of Family Friendly Hotels is also very important since many people travel as families as their form of bonding.

Speaking of family friendly hotels, Karisma Hotels have resorts where all members of the family can enjoy. Aside from the beach resorts where one can relax, there are restaurants, spas, kids activity centers and more. No matter how young or old one is, there is always something in Karisma Hotels that you will love.


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