Affordability and Style

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Two days ago, I headed over an optical shop to find myself a nice pair of eyeglasses because I have been complaining about my eyes. Fortunately, the optometrist said that it's just stress and that I need to rest them. I took me thirty minutes to find an affordable but nice frame but I went home with none!

Anyway, speaking of Lowest Price Progressive Glasses, I encountered a satisfied customer's review on Zenni Optical: Eric's Review of Zenni Optical. Indeed, he is so right: eyeglasses need not cost a fortune! And that's what Zenni Optical is all about, Lowest Price Progressive Glasses which are not only fashionable but also durable.


Chevy Equinox

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chevrolet Equinox Looking for a reliable and safe sports utility vehicle? Consider chevy equinox. It has safe and secure handling and a five-seat cabin plus a big interior with cargo space. It also boasts a spacious and versatile sliding rear seat to boost cargo space in the rear or increase passenger foot room.

Built in Ingesroll, Ontario, Chevy Equinox’s features and capacity is comparable to other similarly sized crossovers like Ford Escape, Honda CR-V, Nissan Rogue, Toyota RAV4, Suzuki XL7 and others.

Aside from being affordable, Chevy Equinox is considerably stylish inside and out. Its ride is also considered quiet and smooth. Reviewers say that it is one of the best compact crossover sport utility vehicles in the market. Its maximum cargo capacity is said to be better than a midpack 63.7 cubic feet, given Chevy Equinox’s relatively expansive interior dimensions. It comes either as
a V-6 crossover with an automatic transmission and an all-wheel-drive option or with
a four-cylinder engine and a six-speed automatic transmission.

The most outstanding aspect of Chevy Equinox is its excellent fuel economy. Its 32 mpg base highway fuel economy rating is the highest in its class. Because of this superb fuel economy, Chevy Equinox is a good alternative to other SUVs like the Escape.


When Blogging Moms Meet

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

During my last trip to Davao City, I was privileged to once again meet my friend. We’ve met once before last September and it was nice meeting her again this time. She is a mom who also blogs so for three hours, the topics of our conversation ranged from kids being sick to photography to the best web hosting.

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Once you’ve chosen your domain and web hosting company, check out the exclusive web hosting coupon codes page to save extra money when ordering web hosting.


Go and Google It!

Only three more tasks and I am done for the night. However, a friend just buzzed asking me for help regarding an online store that sells affordable basement dehumidifier. And like what I always do when I do not know the answer, I gave her my usual advice: Go and Google it! Like many of us, I rely on the Internet for answers to almost any question and concern. And my favorite search engine? Obviously it’s Google. :)


Our Graduate

On April 8, Ted (my husband’s youngest sibling) will be graduating from college with a degree in Interior Design. I remember some years back when we first visited them in Pampanga, he was making a scaled design of contemporary sofas for their project. There was also a year when I helped him prepare for his Balinese-themed bedroom display. When we went there last month, he was decorating his room with a miniature airplane and contemporary lighting and colors as his final exhibit.

Two weeks from now, he will be receiving his diploma. Hopefully, he will review and pass the board exam for interior designers and succeed in his chosen field.

To you Ted, congratulations! We are all very proud of you! Cheers!



I’ve heard it many times before and tonight, browsing through, I read it again. Dieting and diet pills alone won’t work if it is not coupled with exercise. Yes, I am guilty as charged. Two months ago, I actually bought an instructional video that shows various exercises to reduce those flabs but guess what: I watched and followed the exercises just ONCE! “I have no time.” is a lame excuse, I know. But then, that’s the truth! I should certainly get my act together if I really want to loose weight and stay fit.


Wednesday Happy Thoughts (3/24/10)

happy[7][7] It’s been a long time since I last joined this meme. And here is my list for this week. Happy Hump Day!

1. An upcoming vacay which means a chance to meet relatives and friends, rest, shopping, good food and did I mention rest?
2. Online task$$$$. :D
3. DD’s summer break which began this afternoon.
4. A nice dinner with some friends tomorrow.
5. A *something* that will arrive tomorrow or Friday. ;)
6. A job well done by our student publication (under my supervision, of course!).

7. Friends near and far.
8. Being able to accomplish many tasks before leaving for Manila.
9. Some *me* time.
10. Life!


New Residents

Guess what I just discovered. Nope, it’s not the weight loss product that will make my flabs disappear overnight (though I am not losing hope here). I just learned that our DH’s stray cat (well, it’s not stray anymore since it has been residing here for months already) have two little kittens! I have been having feelings that she gave birth. In fact, I thought I heard those little rascals making faint meowing sounds. But I have not seen them until tonight! And now it’s confirmed. It’s been tough feeding one cat and now, there’s two more?! Ugh.


Life Begins for Her

The little girl’s exams is finally over and she is ecstatic that her summer vacation just began. She has many reasons to be excited, actually. The list includes:

1. A vacation trip to Pampanga this weekend.
2. Lots of TV and DVD time.

3. Attending ballet lessons again.
4. Being part of the McDonalds Kiddie Crew for the second time.
5. And most importantly, no more waking up early and rushing in the morning!

Oh welcome, summer break! You’ve definitely made one little girl oh-so happy!


Meeting the Mad Hatter

Alice in Wonderland PosterMy last post reminded me of the movie that we watched when we were in Davao City this month. We went to the mall for dinner during our first night (where lots of flyers about a product that claims to be best anti wrinkle eye cream in the market were lying around, it was horrible!) and we learned that Alice in Wonderland is still shown in cinemas.

During our second night, when we’ve accomplished our tasks, I had to forego a massage and spa session just to watch it. The friend who was supposed to watch it with me just joined us for dinner and later went home due to a bad case of migraine. Two of the boys I was with accompanied me though I was telling me that they could watch another movie and it would still be my treat. They insisted so off we went. Unfortunately, the cinema was already closed when we got there. The friend who left us drove back and transported us to another mall where we finally got the chance to get in.

I was definitely entertained, not only by Alice but by the Mad Hatter himself! Johnny Depp’s performance is commendable! The costumes, the characters, the plot, everything is just superb and highly recommended!


Of Diet Pills and Cakes (Not a Good Combination!)

The month is about to end and yet, I have not shared a single birthday photo of DD yet. Well here is one:

This was taken during her celebration with some close friends and relatives. That day and during her celebration with her classmates two days before, we were both sporting similar shirts, thanks to Glo who ordered them for us. However, pardon the flabs! How I hope she would soon send us boxes of the most effective weight loss pill because I certainly need them!

Anyway, going back to the birthday party, the girl had a blast. It was a surprise for her and she certainly was surprised! The cake by the way was a gift given by one of her adopted godfathers. It is chocolate mousse cake by Goldilocks. To say that it was delectable is an understatement. Everyone loved it! I had a slice and it was heavenly. Yeah, yeah. Hand me those weight loss pills, fast!


Signing Off

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It was a long day and I definitely feel productive. I was able to accomplish a lot of office-related tasks today, including a meeting for a major activity come May 8. However, I have a long list of online tasks which I still need to spend time on before we finally leave for Manila to spend the Holy Week in Pampanga come Saturday. I’ve already delegated some tasks to one of our working students because I will be away for a relatively long period of time.

Anyway, I wish you good night! Happy Hump Day tomorrow!


An Ugly Sight

Hormonal changes, large consumption of peanuts plus lack of sleep resulted to two big zits on my face. It’s an ugly sight, really. That is why I am in search of the best acne treatment to help me gain my self confidence back. As one of the front liners at work, it is embarrassing to be dealing with students with two big and angry acnes on my face! I will be visiting the pharmacy tomorrow and find help because we are going on a vacation this weekend and zits are so not welcome!



Saturday, March 20, 2010

It has been a long day and I am finally calling it a night. Tomorrow is our university’s graduation day and we are expected to be present. DD and I will be attending the morning Mass at the university, have our breakfast somewhere (wanna join us?) and do some grocery-shopping. I need to leave a little after lunch time to attend the graduation ceremony. I already received four graduation party invitations, three from some of my student leaders. There’ll be more tomorrow, I expect. The problem is that, whose party to attend? It’s a big concern, really! Hahaha!

To all our graduates, congratulations and may all your dreams come true!


The Silent Killer

Did you know that

mesothelioma survival rate is very low? It is because for many cases, it can lay dormant for as long as 5 decades without showing any symptoms. Most often, it is not diagnosed until the disease has reached an advanced stage of development. And when the signs become apparent, even the most effective mesothelioma treament is no longer an option. This is the very reason why individuals are often advised to undergo routine testing when they were exposed to asbestos at some point in their life. This will help in the diagnosis of mesothelioma even before the symptoms arise. This will give the patient more treatment options and possibly, a greater chance of survival.


The Queen and The Princes

Last weekend, three student publication staff members and I went to Davao City for their final press work before the printing of their folio. It was a first time for me to accompany them though I have been somehow monitoring their work. Here’s a photo of ours when we’d finally finished our tasks:
From left to right: Oliver (my best student leader for this school year!), Dante (a hardworking working student and a talented layout artist), moi (who else!) and Harold (a gifted writer, just like my youngest brother who is also named Harold).


When a friend saw this photo, she commented, “The Princess and the Princes” but I had to correct her: it’s The Queen! Hahaha! Working with these guys is a breeze. They never complained, they did their jobs as assigned, they eat what I offer them and they answer right away when asked if they wanted to see a movie or enjoy a videoke night. Haha! Dante and Harold accompanied me to watch Alice in Wonderland (I am still hoping that it’s because I sounded desperate that is why they decided to go with me!!) while Oliver met with her sister. Later that night, we joined Oliver and her sister (plus her boyfriend) for a fun videoke night.

These guys are simply great and I thoroughly enjoyed their company. Oliver and I have known each other for four years and we’ve been closely working together. Even DD knows and adores him. On the other hand, I’ve only met the two other boys last year. They rarely talk even during our stint in Davao. But when we got home, I learned from their colleagues that they too, had a grand time in Davao. And because they’re men of few words, knowing that is good enough for me!


Endings and Beginnings

It’s March and here in the Philippines, it means one thing: GRADUATIONS! One friend of ours will be marching tomorrow. He successfully defended his MBA thesis last year and we are mighty proud of him! We scouted the mall for the best gift we can give him and we all know how tough it is to find a suitable gift for men! We spotted a box of Davidoff cigars but nah, we doubted if he will like it so we settled for a blue polo shirt instead.

At the university, this is one of our most anticipated school activity. But for two years now, I have been having mixed feelings when March comes. As much as I wanted to hold them back, some of my best student leaders have to graduate sooner or later. And since I am not good at goodbyes, my heart is always broken into pieces when it’s time for them to leave the university and explore the bigger world. But like what Mark (my brother in-law) said this afternoon, when the old one leaves, there will always be new ones who will be coming. And he is definitely right. As early as now, the new recruits are coming and I am positive that they too, will be as good (or even better) than their predecessors.


Back! (Again. Sort of.)

And I am back. Kinda back, if you know me.

My excuses? Work load, as usual. Plus domestic and health concerns that make me too lazy to blog (or even turn the laptop on) once I get home. I stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy reruns too. I just feed the little girl, do some housework, prep for sleep and off I go to dreamland. I have been THAT tired.

Anyways, the good thing is that I am back. So back!


And I am Back.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I’ve been out of the loop for some time, sorry! First week of March is definitely hectic since I had to prepare for DD’s birthday parties. The little girl had a blast and was very grateful and she enjoyed the gifts she received. Many people came to celebrate with us. One of her godparents whom we haven’t seen for a while because she is now based in another city also came to celebrate. From what I learned she is into insurance marketing and enjoying her work very much

As I had to prepare almost everything by myself, I am very grateful for the help extended by my parents and some friends. I could have not pulled the two parties off without them so thank you, thank you!

And as always, photos will be posted later. Too lazy to browse through them right now. Sorry!


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