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Saturday, February 27, 2010

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In Darkness

No thanks to El Nino, we have been experiencing rotational brownouts since the week began. A total of 3 hours scheduled brownouts occur in the morning, afternoon and evening. It gets so humid that I need to open the windows and exterior shutters just to get some fresh air, especially during the night. But I do think that I do not have the right to complain especially when I learned that in the nearby provinces and cities, brownouts last for as a long as eight hours daily! So really, who am I to complain, right?


A Memorable Jollibee Party

Aside from the party that we had at Astoria last Friday, the Twitter Bebots/ MBAPs also had a Jollibee party at BlueWave, thanks to Tita Glow. As expected, it was ultimate chaos, riot and fun! Even the party host got disoriented! Aside from the moms, the kids and dads were present too. There were non-stop chitchats on various topics ranging from makeup kits to cellulite cure to weaning and more. Of course, there were games for kids and adults, food and of course. We all went home exhausted but joyful and wishing that next time, we will be joined by other friends like Faye and Ems.

Anyways, here’s a photo:



Friday, February 26, 2010

It’s a local holiday, thank God! It almost lunch time and I am mighty proud of myself for finishing some household tasks in the morning. That includes putting away the laundry, clean the floor and tidy things up around here. I’ve also discovered some organic prenatal vitamins lying around the house. I should definitely find someone who can put them into good use.

Hopefully, I can get some online tasks done this afternoon. While watching Grey’s Anatomy reruns. Haha! One eye on my monitor and the other one’s on TV. I wonder how I can do that. I would definitely give up… blogging! LOL!

Enjoy the remaining of the day! 


Loose Weight: Check!

Monday, February 22, 2010

When I visited my doctor last week, he expressed disapproval on me losing some weight. He even asked if I was taking in fat burners but I said no. I told him that I am actually limiting my food intake because my clothes won’t fit! It’s either I diet or change my wardrobe. The latter’s quite expensive so I am settling for the former. He agreed though he stressed the need to eat and self-deprivation, he said, is a no-no. I got the message alright, Doc! And so far, I have been successful. Clothes now fit! Wohoo!


MP3 Player Search

My mp3 player was broken last week and up to now, I still haven’t replaced it. My ever-sensitive and thoughtful husband forwarded a website that reviews Mp3 Players features and prices and told me to pick one and he will pay for it. He is so nice! I initially eyed the Apple Ipod Nano 5th Generation Pink because of its color. Being the 5th generation, it is also packed with powerful features such as VoiceOver (announces the title of track being played and the artist), Genius Mixes (groups similar songs together), with built-in camera, FM radio and Live pause feature that lets you catch your favorite radio shops. However, I find it too pricey so I have to find another model.

I checked again and I think I will settle with an Apple iPod Shuffle 3rd Generation MP3 player. It packs simplicity, convenience and performance in a very sleek and small mp3 player that is easier to transport and clip on my clothing. The 4GB memory on board will let me store up to 1000 tracks and it has VoiceOver feature too. It is available in silver and black and is made from aluminum.

Now that I’ve made my choice, it’s time to inform my husband about it!


Old Navy Loots

Along with Glo’s arrival are my Old Navy loots which I ordered through her last December. I was more than ecstatic when I finally saw them that I immediately tore the plastic wrapper (with the help of Glo, who thought that I was having difficulty doing it!) and wore the gold slippers. As usual, I am too lazy to take photos but DD and I got 2 similar shirts. I can’t wait for the chance for us to wear them at the same time. I also have two more shirts (pink and purple) and she also got a pink jacket plus a cute dress. DH also got a t-shirt and two polo shirts. When my youngest saw my loots and he asked me to inform him when I’d be ordering again since he wants a Nascar jacket for himself. I told him we’ll wait for the next sale and I will definitely check out that jacket for him.


Regal Assets

Friday, February 19, 2010

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Taking a Break.

I was out of the WWW for almost a week. Blame it on the bug that I caught I was so down that turning the laptop on was a chore. That is the very reason while work piled up! And now I am cramming not only because I have deadlines but I also have parties to attend, remember? (Yeah, parties are on top of my priorities right now. Haha!) Tonight, while waiting for the blogging mojo to come, I opened my Facebook account and started chatting and posting. Eventually, I had to log out to get busy on the tasks at hand.

The good news is that: I am done with three and seven. The bad news is that, I have tons more! But then, I do what I can. In the mean time, lemme see what’s on Facebook. :D


New ‘Do!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Have you seen Angelina Jolie’s new hairdo? I totally like it! It fits her perfectly! Apparently, she will be filming a new movie with Johnny Depp which will be shoot in Italy. It’s a thriller entitled “The Tourist”. This is one must-be-seen movie, for sure!

Speaking of new ‘dos, I am sporting a new one! Not only because I will be seeing my friends but mainly because the old ‘do has become boring and unpleasant to my eyes. My hair became frizzy and unmanageable too so the decision to have it cut shorter is a wise choice. Unfortunately, I am too lazy to take a self-portrait so no photos to show right now. LOL!


The Right Time to Buy Gold

While watching the news two nights ago, something caught my attention. Since it’s the year of the metal tiger, now is the best time to buy gold bullion. I was not able to grasp the reason behind but based on what I read on the national broadsheet, the weakening of the dollar subsequently increases the appeal of gold as an alternative investment for many wise investors. Compared to paper currency, gold and other precious metals are believed to be believable currency, thus, being preferred by many.

So if you have been contemplating on investing on gold, do it now. This is the right time.


Welcome Back!

Hey, hey! And how are you doing? I know it’s been a while since you last saw me blog. Not the best, hard working blogger in town, I know. It’s just life was a bit rough last week. I tripped at the school grounds, my laptop’s charger died, DD got sick and when she recovered, I got sick! But things are definitely looking up. Tripping isn’t new. It happens to me almost annually. This time, it wasn’t that awful and I survived! Haha! And my laptop’s charger, which was deemed to be useless and should be replaced, according to our technician, was revived by a cousin. Woot! DD recovered and I did too! Life is great. :) And I am soooo back!

Welcome back to me!


Sick Girl in the House

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The little girl has been sick since Sunday. We were supposed to attend the 8AM Mass at the university, eat somewhere, buy some groceries and visit her cousins so that they can play wii together. However, the plans did not push through because she woke up feverish that day. Sad to say, she has been absent from school for four days now.

I already brought her to her pedia last Tuesday. Sh even had her chest x-ray and some laboratory tests but everything was clear. I filed a leave of absence since yesterday for the tests. The pedia advised confinement because she was not eating well and was vomiting. I begged for 24 hours more, to feed her and control vomiting. She has been hysterical since I presented to her what the doctor told me. She has been cooperative and woke up feeling better this morning. I can say that she is better because gone is her clingy self. She is now up and somewhat active. She even finished her breakfast without any complaints. And no vomiting either! Woot! Unfortunately, she is missing a lot of school activities this week. But what's important is that she is getting better.

The two of us should be well and fit because we are going to attend a grand party next week. We can't afford to be sick!


From GSC (with Love)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hello! I know it’s been a while again. We just got back from a 3-day stay at Gen. Santos City yesterday. It was a not a pleasure trip (though we managed to squeeze in some malling time when our work for the day was through. A friend was even visited by one of her long time friends. From what I gathered, he’s offering her an extended service plan. Yeah, I am that nosey! Haha!).

Anyway, we went there for a consultation with some chief LGU executives and key players from the the neighboring provinces. To be included in the team of 11 facilitators and documenters is an honor! I initially thought that documenting would be a difficult job because I find it hard to keep track of what people say and put them on paper. Thank God for laptops, I did well. And not to mention our group was composed of only 4 police officers and 1 LGU official. Like what I’ve been saying, my work as a documenter was a breeze because the police officers were men of few words. Haha! My group’s facilitator was one of my former college professors and it was great working with him. And modesty aside, among the series of consultations, this one that we facilitated and documented is the best! (That’s according to the organizers!)

All in all, it was new and refreshing experience. It was a nice time too, to meet new and old acquaintances. The team was ecstatic that we did so well. We’re all hoping that it would not be the first and the last time that we work together. I feel happy and fulfilled too, to be working for something grand as this one. We are all hopeful that we have somehow contributed to the achievement of elusive peace in Mindanao.



Tuesday, February 2, 2010

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