Wednesday Happy Thoughts (on a Thursday)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A day late but it’s forgivable, right? Right. Here we go:

happy thoughts[6][5][5] 1. This school that I am going to leave very soon. I have been in this university for 10 years (add to that my 3 years as a college student) and I can say that this has been my home and life.
2. The friends I gained here in the academe through the years. They have been very caring, supportive and reliable. I can count on them for help on almost everything – from my personal problems to more important things like finding competitive life insurance rate in the market. To many of them, my life is an open book.
3. My online real friends. They keep me sane and focused.
4. My super old friends. I rarely see them but I know they are there. It is a delight to spend time with them once in a while, reminiscing and having the loudest laugh over our past experiences.
5. My parents who never ceased to love us and care for us even if we are old enough to care for ourselves.


Busy, Busy, Busy!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Monday afternoon to y’all! I woke up late this morning since I slept late!  last night. My crazy friends from high school kept me up, that’s why! Hopefully, we can meet up soon and I know it is going to be fun.

Anyway, it’s the last Monday of April and this is one of my busiest working week. Reports from our student organizations are expected to be submitted during this week. Moreover, application forms for the Aboitiz Future Leaders Business Summit will also be processed before the week ends. I have an upcoming trip next week so everything must be  accomplished before I leave.

Saturday is a national holiday and it’s the best time to begin packing our stuff for the big move. Fortunately, some friends will help me accomplish that big task. I also need to attend a fashion show because one student leader has been bugging me to as she is one of the models! It is indeed one busy week that I need to hurdle before I go off on a much-anticipated trip!



It’s midnight and I am still up! I have been chatting with two close friends from high school days since 7 PM and we don’t seem to be running out of topics. Well, we’ve covered what we think are the best diet supplements (we can’t seem to agree on this one though) to who we’ll be voting for in the upcoming elections (fortunately, we have common choices). We are having a good laugh, actually. One even claimed that she hasn’t laughed this loud for a long time. It’s a total riot though it’s a YM conference and there are only three of us!

They’ve also updated me regarding some friends whom they’ve talked to recently. Unfortunately, not everything is good news. One of our closest friends is sick, they shared. She is home and hopefully, I get to see her next month. I haven’t seen her for almost two years and I definitely miss her.

Well I am out of here! I need to have my much needed sleep. It was surely a fun night spent with friends, despite our distance. Thank you, Internet!


Unexpected Visitors, Unexpected Fun!

Friday, April 23, 2010

It’s TGIF and the best way to cap the week is to spend time with the people you adore. My early evening was spent with some great friends – my former student leaders who are now reviewing for their board exams. They came home to process their school records. They visited the office minutes before I was off from work and since we did not want to part ways yet, we pigged out at Jollibee while talking about the weight loss products they’ve been taking. (Yeah, how ironic!) But I reckon that they don’t need to trim down because they look fine to me!

Anyway, we had a grand time teasing Oliver about his preoccupation during the review. He did some explaining that totally cracked me up! It was a long time since I laughed that loud! We promised to meet again next month and surely, it will be memorable too.

We had photo opps before leaving though I don’t look fresh here. It’s the end of the day, I’m beat! Anyway, here’s the three of us sans GP at the office:


Wednesday Happy Thoughts (4/21/10)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy ThoughtsI have been feeling down lately but God has been soooo good to me. I can’t help but be grateful for all the blessings that came my way, especially today. I am indeed blessed. Superbly blessed. :)

My Happy Thoughts for today:

1. Being loved by my Maker.
2. Being loved by so many people near and far.
3. Good food.
4. A newly found cause and group I hope to join next month.
5. Good and heartfelt talk over dinner with Best Friend.
6. A visit at the Oblate Media Center.

7. Someone is coming home! Yay!
8. Innate optimism.
9. iPod!
10. Words with Friends.


Diet Plus Exercise

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I just discovered that I have another white hair and being so vain when it comes to hair, I am quite disturbed. I have no issues about aging but this is definitely one of the signs that I am not so happy about. That and slow metabolism. Gone were the days when I could eat without worrying about my bulges. Though I do not dream of having my 25-inches waistline back, I have many attempts to lose weight and I’ve been quite successful in some. However, aside form dieting, I think that I need to do an intense workout regularly to lose significant amount of weight.

Last month, I visited a newly opened weight loss gym in the city and I was impressed with their  fitness equipment. The Tunturi exercise bike is one that caught my fancy. Its functions and programs, plus its unique Tunturi monitor includes a 4 inch full-colour graphic display will surely keep users motivated. I also learned from the owner that they will be purchasing additional Tunturi ellipticals on Efitology once they open another branch in the nearby city. This made me curious so I checked and discovered that Efitology is an online store that offers top fitness brands with lowest price guaranteed. Efitology also offers free consultation with fitness experts regarding which products are right for your fitness goals and budget.


Sunday Recap (April 18, 2010)

It was a relatively peaceful and restful Sunday.

Since the little girl was on a short vacation at my parents’ place, I went to church at around 7 AM alone. Afterwards, I had a nice and quiet breakfast at a local fast food chain. It’s still early so the place wasn’t jam-packed with patrons yet. I bought milk, energy drink and vitamins for the little girl and I afterwards. I can’t believe how expensive everything is these days! Anyway, upon coming home, I did the laundry. OK, I stalled a bit and played Words with Friends. I even thought of nap prior to washing the laundry. Obviously, I was feeling l-a-z-y. Haha! But anyway, I was able to finish 1/3 of the full load and I am a happy camper. The remaining 2/3 will be done tomorrow, I hope!

Around lunch time, my not-so little chatter box arrived home! She was supposed to come home yesterday but since my mother just arrived from a trip to Manila that day, I allowed the girl to stay for another night so that they can spend time together. Anyway, my little girl did not waste any time for as soon as she arrived home, she brought her toys out and spread them all over the place! Her Barbie dolls even took a bath several times. I asked why and she said that it’s because they came from a party. Well, OK. And she was constantly chattering! She doesn’t seem to run out of things to say. Or songs to sing.

She played all day long and she refused to nap. Other toys were given a bath too while some were lucky enough to be chosen as passengers of her new remote-controlled truck. It was given by my mother and do not tell them but I had fun playing with it too. Haha!

Anyway, since I missed her so much plus she was disappointed when she learned that I had breakfast at Jollibee without ordering takeout for her, I decided to treat her for an early dinner at where else – Jollibee! She enjoyed her usual spaghetti, French fries and sundae. On the other hand, I had the palabok I had been craving for since last week but sans shrimps. Allergies, remember? Anyway, I also gave in to her requests before going home: donuts and a new DVD of Backyardigans.

Our conversation upon coming home:
Me: Are you happy?
Her: Yes.
Me: Why?
Her: Because I love you.

Ah. This girl really knows the way to my heart!


Regency Beauty Institute

Saturday, April 17, 2010

In search of a trusted Cosmetology school in Colorado? Take into account Regency Beauty Institute which has almost 30 campuses across nine states with further plans for expansion in the future. This makes Regency the fastest growing beauty school in the country. 

Regency aims to provide quality cosmetology education and teaching relevant skills to their students. This exceptional education does not only benefit the students and the salon community but their community as well. As a part of the students’ training, they provide high-quality salon services to the public at discounted prices under the supervision of their faculty. Moreover, Regency’s growing network of campuses and placement relationships assure that their graduates get employed in salons, cruise ships and  runways once they graduate.


Online Thesaurus and New ABC of Colors

I know that somewhere in my numerous piles of books, I have my old Thesaurus book. It has been unused for many years now because of the wonders of the Internet that gave me an online Thesaurus. So anyway, tonight, I was looking for a synonym of a word there when I saw this:

Interesting, don’t you think? It’s high time to learn a new ABC of colors!


Another Attempt to Lose Weight

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Despite the fact that I had with me a bottle of what claims to be the best diet pills when we left for Pampanga, I failed to lose weight during our vacation. Obviously, diet and my mother in-law’s cooking do not go hand in hand. Definitely, I prefer the latter over the former and once you taste her dishes, you will agree with me.

So here I am again, trying my best to lose weight. I began controlling my food intake two days ago but one of my best friends, Ric, arrived yesterday and we had our dinner at Jollibee. I had spaghetti and the sinful French fries which I thoroughly enjoyed. It made me miss the hamburger because I was already stuffed when I finished them. But I still had some ice cream when I got home. Yay!

I told Mark that I will be slimmer once he sees us again next month or by early June. His reply? “Wanna bet?”

You just wait and see, Mark! Wait and see. :D


A Very Late Lunch and Girls with Sweet Teeth

When we arrived in Manila last March 27, it was past lunch time. Therese and I were both starving since we had our breakfast at around 9 AM. I don’t usually feed her an hour or so before our flight because she usually throws up. Anyway, the boys (DH, Mark and Dud) arrived a little bit late so we were all hungry by the time the fetched us. DH was generous enough to treat us for a late lunch at Market! Market! However, all of us are “promdis” or from the province and we are not very familiar with the place so we had to drive around until we finally found the place. (Mark, please consider buying Fergie – the car, a Garmin GPS please. Thank you.)

The Teriyaki Boy meal was a winner! I was so stuffed upon leaving the place! We had pork and chicken and some vegetables. Afterwards, I bought my usual treat: cotton candy. Yup, yup, I am an addict and I think Therese is turning into one too! And while we were in Pampanga, I also introduced cotton candy to our two-year old niece, Sea and she was oh-so giddy with joy when she tasted it. I see another cotton candy addict in the making!


It Rained!

If not for some visitors at the office, I would only learn that it rained when I left for home. Yay! I was too immersed on my work (which was assigned this morning and is due tomorrow) that I did not notice it. The weather has been unbearably hot so the rain is warmly welcomed. I went home late and it was just in time because the rain already stopped.

Two days ago, I went home wet, no thanks to the expected-yet-unexpected rain around. The sky in my neck of the woods is dark so we are expecting more rain but just enough to cool the air and increase the water level. Hopefully, the El Nino will be over soon!


Buy Gold Coins

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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7 Tasks

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I have been lounging around but I have few things that I want to do to render my self useful around the house and to put my energy into good use (since I have been eating a lot and ignoring the call to exercise):
1. Clean the bathroom sink.
2. Scrub the bathroom tiles.

3. Fold the laundry. (which were washed yesterday.)
4. Wash the laundry.
5. Iron DH’s uniforms before he leaves on Monday for work.
6. Clean our bedroom.
7. Help DH pack his things for next week.


My Holy Week Reads

It has been a restful week so far. I ate and slept and ate some more. Plus I was also able to finish three books! It is one great accomplishment because despite my countless books I rarely find time to read these days. By the way, I am done reading these books by Bob Ong:
Kapitan Sino Stainless Longganisa

Kapitan Sino is fiction. I like the story despite the sad ending. On the other hand, in Stainless Longganisa, Bob Ong talked about writing.

And upon the recommendation of my friend, Joy, I am also done reading this:
The Five People You Meet in Heaven Currently, I am reading The Time Traveler's Wife, which I hope to finish before this week ends.

I hope you are having a great one!



Thursday, April 1, 2010

I told myself (and even you) that I will be back on my dieting this week. I even imagined myself hitting the treadmills or walking or jogging every morning during my stay here in Pampanga. Unfortunately, none of these happened YET. All I did was eat. (I’ve got the best cook for a mother in-law, remember?) And oh, I sleep a lot too. And shop, errr, go to the malls. Long walks at the malls can count as exercise too, right? So tagging along with Mark at the mall later is a very good idea, don’t you think? ;)



… from the sunny City of San Fernando, Pampanga! Yep, DD and I have been here since Saturday last week.

Unlike our last trip last month, we arrived early at the airport. The airplane was relatively full. It was smooth ride until it was time to descend to Manila. The turbulence was terrible that the babies started crying. Even DD found it uncomfortable and disturbing. Anyway, we landed safely and had to wait for 30 minutes or so until DH, Mark and Dud arrived to fetch us. From the airport, we proceeded to Market! Market! for our late lunch. We also went around and entered a National Book Store store, much to the delight of DD. Because of our visit there, I now have the complete books of Bob Ong. Plus DH got me (upon coercion) the omnibus edition of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson. I never thought I’d see a copy of it in local bookstores.

We arrived home early in the evening. It is a delight to be here once again. To rest, to be refreshed and recharged.


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