Weekend Shopping

Friday, November 5, 2010

We were at the malls for three consecutive days last week since my mom was here for a short visit and it was in time for the mall sales which usually motivate my Husband to shop. He was so happy to find a nice pair of office shoes at a very discounted price. (That’s my husband!) My mom also bought some dresses and a pair of sandals for my daughter plus some books and toys. And for her self, my mom certainly bought a lot of stuff! I can’t even remember nor count all of them but one major item was a pair of expensive shoes. Hahaha! We also went to the hardware stores to shop for bidet and that’s where I saw some nice Kohler kitchen sinks that made me wish for my very own kitchen. *sigh* But I was able to score some nice dresses, lingerie and a pair of shoes that made me forget everything about the kitchen. Hahaha!


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