Debt Consolidation and the Battle to Financial Freedom

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This is the time I’m getting my life in order. There was a time when I was up to my eyes in credit card debt. To top it off, I owed money to my friends and family. It was the old idea of robbing Peter to pay Paul. I was in a bad way to the point where the thought of receiving a bill in the mail meant that I would go into a near panic attack.

But then I decided to get myself in gear and get out of debt once and for all. I knew that the best way to do this was going to be to change the entire way I looked at money. No longer was I going to believe that credit was king. From this point forward cash was king. I knew that the best way to turn my life around was to stop buying things I couldn’t afford. If it were appliances or a car, I knew I would need to have the cash for it.

So equipped with this new mindset I decided to get myself in a position to have cash. The first thing I did was look into debt consolidation. This saved my life. They took all the debt I owed(more than I will ever admit publicly) and arranged buyout and settlements for me. They were able to bring my payments down to one lower monthly payment. I still hate that I have to pay it, but it’s completely manageable for me.

From there it has become about avoiding new debt. That isn’t easy, but every time I have had the cash to pay for something in full, there is a feeling that can’t be beat. It’s knowing that not only will that purchase be done in one swipe of the debit card, but the effects of financing won’t linger for years.


Helping Granddad's Breathing

We’ve been having a hard time with granddad’s oxygen lately. He has plenty of it – he uses oxygen when he’s having a hard time breathing. But lately he’s almost been passing out without even realizing it. It usually happens when he sits down in the evening to watch television, and he starts to fall asleep while sitting up. He usually starts getting right back up when his head drops, and then he starts breathing harder and he wakes up. But lately, he’s just been falling into his passing out stage so easily that he doesn’t wake up until he starts heaving for breath. I ended up buying him a finger pulse oximeter. It’s pretty cool and it keeps him from passing out from lack of oxygen. But when I brought it to him, his Alzheimer’s was kicking in, and he thought I was his wife instead of his daughter.

The oximeter only cost fifty bucks. When we gave it to him, he had a hard time understanding what it was. It just goes onto the end of his finger and clips with barely any pressure. If his breathing gets too light as he passes out, the oxygen level in his blood drops. (He won a battle with lung cancer a few years back, and only has 30% lung function now.) The oximeter has a chime that goes off if his blood oxygen level drops below the number that keeps him conscious, and he quickly learned to put on his oxygen mask when he hears the chime. It’s really liberated grandma from watching him in the evenings. Now he’s able to stay awake through the ball game, and he isn’t blaming us for letting him fall asleep in the middle of the fifth inning!


Things to do Before Vacation

If you are going on vacation, there are many things to do at home to ensure that everything will be okay by the time you return. Between making sure your pets are taken care of through your pet insurance and checking to see if all the appliances are turned off, there are many things you need to do. Making a list will help ensure that you will come back to a happy home.

Before leaving, make sure you unplug all appliances and electronic devices. If there is a storm while you are gone, the power could go out, causing a short in any one of these items, which could then cause you to lose valuable data.

If you feel better with the lights on at night, invest in one of those timers that turn the lights on at the time you specify. The lights will stay on as long as you set the timer for, and you can rest easy knowing that it looks like someone is at your home while you are gone. You can also turn a radio on to make it sound like someone is home. Setting it on low will still give it the desired effect.

Talk with one of your neighbors or even a family member to get your mail while you are gone. A pile-up of mail is a sure sign that someone is on vacation or out of town and not at their house. Having someone pick up your mail will also make it seem like someone is home. You can also have this person check inside your house while you are gone to make sure everything is still in order.

If you are going to be gone for a while, unplug the hose to your washer. If the hose breaks, it could cause a flood in your house that you won't discover until you return from vacation.


Kids Backpack Safety

Kids backpacks can be used for school and for social use. They are available in different colors and sizes and they allow children to choose their own style.

Most backpacks have many compartments that act as organizers for students as they carry their school books and goods. Backpacks are better than shoulder or carry bags because the back and abdominal muscles are stronger and they are used to support the weight.

The backpack needs to be packed with the weight distributed evenly. When it is worn properly, there will not be neck or shoulder injuries. It is important to wear backpacks correctly. The waist belt helps to distribute the weight evenly across the child’s body.

Backpacks can cause back pain in children if they are too heavy. Doctors have recommended that nothing heavier than 10 percent to 15 percent of a child’s body weight should be carried. If it is too heavy, the child will bend forward or arch his back and put strain on the child’s spine. When children carry their backpacks over their shoulder, they lean to the side, which can cause back, neck or shoulder strain. Wearing the backpack incorrectly also results in bad posture.

Backpacks with straps that are narrow or too tight will dig into the child’s shoulders and cause numbness in his arms and hands due to poor circulation. Make sure that the straps are wide and padded, which provides more comfort and protects children from being poked by sharp objects in the backpack.

Backpacks on wheels help with the weight until the child has to lug it up steps. Some schools do not allow backpacks with wheels as they can cause people to trip over them in the halls.
Kids backpack safety is easy to put into practice by teaching your child these few guidelines. They are the best form of bag to carry when carried correctly.


Finding Inner Strength

In order to truly appreciate life and view it as a blessing, one thing you will need to do is find the strength that lies within to overcome hardships and obstacles that keep you from being happy. I realized this when my husband and best friend and I were reminiscing about people we'd lost touch with over the years. We found out that one of our close friends had recently participated in one of the drug addiction recovery programs you see advertised on brochures and in magazines.

I realized what strength it must have taken for our friend to enroll in a program like that. It admitted recognizing the thing that was keeping her from her true happiness and potential, and then taking the steps to overcome it regardless of how difficult it probably was. To me, this friend is a great example of inner strength and determination.

Finding our own inner strength can get you through anything, and I've found that most of us are stronger than we probably realize. Here are some things I've found that will help you to increase and recognize your own inner strength:

  • Make a list of the things you’re proud of. Think of all the things you’ve accomplished in life, whether it’s something big like completing school or something small like resisting the temptation for seconds at dessert.
  • Practice positive affirmations. If you tell yourself things like, “I am a strong person. I can handle anything. I can make it through this,” then you will soon start to believe them.
  • Find support. Just as our friend found support through a recovery program, you can get support through a network of loving friends and family or a support group specific to your issue.

By finding inner strength, you'll be more able to face challenges as they come, and since life is all about change, you never know what's coming.


Deciding Whether or Not to Refinance

It would be hard to miss the fact that times have gotten more challenging. More and more people are looking for creative ways to save money, from making their own laundry detergent to refinancing loans. For families with a mortgage on top of the other day to day expenses of having kids, grocery bills, and car payments, saving money on their house payment could be a huge blessing. Although refinancing may not be for everyone — a low credit score could actually increase your mortgage payment or interest rate — the fact that your mortgage term will be lengthened once you refinance may be off putting. However, with a little research, you may find that refinancing your mortgage is a good fit. 

Checking out the national average refinance rate is a good ballpark figure to start with. However, mortgage refinance rates will vary from that average depending on where you’re living. If you find a great rate quote in Anchorage, but home sweet home is Boston, you won’t want to make any major decisions armed with that number. Try doing a search through an Internet search engine for a more personalized quote.

Typing something as simple as “mortgage refinance Minnesota,” or wherever you may be living, can be a great first step in getting more information and compiling a list of refinance quotes to compare. Remember that quotes can vary from city to city too, so if you live in Minneapolis, you won’t want to make a decision going solely by a quote from Duluth. Calling a few local lenders can help as well, giving you more numbers to crunch and compare. Refinancing isn’t something you want to jump into — look at the budget and your credit rating before committing. If you don’t find a great rate after all your research, you never know what the future holds: rates may improve, or the times.


Planning Your First Trip to Las Vegas

Las Vegas can be overwhelming when you start trying to plan your first trip. The first thing to decide is if you want to stay on the Las Vegas Strip or Downtown. The Strip has the major hotels, shows, restaurants, and other amenities, but it is pricier that downtown. Downtown has older properties and fewer amenities. The Golden Nugget downtown may be a good choice since it has been remodeled and offers many amenities.

The casinos are open 24 hours a day. You must be 21 years of age to gamble or drink in Las Vegas and the age restriction is strictly enforced.

Las Vegas has some of the best restaurants in the world. Whether you are looking for a celebrity chef restaurant, a buffet, or a deli sandwich, you will find exceptional food all over Las Vegas.

There are entertainers, productions shows, and free shows for you to enjoy while you are visiting Las Vegas. The nightclubs and lounges will entice to you have fun and unwind.

You can shop until you drop in Las Vegas. The shopping is incredible from luxury shops to outlet stores. Las Vegas has it all.

'''What to Wear'''
Dress is casual during the day. The fine dining restaurants, clubs, and lounges may have a dress code. Be sure and check with venue when you are making your reservations.

The summers, especially July and August, are very hot in Las Vegas with temperatures over 110 degrees. It is very easy to become dehydrated and you do not want to have to go to the hospital, and be on prescription drugs, while you are on vacation.

Every building is air conditioned in Las Vegas, so you may want to bring a light sweater or jacket.


What to Look For in a Pulse Oximeter

A pulse oximeter measure blood oxygen, which just a few years ago had to be done in an invasive way, making this piece of equipment a Godsend for some. Some people may not even know what a pulse oximeter is, but for those that need one, there are a few things to look for when choosing which one to buy.

One thing to look for is simplicity. Since you or a family member will be choosing it for home use, make sure it is simple enough to use. A pulse oximenter, or any piece of equipment for that matter, that is too hard to use is useless no matter how affordable it is. Luckily, many health insurance plans cover this type of home equipment, so that may be a deciding factor in cost and style.

Make sure you have seen if a return policy is available and if so, look over it. There's nothing worse than deciding on a product and not knowing if you can return it. Also, check out reviews on the equipment you are considering purchasing. Reviews and ratings can be an excellent resource for making a solid decision on any purchase.

Size can be a factor in choosing a pulse oximeter. Luckily, the ones that are designed for home use are quite small and can be taken most anywhere. While most fit onto the fingertips of the patient, there are also ones that fit on an infant's feet, should you need to use it for a baby.

Typically, you will be able to find something that fits every need and most every budget if you take the time to look at all of the factors mentioned. Having home medical equipment is an excellent way to remain healthy, at your convenience, and with affordability. Truly, a pulse oximeter is a blessing to have and something to be grateful for.


Traveling Nurses Have a Rewarding Job

Becoming a traveling nurse can be a rewarding job where you bring your spirit and your knowledge to people less fortunate than you. If you’re a nurse, there are many opportunities to help people around the world. There’s a growing need for nurses in areas here and abroad that are understaffed by health care professionals, especially nurses. And if you’re looking for a new career or are just starting out and deciding what to study in school, nursing can be very satisfying.

Nursing will allow you to use the compassion and intelligence you’ve been blessed with by providing health care to people in need. And when you become a traveling nurse, you’ll be assigned to those areas around the world that most need your help.
Traveling nurse jobs also give you the opportunity to see other parts of the world and witness how other people and cultures live. The experiences you’ll have in new cities and meeting new people can be an invigorating way to expand your horizons and give you a new perspective on your own life. When you return home, you’ll most likely better appreciate the things that you may have taken for granted before you left.

Traveling nurse jobs can also be a financially rewarding career. You’ll receive certain benefits, depending on which organization you work for. These benefits can include a competitive hourly rate plus a bonus once your assignment is complete. Your employer might provide insurance coverage for medical, dental and life as well as a 401(k) retirement plan. You could also receive free airfare, nice accommodations and a rental car. Some traveling nurses stay in private houses with a fully-equipped kitchen.

But the biggest benefit of working as a traveling nurse might just be the satisfaction of knowing you’re bringing medical assistance, kindness and compassion to people who otherwise might be alone and without the care they need.


Online Law Degree

Law has always been considered a distinguished profession. It is the promise of big bucks and a comfortable life which attracts thousands of candidates every year. Lately I have been looking at law degree options for myself. If you are working and cannot set aside three years for a law degree, then you can, without hesitation, go for online law courses. Adding a law degree to your educational profile will raise your position in whichever company you are working with.

Precaution needs to be taken here while choosing the appropriate college. There are many colleges online offering law degrees, but due diligence is necessary before you put your hard earned money in one. Check to see if the law degree from that particular course provider is any good. Look for other students who are part of this course. You can do this on social forums and social networks.

Online law degrees cost considerably less than regular ones; however, you must confirm if the college is approved by the American Bar Association. Just because it is mentioned on the website does not necessarily mean it is approved.  It can mean, for example, that the approval process is underway. You also need to know that just passing the online law test is not enough; you must pass the state bar exam to practice law in a state. Although an online law degree is cheaper when compared to a full time degree, it still comes at a high cost. Costs associated with text books can run into thousands of dollars.

The best way to start toward a law degree is by taking the LSAT, and taking an appropriate LSAT prep course beforehand. This test is designed to measure verbal and reading skills of a candidate. You can appear for this test anywhere in the world, and it is valid in most of the American and Canadian Law colleges.


Debt Consolidation Can be a Real Financial Blessing

If you're struggling with paying your bills - and who isn't in this economy - you can get the help that you need to get your financial affairs back in order. There are all kinds of blessings in life, and getting help from other people can be one of those. Don't avoid getting help just because you don't want to admit that you need some help. There's no shame in asking for help, or saying that you can't handle something on your own. Especially when it comes to finances, things can go bad very quickly. The best thing you can do is locate and address problems very early, before they have a chance to become larger and more serious.

Count your blessings, but don't assume that feeling grateful will get you through. Instead, work with a debt consolidation company that can help you address where your finances might have gotten off track. When you do that you can get a single payment instead of a lot of little ones, so you can work toward paying debt off faster. Seeing a single payment get made each month and having a set time that the debt will be paid off can make things seem so much better. You can usually get a lower interest rate through debt consolidation, too, so that's something else to be thankful for.

Because so much of life has to revolve around money, having enough of it to feel secure is very important. When you don't have enough and you feel like you're scrambling to pay the bills, you'll find that everything else suddenly seems more difficult. Stress looms large, and it makes things more complicated than they actually need to be. If you can get help with your finances - especially before they get too bad - you can avoid a lot of that stress and continue to enjoy your life.


Student Activities

Yesterday, I was able to chat with some of our student leaders at the university over Facebook. I learned that our College of Health Sciences just culminated their college days and it was fun seeing their photos. I miss university events like those!

I know that all of them are now gearing up for the much-anticipated university festival/ intramurals. Surely, the student government is the busiest organization since they have to organize, facilitate and implement this annual school activity. The busiest office, on the other hand, will be my office. Our job is to make sure that everything is in order – from the formulation of guidelines months before the festival to the awarding of the events and sport trophies towards the end. Most often, the festival lasts for almost five days and we usually go home late at night just to be present during the events that take place during the evening.

Many memorable things happened during festivals and it is when friendships, commitment and integrity are being tested. It is sometimes frustrating to see our students fight just because of petty things but I am happy that almost always, they make up in the end and realize that over and above winning, it’s their relationship with each other that really matters and lasts.


3 Ways to Save with Moving Companies

When you move, whether it is across town or to a new state, you want to save money. Hiring professional moving companies can be a great saver of both time and money. Learn at least three ways to save money, and make the most out of your time, when using a moving company that makes your move a lot less stressful.

Move Off Season
Two of the busiest months for a move are June and July, because kids are out of school and it tends to be the less disruptive time to move. Because moving companies are experiencing their busy season, this is not the time to get the best price. Schedule your move during one of the other 10 months of the year. If you do you will have higher negotiating power when the company is less busy and needs to fill its schedule.

Move Less Items
Reduce, donate, give away or throw away any items you do not need or want to move. Moving can be a great time to de-clutter and reorganize. As you start to pack, decide which items you can do away with, and then find a new home for these items. With less stuff to move, your moving expense is also less. The movers will have fewer boxes to move, and it will take up less space in the moving truck, both of which are two factors that reduce the cost of your move.

Pick Moving Services Wisely
You may think that a moving charge has a set industry rate, but moving companies offer a comprehensive menu of services. You can pay extra to expedite your move, or pay the standard fee to receive your items in the standard move time. Pay attention to the services and fees for the ones that you choose. Only choose the services you need to cut back expenses and save time.



photo by Billy Alexander @ http://www.sxc.huOne good news that arrived on my inbox last night was the payment that I have been expecting to receive for more than two months now. It was a real joy to finally be compensated for all the hard work and sleepless nights. There is no need now to apply for cash advances to pay for some fees and bills. We are also planning to visit SM Clark this weekend since there will be a sale and hopefully, I can treat my family with a hearty lunch somewhere. I can’t wait!


Ways to Convey Your Message

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

For those looking to reach the masses, finding the right medium can be tricky.  While there are literally hundreds of options, there are several that can be more effective than others.  The following ways of conveying messages are a few of the best.

Internet advertising has become incredibly affordable, and therefore can be purchased by virtually anyone.  Many websites offer different billing options, with some websites only charging "per click" (meaning that you are only billed when somebody clicks on your add and visits your site).  With the ability to cap the maximum amount charged per month (to prevent going broke on advertising), the Internet offers an effective and affordable method of advertising. For those who prefer a more personal touch, postcards and business cards can offer a much more individualized approach to reaching the masses.  By making advertisements tangible items that can be passed around personally, postcards can be far more effective than a mass campaign.  One downside to this approach is that it is far more effective to a much smaller number of people, but used in conjunction with other methods it can be quite effective.

Finally, many people would be surprised to discover how affordable television advertising can be.  While prime time advertising slots on major networks can cost more than most businesses make in a year, off-hours timeslots on cable can be extremely affordable.  While these timeslots are not ideal for every business, many target audiences are watching TV at this exact time, making it perfect and affordable for a small number of businesses.

While there are many different ways to broadcast a message, a few are more effective than others.  Although the choice for which method is right for you should be made on an individual basis, the aforementioned options are just a few of the best.


Blessings in Disguise

It is never too late to come up with ideas that will help you strengthen relations within your family and build memories; memories that will not only last a lifetime, but will help your children when they start their own families. One of the best ways to do this is to have a family dinner night.

Many people, when they read something like the above, automatically think there just isn't time. Consider this: family dinners and time shared are often blessings in disguises.

So, in order to save time, you may figure out a way to take a shortcut in the meal preparation, such as buying an already-prepared dish, like frozen lasagna, and having the whole family pitch in to make a salad or other side dish. Or you may find a recipe on that is easy to fix but will make your family dinner night more special because it's different than the usual fare.

Then, as you sit around the table, you may find yourself talking about something that occurred recently.  Oftentimes these discussions seem, at first, like they don't have an effect on your children's lives.

Later, you will come to realize it did, and it was your discussion that led your children to make the right decisions or to form the right attitudes towards. There's your blessing, and it isn't so disguised anymore.

These memories and not-so-disguised blessings are what you will share during the difficult times. When you need strength to get through a crisis, or when you realize that your time with a loved one is becoming shorter, those family dinner nights and other family sharing times are what will come to your mind. As you reminisce and share the memories, you will be glad you found the time to make them.


Living the Ideal New York Lifestyle

New York City is, without a doubt, an exciting and inspirational place. Just think of all the songs with New York in the title, or the movies based in or on New York City. It's the iconic city of the American lifestyle. Living in New York is an experience that can't be duplicated anywhere in the world. Of course, with all that uniqueness comes some expense as well, but for many it's a small price to pay for the ideal New York lifestyle.

As expansive as New York is, there are as many ways to live in the city as there are people. Across its five boroughs are over eight million people, thousands of buildings, and a wealth of things to see and do. Overwhelming for a tourist perhaps, but for a New York resident it's just the world's greatest list of things to do. Even with everything that happens in the outer boroughs, though, here's no question that the center of live in New York is Manhattan.

Even with declines in the real estate markets, there are still new New York condos for sale in development, particularly in the Manhattan area. While New York boasts the largest public transit system in the world, and millions of people travel through it every day, a great number of those people are riding to and from Manhattan, either for work or for play. Even the most efficient public transportation takes a while to travel in such a huge city, so living in Manhattan is the best way to get the most of the city. You'll be closer to Times Square, Central Park, many of the city's finest eating establishments, and many of the city's most exciting and desirable elements. And if you need to leave Manhattan, everything is just a train trip away.


Happy 100th Birthday, Pres. Macapagal!

Diosdado P. Macapagal Today, September 28, 2010, is a local holiday here in the province of Pampanga in the celebration of the 100th birthday Pres. Diosdado P. Macapagal. He was the 9th President (1961 – 1965) and the 9th Vice President (1957 – 1961) of the Philippines. He was known at the Poor Boy from Lubao, Champion of the Common Man and The Incorruptible. He is the father of the former president, Gloria Macapagal – Arroyo (2001 – 2010).

Cheers and happy 100th birthday, Pres. Diosdado Macapagal!


Spa and Pool Products

Monday, September 27, 2010

Since tomorrow is a local holiday here in our province, a newfound friend of mine invited me to spend the day with her at the spa. Unfortunately, even if I badly need some pampering these days, I have to decline her offer because I have deadlines to meet and some household chores to accomplish. Hopefully we can do some bonding activities next time.

Speaking of spa, I recently came across with an online distributor and seller of spa supplies like pool filter cartridge, hot tub filters, replacement spa filter and others which are of high quality and affordable. At, customer satisfaction is tops their list. Aside from shipping internationally, this online store offers shoppers from the US free shipping for orders that cost $90 or more. Moreover, shopping is made more convenient and secure because their clients can opt to use Google Checkout, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Paypal or even write an online check or mail a check to pay for their orders. A 1-year guarantee is also offered for all sold products. Certainly, safety and sanitation of one’s spa is now made affordable and easy, thanks to – the premium source of high quality spa and pool products.


Online Printer Cartridge Refill Shop

One of the good news that I saw on TV tonight was the gathering of young business professionals who own and operate their own businesses. One has started designing and selling her own line of shoes while another opened her own boutique. Some of them started as young as 29 years old. Their story reminded me of a friend who opened her very own printer cartridge refill shop three years ago. Her business venture has been successful so far, thanks to her ingenuity and hard work. But she still wants to reach a greater market by starting an online business similar to – an online store that provides high quality and affordable low cost printer supplies.

Their online store offers an extensive selection of products from more than 300 different brand name of toner refill, printer cartridges, laser printer cartridge, ink refill kits, bulk ink and bulk toner. Finding what you need is easy. A simple search feature can be used to easily identify the printer ink cartridges that you need or you can search by your printer or cartridge. Moreover, understands the need for you to have have your order as soon as possible, thus, they are committed to shipping your orders the same day they are placed. Free shipping for orders that amount to $45 and up can be enjoyed too.


Customized Flags

Sunday, September 26, 2010

On June 12 every year, we celebrate our country’s independence day. As soon as June sets during my stint at the university as a student affairs practitioner, I usually bring out a number of small national flags and proudly display them at the different areas of our office – our tables, receiving area, by the door, etc. This is to remind our clientele – basically college students about who we are and what we are called to do as a nation. I do not know how those small reminders made an impact in the lives of our students but certainly, many of them appreciated the gesture.

I was reminded of that memory when I encountered an online store that sells customized flags like automotive flags, feather flags, pennant strings, message flags, flutter flags and many others. At, customers are assured of highest quality material are used for the best, yet affordable customized flags in the industry. Ordering customized flags from is a breeze since major credit cards and Paypal are accepted. Moreover, a live customer support is always ready to provide help and assistance for any flag-related problems that you may have. Aside from that, the online store is user-friendly and very easy to navigate. Products are also categorized for easy shopping .


Natural and Effective Health Supplements

One of our many stops at the mall this afternoon was at our favorite store that sells organic food and food supplements, beauty products, fruit juices and many others. We went there to replenish my vitamin supplement for hair and skin and to buy another bottle of conditioner especially made for those who are suffering from falling hair. I also bought a lip gloss which is 70% organic since I gave my old one to a friend when we met two weeks ago. That shop is a recent discovery and my husband and I like shopping there because all products are made of natural ingredients and are of good quality.

Another store that sells natural food supplements is It sells products like Fish oil supplement which is an essential fatty acid that helps the body fight against various ailments such as

Alzheimer's disease and dementia, depression, heart disease and many others. There are a lot of brands of fish oil supplements out there but it is best to go for a brand which is proven and tested by many. Bulk supplements are also available at If one is very serious about improving and maintaining his health, is the perfect place to go.


Migraine Treatment

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I feel for my friend. He’s been suffering from severe migraine every now and then for about five years now. He tried different treatments and ways to determine what triggers an attack to no avail. It is a good thing though that he followed the advice of one of our mutual friends and did a mold testing at their house. This confirmed that indeed, their house is contaminated by molds which triggers his migraine attacks. His work has been home-based so he is very much exposed to molds for almost 24 hours a day.

Help came in the form of CitriSafe products that help in promoting a bio-balanced environment for a healthy life. These products include Testing Products which are easy to use and help you determined the presence of mold and other bio-toxins in your home. Cleaning Products, Environmental Bio-Balancing Products, Bio-Balancing Health and Skin Nutrients, Personal Products, Pet Products and even Reading materials that provide relevant information regarding bio-toxins and its effects and how mold and mildew removal can significantly change one’s health and life.

Upon learning about the presence of toxins in their house, my friend immediately bought and used mold and mildew removal products. Mold clean up significantly helped in making his home a much cleaner and safer place for him and his family. His migraine attacks became less frequent now and his family is living a healthier life.


Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I have learned about Pioneer Woman some years back and I am amazed at how her website have grown. Initially, I was impressed with her photography skills but now, I am more into her cooking and baking. Her recipes are very simple and easy to follow though I still need to try one. Haha! She is basically focused on two types of recipes – those packed with loads of meat and desserts, just perfect if you a meat-eater and dessert-lover like me. Recently, she released a cookbook entitled “The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl”. I am still wanting to try my hand on cooking and baking though I am working hard on losing weight. I showed this to the Husband and he was sensitive enough to ask if I want a copy of this book or the bottle of
lipo 6 her that we saw at the mall last week. Since my diet and exercise have been effective, I am definitely choosing this book!

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl


Maria Venus Raj’s Fans on KFC TV Commercial

These guys gays became famous when they uploaded a video of themselves while watching this year’s Miss Universe and rooting for Miss Philippines Maria Venus Raj.

They even beat the beauty titlist into being featured in a TV commercial. Have a look:

Watching them only make me miss my gay friends more. *sigh*


Aging with Grace and Wisdom

This is Ate Dioneng, one of my most admired colleagues at the university. She is our office secretary prior to my leave from work. I was able to see her when I visited them last week. It was great seeing her again though I was not able to talk her since she was very busy with work (as usual) and my time there was limited. However, I was able to chat with her last weekend and I learned how her daughter is faring in her CPA review classes. I also learned that Ate Dioneng has started taking hgh supplements to help her feel and look younger and to revitalize her energy since she just turned 50 this year. Oh well, once can never stop aging, I told her. But at least, she is aging with grace and wisdom and for me, that’s what matters.


ISP Problem Solved!

Just this morning my Internet connection has returned to its normal speed. I have been having problems about it since the week started. The pages load very slowly and there are times when they do not load at all! It has become so frustrating and irritating that my husband advised me to consider the wrinkle creams review that is sitting on my inbox since I might develop more wrinkles just by worrying about it! I called the customer service hotline yesterday to inform them about the problem. I learned that a repair has been ongoing though no definite date of completion was stated. Obviously, it is already completed and here I am, a happy camper!


My Confidante, My Friend

This is one of my favorite shots during my trip to Davao last week:

It was taken by my BFF (my most favorite photographer!) and with one of my closest friends, JD. I have already shared in some of my post that JD is my confidante and spiritual counselor. I went through a tough time this year and maybe God knows she is the perfect companion so He sent her home. Hahaha! Seriously, JD and I can talk about anything and everything. From the most puzzling questions in the world like why God allows suffering to the most mundane like what is the best and effective acne wash in the market. I am grateful that God has been blessing me with different kinds of friends who make my life more meaningful and sometimes, bearable. Life is definitely more meaningful if you have real friends to share it with!


Meet My Son

Meet Jyrus, the cutest little boy in my life. Forgive me for being biased. Haha! He is my cousin’s son and since we both have similar Dumbo ears, I have been claiming him as my own. Whenever we visit their place, there was a never a time that I have not made him cry whenever we are about to leave because I I always tell him that I will be bringing him home with me.  Yeah, I am mean. Haha! During my aunt’s birthday last July, they called us up just to tell us that Jyrus is indeed Wes’ son. There was a simple celebration and all he ate was spaghetti. So like Wes! Haha!

But I love this little guy to bits. He and his sister Mylene, along with my daughter, grew up in front of my camera. The three of them are my most favorite kids to photograph. However, the girls have grown to be camera-conscious so I am left with this cute and adorable little boy who can give me the most candid and cute poses and smiles. During my short vacation last week, I was able to see them and my aunt (their granny). Obviously, the guy and I had a fun pictorial that took place while my aunt was asking me

how to lose belly fat fast. I shared with her my diet and exercise routine but because of her age, I advised her to find a less strenuous exercise. My short visit with them is definitely one of the highlights of my vacation. I missed the kids (and I made Jyrus cry again. Haha!) and the delectable seafood dishes that my aunt prepared. I hope to see them again in December and by that time, I’ll be with Wes and Therese. 


Bathroom Suites

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Building or finding a cozy home is now easy, thanks to the aid that technology provides. With just some clicks, we can now find houses for sale, home plans and even bathroom suites online.

If you are in search of an online store that sells elegant and quality bathroom suite, visit It houses a variety of stylish and affordable bathroom suites that fit anyone’s budget and taste. At, you are always assured that the items are stocked and always ready for delivery. They also accommodate specially ordered or customized items to suit your bathroom suite needs. And if you are looking into installing a fantastic bathroom suite without hurting your budget, is the perfect place for you. Check out their Monthly Bathroom Suite deal to save on bathroom suites and many others.

At, one does not only enjoy convenient online shopping. It has three bathroom and tiles showroom on the following locations: Manchester, Wigan and Warrington. If you prefer seeing their products prior to paying for them, it is best that you visit one of those showrooms. T

hose who wish to track their orders can fill out a simple form at their website. Surely, tops the list when it comes to bathroom suites shopping.


Getting My Blogging Mojo Back

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

If there is one thing that I do not really like about taking a vacation is that I need a longer time to get back into blogging. For many days since I got back, I have been YMing, FBing, sleeping and eating. Sad to say, I have been trying to revive my blogging mojo which went into an extended vacation. What forced me to blog last weekend was the deadline. And the same thing will motivate me to work non-stop tomorrow! So wish me luck!


Craving for Fresh Bibingka

Monday, September 20, 2010

On our way home from church last Sunday, we passed by a bibingka seller by the street. I could not resist buying from him because his goodies were freshly cooked. It was a good thing that it was a Sunday, thus, my free day – I could eat anything I wanted. So after a very hefty dinner of pork asado and rice, I was able to consume this:
It was topped with grated coconut with a salted egg filling. So delectable! Until now, I am still thinking of that bibingka and I can’t wait to have another piece again. I may be needing the help of an appetite suppressant if this craving goes on! Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), he only sells during early evening and going to his location just to buy is impractical. Hopefully, I can treat myself with another piece of this goodness this weekend. I can’t wait!


Cosmetology School

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My itineraries during my short vacation last week included a trip to my favorite salon. I had my long overdue hair treatment and hair cut. It was so nice to be visiting that place again. Unfortunately, my friend who owns that place was not around. He was on a trip for a seminar to improve his skills and craft. I am happy though that he invests on things such as those. Aside from owning a salon, he is also teaching cosmetology in the community college and what he learns from the said seminar, he can pass on to his students. The school is not as glamorous as the cosmetology school in Orange Park I have read online but it has certainly made some out of school youth more productive.

Speaking of beauty schools, Regency Beauty Institute is the top choice of many for more than 50 years now. It is the fastest growing beauty school in the United States with 80 campuses in 19 states. Its graduates are highly in demand all throughout the United States.


21 Rules

I am trying to clean my inbox and here is a list of rules that I found which was forwarded by a friend some years back. The list makes sense, if you ask me so I am sharing it. The title, however, was made by me, since it has none. Enjoy! 

                                                               21 Rules

ONE. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.
TWO. Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their conversational skills will be as important as any other.
THREE. Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have or sleep all you want.
FOUR. When you say, "I love you," mean it.
FIVE. When you say, "I 'm sorry," look the person in the eye.
SIX. Be engaged at least six months before you get married.
SEVEN. Don’t believe in love at first sight because you will never stop looking.
EIGHT. Never laugh at anyone's dream. People who don't have dreams don't have much.
NINE. Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt but it's the only way to live life completely.
TEN. In disagreements, fight fairly. No name calling.
ELEVEN. Don't judge people by their relatives.
TWELVE. Talk slowly but think quickly.
THIRTEEN. When someone asks you a question you don't want to answer, smile and ask, "Why do you want to know?"
FOURTEEN. Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk.
FIFTEEN. Say "bless you" when you hear someone sneeze.
SIXTEEN. When you lose, don't lose the lesson
SEVENTEEN. Remember the three R's: Respect for self; Respect for others; and Responsibility for all your actions.
EIGHTEEN. Don't let a little dispute injure a great friendship.
NINETEEN. When you realize you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.
TWENTY. Smile when picking up the phone. The caller will hear it in your voice.
TWENTY-ONE. Spend some time alone.


US Gold Bureau and Gold Coins

One of the things that I learned during our meet up with my best friend yesterday is that a mutual friend of ours is now a proud owner of a pawn shop. Now I know how and why she can afford to travel every now and then. I also learned that unclaimed gold jewelries are never auctioned. She melts them and turn them into gold coins. This is a good move because we all know that gold coins have high value and very easy to trade.

When it comes to gold coin investment, the United States Gold Bureau is the leading company that specializes in precious metals investment. In fact, it has many international investors who have put their trust and investment on US Gold Bureau.


A Grand Day Off

I had a wonderful day off spent with my husband and best friend yesterday and I can say that it was one of the many best days I had since we moved here. We were not able to attend my best friend’s ordination two weekends ago but we were privileged to spend the entire afternoon with him yesterday. After a hefty lunch at their place, we proceeded to Trinoma for coffee. Later on, we went around the stores since he wanted to buy some men's running shorts and a pair of running shoes. He has been gaining weight since he transferred here and running is choice of exercise. We also visited some gadget stores to check out the prices of the gadgets we are eyeing to buy very soon. Indeed, it was a great day spent with some of the great men in my life. Hopefully, my best friend can come and visit us very soon so that we can also show him around.


Efficient Arizona Heating and Cooling Company

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I was suffering from colds during my short vacation last week. It was triggered by the change of weather since I have been enjoying a cold climate prior to my trip. Upon my arrival to my destination, the place was hot and very humid. It is a good thing that during the weekend, my friend and I drove to another city which is relatively cooler compared to where we came from. I was accommodated by another friend during my stay there and I was surprised to find that the room she offered me has an air conditioning unit installed. It is new since it was not there during my stay there last May. She shared that they encountered some problems during its installation because the technicians they hired seemed to be inefficient.

Their service was far from what an Arizona heating and cooling company offers. The company’s name is Jay's Comfort Team. They offer the fastest Arizona air conditioning installation and repair. They have been in service for more than 26 years now. Their qualified technicians are skilled in installing, maintaining and repairing air conditioning and heating equipment. They also have efficient comfort consultants who can provide assistance when it comes to designing and installing systems which are energy-efficient.

Why choose Jay’s Comfort Team when it comes to

Arizona air conditioning service? Simple. They are trusted by more 30,000 residents and business in Arizona and that figure only proves that they are the leading company when it comes to air conditioning and heating services in the area.


Web Conferencing by The Conference Group

Friday, September 17, 2010

My friends and I have been communicating daily through Yahoo Messenger, Facebook and Twitter. Just this morning, one of us suggested that we also download Skype on our iPhones/ iTouch so that we can talk with each other for free. One even suggested that we hold a Web conference using the said software though I am still trying to figure out if that is possible. One friend tried calling me tonight but we had a good laugh when we realized that we need to have a headset with microphone in order to talk. It is amazing that talking with people from all around the globe is very easy and does not cost much, thanks to the Internet.

Businesses, on the other hand, require more options when it comes to their corporate communicating needs. It is a good thing that The Conference Group has provided a variety of choices when it comes to Video conference, Web conference and Audio conference. These solutions are cost-effective tools for companies to communicate efficiently with their clients and employees regardless of their respective location and time zone. Furthermore, clients are given full freedom to customize their experience by providing features that they need to make their Web conferencing more effective and productive.



Monday, September 13, 2010

Greetings from Davao City! Today, my friend and I visited Tagum City to throw a birthday party for her niece. I was feeling a little bit under the weather since I arrived but I made it point that I go with her because I have never been to Tagum City before. The trip was quite short because we rode a van. Upon our arrival, we dropped by the mall to buy the food and drinks and cakes. We already bought a gift the day before that so it was not a concern anymore. The celebrant’s young parents were also there. Afterwards, we proceeded to her school but unfortunately, we were five minutes late and the kids were already dismissed for lunch. Anyways, the foods were served in the afternoon but we were not able to witness it because we had to go home. My friend has work at 11 PM that night so she needed to get some sleep. We rode a bus and per my friend’s opinion, the trip was quite long. We dropped by SM Davao for our late lunch at Red Ribbon. We also bought some fruits that I missed plus lechon and my favorite chicharon. We were full upon coming home but very tired and sleepy so we just slept until it was time for our late dinner.

And that is how my went. :) It was a great one! And I am looking forward to another fabulous day tomorrow. :)



Saturday, September 11, 2010

Good morning! Well this is the day I have been waiting for! My godson, Joaquin’s first birthday party plus my trip to Davao City with my BFF, Ric. I was able to force convince him to help me take photos during the birthday party but I have this stinking feeling that he will do a better job compared to me. Hahaha! He’s got a new camera and I can’t wait to try it myself. Who knows, I might be convinced to finally upgrade! Let’s see!


World's Largest Gold Deposits

I was doing some readings on gold coins investment last night and here is one interesting fact that I want to share with you: some of the largest gold deposits in the world are located in the places we least expect. The largest of all the gold deposits in the world is in Witwatersrand in Afrikaans. Forty percent of all the gold mined in the world in all of history came from Witwatersrand.

Secondly, there's the Olympic Dam in Australia. Aside from gold, it also holds the world's largest uranium deposit and the fourth largest copper deposit.

Thirdly, there's Grasberg the world's largest gold mine, located in Indonesia and primarily owned by an American company.


The Flight that Was

Friday, September 10, 2010

My flight yesterday was OK but I spent the entire afternoon at the salon. I surely went home tired and very hungry! That’s the price I have to pay for vanity. Haha! Anyway, like what I shared, the flight was OK. The aircraft was not filled with passengers. In fact, I had no seatmates. And I won a yellow pouch during the in-flight Show Me game! For the first time, I was giddy with excitement when the airplane finally landed on the airport. It’s good to be back. I miss everyone, I miss the food. I am looking forward to spending time with some friends and try out some new places during the weekend.

Have a great one!


The Best Things in the World

The Best Things in the World

I found this here and I can say that I agree on almost everything that is listed. Item number 4 reminds me of some BFFs from high school like Marijo, JD and Raquel with whom I stay up all night just talking on the phone about our lives and the lives of our friends. Haha! Number 5 is just perfect for a frugal shopper like me. But the best for me is number 13. :)


Adding More Fun to Family Movie Nights

One of my daughter's favorite snacks is popcorn. It is no wonder because I like popcorn too, ever since I was young. These days, during grocery shopping, my daughter would always ask me to buy a pack of ready to cook popcorn kernels. She would always look forward to the weekends when I prepare her favorite cheese-flavored popcorn. When we watched Toy Story 3 at the cinema some months back, she tried something different and actually liked it - gourmet popcorn. I tried it myself and I understood why she likes it. Now she can't wait for a trip to the mall's theater not because of a movie but because of the newly found favorite. 

Speaking of popcorn, just last night, I came across with an online dealer of popcorn supplies, It offers popcorn machines and other fun food equipment for home theater and commercial or business use. They offer quality products at wholesale rates without minimum purchase requirements. Moreover, all their products are backed by complete factory warranties.I checked their fun food equipment and I also saw hot dog machines, cotton candy machines, nachos machines, pretzel machines and many others. It sure is the one stop shop for those who wish to add a little more fun to family movie nights or those who wish to venture into a small food business.


In Need of Fast Cash for a Vacation Trip

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I will be on a trip back to my first home tomorrow. I am looking forward to this trip since it was booked five months ago. Aside from attending a godson’s birthday party, I am also looking forward to trying out new restaurants in another city. Two of my closest friends who are based there already agreed that they will go on food tripping with me. Aside from that we are hoping to spend a day at the beach or visit a park and do some sky riding again.

Even though I was able to save on my airfare, it is going to be an expensive trip based on my itinerary. I was actually looking forward to spending some of my online earnings for this trip but unfortunately, one company that owes us much has not paid us for two months. And since since I do not want to use our savings for my vacation trip, I am thinking of availing a fast cash loan. From what I have read, it can instantly be processed provided I meet the payday loan company’s criteria of eligibility. Most often, basic identity and resident proof, bank details and proof of employment are the only requirements. And once my loan is processed, the loaned money will be transferred to my bank account. I still need to find a reputable fast cash loan company though. Thanks to the Internet, I know that this task is easy to accomplish.


Jaypro Sports Equipment

One of the tasks that was assigned to our office during my last two years at the university was the implementation of a comprehensive sports development program of our university students. Our office drafted the program design complete with the resources needed and schedules of trainings, practices, etc. We also made a budget proposal for coaches and trainers’ fees, sports equipment plus ball and equipment storage, registration fees on various inter-school sports events, honoraria of umpires and referees and many others. And since gym construction can be quite pricey, we just recommended that the existing one be repaired and expanded. Skimming through our program design made me realize how expensive it is to run a program which is usually overlooked and disregarded as unimportant by many. This is why it is important to invest on the right persons and right sports equipment so as not to waste resources.

When it comes to quality sports equipment, think of Jaypro Sports. It has the most complete line of sports equipment in the world in addition to a wide variety of speed, strength and agility equipment. Aside from providing safe, innovative and durable sports equipment, they also excel in customer service as their customer service representatives are well trained, enthusiastic and ready to answer any questions their clients may have in mind.


Baby Gifts and More

When I was pregnant with our daughter some years ago, one of the many things that I was looking forward to was shopping for baby stuff. But I was not alone. My mom shopped way ahead of my schedule. My birthday was upcoming and as a gift, she bought diaper bags and baby clothes. On the other hand, some friends and relatives sent baby gifts since it was impossible for them to gather for a baby shower. It is unfortunate that I was not able to think of signing up an organized and easy to manage registry.

A registry is one of the features of Baby and Me Boutique, a unique baby gift online store that offers superb deals on quality brand names when it comes to shower gifts, baby strollers, baby clothing, accessories, baby furniture, organic mattresses and even maternity products. Some of their famous baby brands include Peg Perego, Petunia Picklebottom, Bugaboo, Baby Bjorn and many others. There are also toys which aid sleep through the night and active play during the day. For easier shopping, one can pick items from its respective categories or by designer. To save more and be updated with the latest promos, sign up for Baby and Me Boutique’s monthly newsletter.


Discount Party Supplies Store

Monday, September 6, 2010

One of my godsons will celebrate his birthday this month and I am very much excited about the event. I was tasked to design the birthday invitation and to serve as the event’s official photographer. The designing work is ongoing and I have already dusted off my camera and its lenses.

According to the birthday boy’s mom, the venue is already booked. As early as August, she already bought most of the party supplies needed for the event. Unfortunately, the stores at our place offer limited varieties of party supplies, so she had to take some trips to the nearby bigger cities to shop. It would have been more convenient if she bought her party supplies from an online store like where partying is taken seriously. This online store does not only specialize in birthday party supplies but on almost all life celebrations that include weddings, New Year, baby shower, fiesta and many others. The store is fully stocked with 60,000 discount party supplies. With that number, a buyer need not hop from one store to another to complete her list of party supplies. Aside from making party-supply shopping convenient and easy on the budget, also made sure that shopping at their online store is safe as it undergoes security scans quarterly and is secured by VeriSign.


Buying and Selling: A Highly Profitable Sideline Job

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Holding two or more jobs is something that is very common these days. Prior to our move, I was working as a university employee during the day and I do some online job at night. The other day, I was talking to a friend and she was asking me for referrals for a sideline job. Unfortunately, blogging is not her forte so I can’t really offer her much help. However, I advised her to know her skills first and eventually offer it in response to her officemates’ needs and gain from it. Maybe she is good at preparing desserts which she can sell to her friends and co-workers. If selling is her forte, she can buy bulk items from a Wholesale Distributor and sell them at retail prices.

One such store is Kwality Closeouts. Their inventory of quality Wholesale products ranges from everyday things to collectible items. There are gift items, baby products, school and office supplies, sports and outdoor items, clothing, gadgets and many more. What’s more impressive is that one can order Closeout products by unit or by case in very low and affordable prices. Anyone wishing to engage into buying and selling will surely profit if her products are sourced from Kwality Closeouts.


Updates from an Old Friend

Friday, September 3, 2010

I have been stressing over and over again how appreciative I am of technology and the Internet. With it, I get to be in touch with my long lost friends. One of them was my classmate from elementary up to high school. I remember that she wanted to become a nurse ever since we were young and during our chat this morning, I learned that she is prospering in a

healthcare career in the Middle East. With her earnings, she was able to send her siblings to school and one of them now is a licensed nurse too. I have witnessed how hard the life their family lived, especially that they’ve lost their parents so early. It is good to know that life is now better for her and her siblings.


Onsite and Remote Computer Servicing by PCMD, Inc.

Since my job these days are Internet-based, most of my time are spent working on my laptop. Just imagine how devastated I was when suddenly, it just turned itself off while I was composing a post yesterday morning. I have been having problems with its battery for almost a month now but since I do not have a backup unit yet, I can’t afford to have it sent to the service center. When a problem like this occurred back home, I have a reliable friend who lives some blocks away from our house who is always willing and ready to help with my computer and laptop problems. He works fast so I usually have my unit within the day. But since we have relocated, I only have to rely on my limited troubleshooting skills to solve the problem.

I wish there is a computer-servicing and repair company nearby that offers onsite and remote servicing so that I need not spend valuable time travelling to and fro the service center. What I am looking for is similar to Portland computer repair company that I read about online. Their skilled staff is competent when it comes Portland computer support, whether its PC or Mac. Their onsite services include new computer setup, OS system overhaul and virus and spyware removal. To save time and money, Portland pc repair also offers remote services which are equally efficient compared with their onsite services.


All About Poker Rake Back

Many of my male friends at Facebook has been addicted to its poker game. Many of them schedule trips and even have many sleepless nights because of the game. One friend even claimed that if his accumulated winnings are real money, he could have bought his family a decent house and lot in a nice village. His poker-playing is limited to Facebook only though he is also thinking of playing real online poker soon. Because of that, he should be learning the ropes, the ins and outs of online poker. He should learn what Poker rakeback or Full tilt rakeback is and know their purpose. Poker rakeback is a percentage of the money collected by an online poker room during cash games and entry fees from tournaments.

One website that is dedicated to offering their members lucrative opportunities to earn from the collected Rake back is Since 2005, they have been providing opportunities for their members to benefit from Poker rakeback rewards. Many of its members testified on how fast and dedicated their customer service is. Some of them used to be skeptical about it but when they received their payment, they were thoroughly impressed and have kept on playing online poker. even offers 4% on referrals made by their members. Truly, has made online poker more interesting and profitable for many players.


Those Things with Wheels

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Being around with many male friends and brothers who are into things with wheels, I can’t help but learn a thing or two about cars whenever I am with them. During a chat some months back, my best friend shared that according to his defensive driving seminars, most cars that were involved in road accidents were black, according to statistics that were presented to them.

One of my brothers also shared an interesting article regarding which explains why bright-colored cars (particularly red ones) subconsciously attract law enforcers. According to the article, a research showed that aside from cultural factors, colors evoke certain emotions and red symbolizes physiological strength. Studies proved that wearing read sportswear leads to higher probability of winning.  

Just this week, another friend who recently bought a new car told me that he had his its rims and tires customized. Well, I was not aware that it could be done. He said that it is possible and that he found an online store that excels in that area, It is a premium online automotive accessories superstore that offers customization of rims and tires and other automotive products for seven years now. He testified that his shopping experience is a breeze at because products are categorized according to brands. His order arrived on time and there is an easy returns policy though he is very satisfied with their products and planning to order again in the future.


A Spur-of-the-Moment Date

Upon fetching my daughter from her school, we dropped by the nearby Chowking and feasted on their buchi and halo-halo. It was a spur of the moment decision on my part.

It’s been a long time since the two of us had a date together and I found it delightful to be spending time with her in a different environment. We should definitely do it more often but next time, I will let her choose the place because she was not able to finish her halo-halo. Perhaps a cold pandan drink and pizza next time or spaghetti and chicken at her favorite Jollibee. And next time, it should be scheduled so that it is something that we’ll both look forward to and we’ll be armed with our good point and shoot camera.


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