Keeping Holiday Spending in Check

Friday, November 26, 2010

Here we are, teetering on the edge of the holiday free for all . . . oh, wait, it isn't free for anybody. It's more like the splurge for all, where everybody seems bent on doing as much buying as they possibly can before they go bankrupt. It's almost like they should be calling this the holiday "insanity season." People beat each other up in the middle of store aisles because the last whatever that will give someone a little bit of happiness for five minutes is right there and on sale for a little bit less than it would have cost a week or two earlier. Like that makes anything okay.

If you are planning on blowing most of what you've saved up all year (including your emergency savings), keep in mind that Murphy's Law is always in effect. If something can go wrong, it is just bound to go wrong right at the worst possible time. Your car won't break down when you're giving a mechanic friend a ride. But the moment you spend until your account has about three bucks in it, you are going to limp your car out of the parking lot and have it not start when you get back home. This is just the way things usually work out.

It's true, we do have some neat websites like to help bail us out like little executives. But it is not a good idea for anyone to go around "poking the bear" by spending everything they have, and then just expect to borrow their way out of it later on. That kind of thinking sounds a lot like how we got into a recession in the first place- like we need to have some kind of a recession to get any kind of common sense through our thick skulls. Spend with a little reason, and watch as your new year gets happier.


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