Wednesday Happy Thoughts on a Wednesday!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It’s a Wednesday and for a change, I am on time for this week’s Happy Thoughts. Here we go:

Happy Thoughts1. The super fun day spent with some of my best friends yesterday. We celebrated Ate Jen’s birthday at Greenhills. Fun, fun times plus good eats! Happy birthday Ate Jen! Nice meeting you, Ate Race!
2. The Husband who exerted extra effort just to accompany me yesterday. Our time together is limited because of his work so him, taking extra time and effort to be with me is always, always appreciated.
3. Badong and Kaje who picked us up from the terminal and brought us back there when it was time to go home. It surely was sooo nice of you two to do that. Thank you!
4. The hassle-free commute fro and to our place.
5. The gifts from Ate Jen and Kaje. Thanks ladies!
6. The very good deal that we were able to enjoy when Ate Jen and I were buying some gift items.
7. Hearing Abi speak! She is such a cutie patootie! Makes me want to have another girl again!
8. My super not-so-secret mommy Santa who sent her generous gift early this evening. It certainly overwhelmed me! And her kind act encouraged our other friends to give too! What I wished for is something to help some indigenous school children in Mindanao. My prayer is that they will reap what they sow which are generosity, kindness and love. :)

Happy Wednesday y’all!


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