Adapting Your Style to Business Casual

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The office environment is much more casual than in prior ages. While the wardrobe has changed from suits and ties to business shirts and dresses, other things like diamonds in fashion still remain important – even for a casual wardrobe. That's because there is less clothing to draw attention to the eye and to create a visual impact of success, in a casual business environment, you have to rely on the accessories.

Shirt Sleeves
Instead of opting for regular shirt sleeves, get the French cuffed shirts so that you can add some classy cuff links. For men, that have fewer jewelry choices than woman, this can make a dramatic visual impact that makes your business casual look more polished. If your office doesn't require ties, then you can't use tie clips, and most traditional looks frown on ear studs. Thus, you'll have to use accessories like cuff links, watches, and rings.

Statement Jewelry
For women, they no longer have to opt for the obligatory strand of pearls, although it can still look quite lovely. A casual business atmosphere can provide a little fodder for creative expression using statement pieces of jewelry for earrings and chokers that produce a bold, modern, statement of confidence. The best back drop for your jewelry are dresses of a single color. Yellow gold jewelry can still be used successfully in a casual business office, and even diamonds. More and more, people are also turning to white gold or silver-tone pieces as well.


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