Holiday Shopping is a Funny Thing...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm pretty sure I'm with a lot of other people when I say I love to shop for presents online. In fact, I also love to shop online for things that aren't presents. And I also love to shop for things, presents or not, in the real world. There are presents for friends, presents for family, presents for people I really shouldn't be buying presents for, presents for myself - it's all in good fun. Today, though, I found myself ogling Tacori engagement rings. Ladies and gentlemen, I am not engaged. No one I know is getting engaged. Engagement rings are only for engagements, but somehow I couldn't resist. I was just looking because they were just so shiny and so pretty. They're also so very indicative that this money burning hobby of mine has got to stop. Still, those rings were pretty fantastic.

Although I don't buy most of the stuff I look at, even though we're still within budget (and will stay within budget) for this Christmas, it makes me wonder about myself. Why am I spending this time window shopping instead of bonding with my kids? I saw a documentary a long time ago, about how people buy tons and tons of stuff that they don't need, and how it ultimately tears families apart. That, as I said, was quite a long time ago, but I wonder if I need to dig it out and watch it again. I am not my stuff. We, my family and I, are not our stuff. We are not even the things we give away. We are the things we do with our time, and especially the acts of care we perform. And that's something so shiny and fantastic you can never find it anywhere online.


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