Looking for a Virginia Cosmetology School?

Monday, May 31, 2010

If you are in search of a Virginia Cosmetology School, look no more. Try Regency Beauty Institute which is a home for quality training and education in the field of cosmetology. These make Regency graduates highly in demand in many salons, runways and even cruise ships all across the United States once they leave the portals of their upscale campuses.

Regency Beauty Institute was founded 50 years ago in Minneapolis and from two campus, it has been expanding annually in their effort to reach more prospective students. As of this year, they have 30 campuses all around nine states. Their commitment to give quality education has made them as one of the top beauty schools in the United States through the years.


Investing on Gold

Ever thought of investing in gold? It is believed that aside from being well-known, gold is said to be the most important commodity of all at it does not lose it’s value over time. As we all know, gold’s value rarely depletes and its returns are most often high.

If one can afford it, gold should occupy at least 5% of his or her total portfolio. The best time to invest on gold is now, no matter how small. For a start, buy gold coins.  It’s a decision that you will never regret once you reap the fruits of your investment.



You Are Sunny
You are an upbeat, positive person who refuses to get too down in the dumps.
You realize that life is short, and you know you're going to try to have as much fun as possible!

You try to laugh, play, and love every day. You believe that happiness is a choice.
You take your responsibilities seriously, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself in the process.


Cheap Health Insurance for Everyone

Friday, May 28, 2010

A lot of people these days cannot avail of health insurance because of its skyrocketing cost. However, it is important for an individual to protect himself from the expenses incurred when medical emergencies arise. A medical insurance provides this much-need protection.

Fortunately, there are websites out there which are dedicated to providing us with affordable health insurance. Thanks to technology, comparing prices and coverage is now easy. Buying insurance online is also believed to be the best way to save money.

Recently, I came across with http://www.healthcareinsurance.me/ and I am very impressed with the vast information it provided regarding health insurance. It even provided tips on how to lower the cost of health insurance and make it affordable. For persons who have limited knowledge regarding the ins and outs of health insurance buying, this site is definitely a must.


Five Days Before Take Off

The blogging mojo paid me a visit yesterday and the result? No back logs, no pending tasks! Wohoo! Thank You, dear God! Even the tasks assigned to me this morning, I’ve already accomplished just this afternoon. This feels good. This will give me time and energy to prepare for our big move come Wednesday.

The Husband will be coming home tomorrow to fetch us. The packing and purging are on the works and we still need to allot time for friends and relatives before we leave. I still need to pack my things at the office and finish some tasks. A meeting with my boss and the one who will replace him is planned too.

Definitely, the days are going to be very busy and it’s great to not worry about pending online tasks. Thank You, thank You!


Exchange Deal and Some Free Templates

Thursday, May 27, 2010

In exchange for her self-claimed, reliable and honest curvatrim reviews, a friend asked me to give her a beginner’s tutorial on basic digital scrapbooking. I gladly obliged because:
1. I badly need to lose weight. Go ask my OB, and
2. The world needs more digital scrapbooking moms. :D

So, we’ll start the tutorial soon. I already instructed her to start downloading free kits. And here are some free templates which can help her (and you and me too!) jumpstart a layout. 

  Scrapbooking Template FreeFree Scrapbook Template
Free Digital Scrapbooking TemplateDigiscrap Template
And there’s more if you go and visit my scrap blog!


21 Guns by Green Day

This song was playing over the local FM radio station last Thursday and even if I’ve been liking the rhythm, I was not aware of its title nor it’s lyrics say. Good thing our student assistant was around that time and it was him who told me that the title is “21 Guns” by Green Day. I downloaded it on my iPod. I even searched for the lyrics and sang along.

On Saturday, during our long drive to Davao, this was the song Ric had been singing over and over and over again. It stuck. I found myself singing along. Or worse, singing ALONE! During our stay in Davao, I even influenced JD. She wondered what the song was all about because she heard a friend’s husband singing it too.

Obviously, it’s my song for today. I like it. I love it. It’s knowing when to give up the fight. Quitters never win, they say. But one must be wise enough to know when it is over and when to give up a fight, especially when it’s not worth dying for.


Answer to Life’s Toughest Questions

I came across with the article, “Answered: Life’s 25 Toughest Questions” and I am somewhat enlightened by it. Unfortunately, no question that goes like “What are the best weight loss pills?” was not answered. It would have made our lives easier, right? Seriously though, questions like “Does money really buy happiness?” and “Can love really last a lifetime?” were answered, among 23 other questions.

Read the full article here.


The Problem is My Face

I have been on a lookout for an effective acne cleanser because my breakouts are getting more frequent and bigger! Aside from that, I also need an ointment to help my allergies heal, especially my lips and the surrounding areas. They’re too itchy and rough. They are drying up and my lips crack. It’s awfully painful. Argh. This is torture and I should remind myself how painful and uncomfortable the feeling is the next time I try popping dried fish into my mouth. :(


Oh Flood!

Two nights ago, there was a heavy downpour. It surely made me happy because it somehow cooled the air down. However, we woke up to some bad news the following day. Some areas nearby started to get flooded once again. I had to contact a friend who is a frequent traveler to and from Davao City just to check if he’s on his way to  the city yesterday and updated him regarding the situation because the roads he’ll be passing through are flooded. It’s a good thing that this morning greeted us with the sun up and shining. Hopefully, the water level had already receded though as of press time, the skies are getting cloudy. *sigh* Wishing and praying for the safety of friends and their families!


So Happy for Faye!

I’ve been visiting blogs of my friends and I am happy to learn that our friend, Faye and her husband are finally moving in to their new house. A house blessing is on the works and we’re all invited. LOL! Faye has been busy designing and decorating their new abode. She recently shared that they’ve already bought some outdoor furniture to adorn their yard. How exciting! And we are all happy for her! Hopefully this new house will bring her more blessings and the much-anticipated baby. :)


Premium Charges for Car Insurance

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Depending on where you are, either an insurance company or the government itself might mandate the amount of insurance premium you need to pay. In either case, this is done according to a body of rules created by the legislators. In certain cases, where the government does not determine your insurance premium, it may be derived from calculations of an actuary. Such calculation is usually based on statistical data. Premiums will depend on certain factors which are likely to have an effect on the cost of claims in the future. Some of these factors are the characteristics of the car, the insurance coverage type opted for, the driver's profile ( age, driving history, gender) and car usage.


On an average men have been found to drive more miles than women, so they are comparatively more likely to have an accident involvement than women at any time of their lives. Consequently, insurance companies want young male drivers to pay a higher youth surcharge than young female drivers, considering the statistical risk involved.


Teenagers without any driving record are likely to have higher insurance premiums. Car insurance companies are often found to offer discounts to teenage drivers who undertake driving training on certain courses like the Pass Plus that is offered in the United Kingdom. In the United States of America, students with good academic records are offered good grade discounts by many insurers. Also, a student living away from home may be offered a resident student discount. Usually the premium reduces when the insured reaches the age of twenty five. Sometimes the companies may offer stand alone policies to young drivers with lower insurance premiums.

Driving History

The practice in many states is to assess the driver's driving records on the basis of moving violations accumulated. Insurance companies review the driving records of the insurance holder periodically. Insurance premiums are affected by accidents.


Beginning Poker Tip: Use the Four Color Deck

If you're playing online poker at a site like Caesars Online, there are some quick ways you can improve your play just by setting up the right sort of options in your software. While it won't correct other poor decisions, a reliance on luck, or any other lack of skill, using the four color deck can help avoid some costly mistakes.

The concept of the four color deck is very simple. While the standard deck has the two colors (red and black) that belong to two suits each (red for hearts and diamonds, black for clubs and spades), the four color deck has a unique color for each suit. The diamonds are blue, the clubs are green, and the hearts and spades retain their original colors.

This may seem like a small deal to many players, and it's true that it will require some adjustment for play. However, the reality is that almost every player who plays with a two color deck will make the mistake of believing that they have a flush when they don't. The colors and shapes are small and similar, and this understandable miscalculation could cost you a lot of your bankroll. Big bets on a flush that isn't a flush will not feel good when the pot is shoved toward your opponent.

You can make these changes in most online software programs by going into your deck options. This is normally the same place where you can adjust the appearance of your table and the color of the outside of the deck, which are simple aesthetic changes. However, changing to the four color deck is not merely aesthetic. It will allow you greater precision in your approach to the game, and will eliminate the risk of mistaking your hands for their all too similar cousins.


WSOP Player Spotlight: Amarillo Slim

Monday, May 24, 2010

The 1972 WSOP champion Amarillo Slim has a long history, big reputation, and four World Series of Poker bracelets to back it up. As one of the early players of professional poker, Slim set various benchmarks that challenged other players. His knowledge in the field of poker and his impressive track record make it clear that he deserved his 1992 induction into the Poker Hall of Fame.

Amarillo Slim started making money with poker alongside two other veterans, Sailor Roberts and Doyle Brunson. The official title for the way that he was making money would be as a "rounder," moving from region to region, working his way into big games with unsuspecting groups. As time went on and poker became a more broadly accepted sport, Slim joined others in various tournaments, including the WSOP. With 10 money finishes and four bracelets, including the Main Event bracelet in 1972, Slim certainly walked away with a high bankroll.

He has done more with his poker knowledge than just play. Following in the steps of his former compatriot Doyle Brunson, Slim co-wrote a book on poker tactics titled "Play Poker to Win." A 2005 edition of this same book was released with some minor edits, but the core principles remained the same. He also published other books, including his autobiography, "Amarillo Slim in a World Full of Fat People" (2003) and an online guide to No Limit Holdem titled "All In."

He has hosted various poker events, including the second annual Poker Classic and the Super Bowl of Poker. For many years, people considered him to be the face of poker, thanks in large part to his guest appearances in movies and his discussions with late night talk show hosts. He is also known for his various proposition bets, ranging from the simple to the truly outlandish.


Using Levitra

As of 2005, men in the United States and United Kingdom have been taking Levitra to help treat erectile dysfunction (ED) and impotence. When you buy Levitra and ingest it, the drug helps you achieve and maintain an erection. The clinical name for Levitra is Vardenafil. Historically, Bayer Pharmaceuticals and GSK have marketed Levitra. More recently, Bayer has marketed Levitra outside the U.S. For example, Levitra is now prominent in Italy. Although, the product is called Vivanza in Italy.

Side Effects

Common side effects from Levitra are abdominal and back pain. Serious side effects from some people include heart attacks in very rare cases. Other side effects include photo sensitivity, impaired vision, eye pain, and hypertension. A few cases have also been reported where men had experienced penile tissue damage, rendering them permanently impotent.

Interactions With Other Drugs

It is highly recommended that you avoid taking nitrate-based drugs with Levitra. Doing so can result in very low blood pressure, which can be life threatening. Combining these products can be dangerous.

Proper Dosages

On the market, Levitra comes in 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg doses. It's a round orange tablet, and the normal dosage is 10mg. As a general rule of thumb, you should take Levitra somewhere between 25 to 60 minutes prior to sexual intercourse. In addition, you shouldn't take it more than once per day. Other dosage amounts (for example, 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg) are available in the UK.

In summary, Levitra has been an effective medication to help men achieve and maintain an erection. Compared with similar products used for erectile dysfunction, the effects of Levitra tend to last longer. The effects of the medication depend on the individual, but one can typically achieve an erection within 30 minutes of ingestion. In addition, Levitra can last as long as 10 hours.


Back After a Break

It is sooo good to be back! DD and I had a wonderful weekend in Davao, spent with some friends in some nice spots. We did some super fun things and we all had a blast! Photos will be posted as soon as I get them downloaded from the cameras. I was feeling sick before we left but that did not stop me from having all the fun. For now, I am nursing an allergy which could have been prevented if I was not stubborn. Haha!

Anyway, off I go and rest. My medication is making me feel sleepy. Good Monday night!


Finding Information on a Prescription Drug

Friday, May 21, 2010

You will likely need a prescription drug at some point in your life even if it's just for a common ailment. The usual way you find out which prescription you need is to schedule a visit with your doctor and trust that you will be prescribed the best medication for your ailment. This usually works well but if you are anxious for your appointment and want to read up on your prescription choices before your appointment, you can search online for more information.

Many websites offer extensive listings of prescriptions so you should be able to find the one you want. Read the information carefully because one overlooked risk or benefit could have a major impact on your health. You should also compare the statistics on a few prescriptions such as success rates and side effects. This can give you a good idea of what drugs are available and which is the best for you.

You will then need to discuss any information you find online with your doctor. This will give you verification on the information you found. After you discuss any concerns and questions with your doctor, you are ready to fill your prescription.

More important than researching a particular prescription drug is finding a discount for that prescription. Your best option for discounts in addition to finding generic pills is to get a discount card to use at pharmacies. These discount cards can be downloaded online and printed off to take to the pharmacy the next time you need to fill a prescription. These discount cards have been known to get people a 75 percent discount on their prescriptions. With discounts like that, your time will be well spent by printing off one of these cards. If, by chance, your pharmacy doesn't accept discount cards, look around for one close by that does.


Make Your Yard the Summer Hangout With an Above Ground Swimming Pool

If your kids are like most children, they wait all year in anticipation for summer to arrive. Not only do they have a break from school during the summer, they can play outside every day in the warm weather. One of their favorite summer activities is probably going swimming so if you want your kids to stay close to home and if you also want your house to be the hang out location this summer, invest in an above ground swimming pool.

An above ground swimming pool is much easier to maintain than an in ground pool and they can be very easy to assemble. Another benefit to purchasing an above ground swimming pool is that you can take it down and put it in storage during winter if you live in a cooler climate. Then, when summer returns, simply reassemble the above ground swimming pool and enjoy the sounds of splashing and laughter all summer long.

The price of an above ground swimming pool can vary greatly depending on your needs. You can purchase a pool for a few hundred or for a few thousand dollars. When deciding which above ground swimming pool to purchase, one of the biggest deciding factors will likely be the pool size. You will first want to measure your yard and then evaluate which pool size fits comfortably in it.

If you want your new above ground swimming pool to blend in with your yard landscaping, you could landscape around the pool with some sand. This will give your yard a great beach ambiance and the sand will be a great sun tanning location for visitors when they aren't in the pool. You can also place some lounging lawn chairs near the pool for anyone that prefers the chairs to the sand.


Buy Gold Bullion

Last night, I was talking with an aunt and she advised me to buy gold bullion. She has been doing it for years and encouraging others to try it too because it is a good investment. For centuries, gold has been fascinating both for men and women. Gold’s value appreciates over time  because the demand for gold all over the world exceeds annual production. 

I am considering investing our savings on gold bullion soon. My aunt told me to take into consideration United States Gold Bureau when buying. It is where I can find dedicated staff who can assist me in my investment needs.


Do I Make You Proud

OK, I am a late bloomer and not a fan of AI. I have heard that the singer of “Do I Make You Proud” is Taylor Hicks but trust me, this is the first time that I saw him, when I searched for this song’s video on You Tube. LOL!  I do not know what got into me but I have been playing it over and over on my iPod. I just plainly love it!


Various Uses for HP Coupons

Thursday, May 20, 2010

If you have recently come across some HP coupons, you can use them towards many products. Hewlett Packard is a reputable brand that deals in computers, printers, printer ink and many other electronics. That is why many people enjoy using their hp coupons for a variety of products.

HP Printers
There are several types of printers that you can use your HP coupons toward. With an HP Photosmart printer, you can print your photos directly from home with the same quality as the photo service. An Officejet printer is ideal for printing everything from marketing materials to everyday jobs. Designjet printers have an extra wide printing space for larger photos than normal. You can also choose between the higher quality laser printer, Deskjet printer or Business Inkjet printer for all of your printing needs.

In addition to the various types of printers offered by Hewlett Packard, you can use your coupons for one of the brand's computers, too. Whether you are looking for a high performance computer with ample RAM and memory or an everyday computer for simpler needs, your HP coupons can help you find something that is right for you while saving money at the same time. Desktop computers and laptops are available with various screen sizes, features and more.

HP Accessories
Hewlett Packard offers several accessories to go along with their computers and printers for your convenience. External hard drives are one thing you can get with your HP coupons so you can empty your computer's hard drive and make it operate faster. Digital photo frames are also a great way to use your HP coupon because you can load your digital pictures directly from your computer to your picture frame.

Regardless of your electronic needs, Hewlett Packard probably makes something to meet those needs. What better way to get those items than by getting a bargain with your HP coupons?


What Made My Thursday

It was one toxic day and I am so glad it is over!  I have been tasked to work on orientation videos. I am not expert on making AVPs and I have been trying to learn the simplest software – Windows Movie Maker for two straight days! To no avail. I went back to MS PowerPoint. Argh. Also, we have been dealing with several cases at the office and it does not help that the boss is on study leave up to the end of the month.

I felt so frustrated and fed up this morning that I just wanted to leave the office and jog! But the boss told me he was already online and so we had our scheduled conference. Issues were discussed and instructions were dispensed. In the middle of the storm, I received a text message from BFF Ric, asking me if we were going to push through with our lunch date. I didn’t know he was coming (though we scheduled a lunch date this week) but the time was good enough for me to place my order and for the canteen’s cook to prepare it (crispy pata. Yum-yum!).

He arrived at around lunch time and we enjoyed lunch together. The two of us were able to consume an order which is good for four persons. Yikes. And since he was not able to bring me ice cream (which I ordered), he treated me with a McDonalds blueberry sundae. (Yeah, we really pigged out! He stayed at the office for a while and surely, it was a breeze having him around.

Until now, I still feel full because of the meal that we had. But what I won’t forget is that someone was sent by God and stayed with me at the time when I needed a friend. :)


Exploring Free Online Games

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

If you're an online game enthusiast, you may have already noticed that online games can be very expensive. With the rising popularity of all types of online games, some games are expensive, and many of them cost even more. But despite the fact that most games are very expensive, you can still find some free ones on the Internet, many of which are multi player games. The following are some of the five Free Online Games available on the Web.

1. War Rock. This game has been free from the beginning, and you can purchase extras, if desired. War Rock offers three games: Close Quarters Combat, Urban Ops and Free for All. In Close Quarters Combat, you're involved in direct combat. Urban Ops has more machinery and bigger maps. Free for All, like most death match games, involves a lot of shooting.

2. Nexuiz. This game is extremely fast paced and uses a lot of weapons that help give you a big adrenaline rush.

3. Warsow. This game is very fast-paced. It also includes tutorials to help you become familiar with it.

4. Gunz The Duel. This game offers a very entertaining and action-packed experience. You can achieve higher levels in the game with more practice. You can also purchase points with money, or receive more points by playing more games.

5. F.E.A.R. Combat. Many people have played this game, but few of them don't know that the game has a multiplayer mode. You can also download the game from the Internet for free, if desired.

Who said the best things in life are not free? Well, the best five online games certainly are! But good things in life, which might appear free on the outside, come with a price, too. In this instance, the games are so interesting, there are chances that you might get hopelessly addicted to playing them all the time!


New Home

This is the place I am going to call “home” for a year or so. My daughter and I will be moving in to this house next month to be closer to my husband. Ted, our youngest, did all the designing of this house. If you are impressed with its exterior and outdoor d├ęcor here:  
Take a look at these:
That chair is an original design of Ted (and obviously, I am one proud sister!).

{photos by Asley}


The Seasonal Strength of Fescue Grass

It's a common frustration: you gaze across your lawn, seeing parched hills and limp strands. Winter came (as it always does) and shattered your perfect grass (as you always hate). And summer is soon to follow, bringing with it a relentless heat. The assault is constant and unbearable; the cycle seems perpetual. Something must be done to end it and that something is fescue grass.

No longer endure the slow death of your yard. No longer see the seasons ruin your efforts. Instead choose a seeding that offers resistance to all the woes and worries. With fescue grass, you gain a rare opportunity: adaptability. Each blade is made to survive differing climates and their unexpected changes. This is the constancy you crave.

Sun and long hours, a refusal of shade: the summer can destroy the best gardening intentions. But fescue is a hearty breed, able to bloom even through droughts and unstoppable warmth. It will last, undeterred by even the hottest of months. Plant in the spring and then reap the reward.

Cold mornings, colder nights: winter steals all life. Fescue grass, however, can resist it. It is tolerant to low temperatures and can maintain its appearance, despite the snow's best attempts to overwhelm. It will remain. You must be certain, however, to add nutrients to your lawn as you plant in the fall. This will help it to sustain itself during the times to come.

Vitality isn't determined by the seasons. It isn't even dictated by the days. It is instead decided by the choices you make; and fescue becomes the most obvious.

While it must be noted that even this healthy seeding can still be effected in extreme situations (too many weeks of heat or rain), it is still able to overcome them. Fescue may wilt in the wake of the weather, but it will always return. This allows it to be both your greatest defense and your greatest guarantee.


Weekend Plans

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My daughter and I are looking forward to a short trip to Davao this coming weekend to for my follow up check up. I will be bringing the result of a procedure that I will undergo tomorrow and I hope that everything will be okay. And since DD is going with me, I need to find us a nice hotel as early as now. She likes staying in posh hotel rooms with walk in tubs. Places like those make her feel like a queen!

We will also be celebrating a close friend’s birthday that weekend with a trip to two nice places that DD and I haven’t visited yet. We hope for a nice weather, safe travel and lots of fun!



Meet Raquel. Or Kelra. Or Qui-Qui. Or Ma’am. It depends on when you’ve met her. She is one of my oldest friends. Just like JD, she is a batch mate from high school and again, just like JD, she is wacky and weird (aren’t we all?) but very sincere and genuine. I can rely on her to tell me the truth no matter how ugly and painful. She isn’t into sugar-coating things and situations and that makes me love her even more. I can talk to her, heart to heart.

I look forward to seeing her more frequently once we relocate because she is based in Makati and Bulacan. She knows that it is her duty to keep my social life alive for a year or so. :D


Health Issues

No thanks to my monthly visitor, stress and what-have-yous, I have nursing a terrible migraine for more than 24 hours now. I know I have been negligent in terms of my vitamin supplement intake and here I am, suffering the consequence. The situation is made worse by an allergy (again) brought about by consumption of noodles loaded with sea foods yesterday. I should be learning my lesson now. :( Hopefully, these will be over soon because I have a loaded week ahead of me, work-wise. Plus a trip to somewhere nice is also lined up. Can’t wait!


The Friday that Was

How can I forget sharing with you what a fun-filled night we had last Friday when I met with some of my bestest friends for the longest time. They were some of my batch mates in high school. As always, we had a blast talking about the past and other friends who were not present that night. Someone also remembered a batch mate who claimed to have discovered the most effective yet unusual eczema treatment. (We are a weird bunch, I know!)

The night was capped with a “tour” around the city for a batch mate. Later on, we proceeded to another friend’s house to see her little boy. And then we spent the remaining of the night in another friend’s house. It was a memorable and fun night indeed.

But right before meeting them, I also went and visited another friend who has been feeling a little bit blue these past weeks. He just arrived from Manila for a retreat and I was sure glad to see him again. He is one of my “friends on call” – always ready to help and be present in times of need.

I sure am blessed with the kind of friends sent my way!


Dip Stations and ON Slippers

Friday, May 14, 2010

A friend and I were chatting a while ago and I learned that her husband, a fitness buff has once again invested on a dip station. Being a foodie, I thought it was some something where you place various dips! Silly me. Here’s what a dip station looks like (in case you’re as clueless as me.)

Dip StationOn the other hand, she also shared what she’s been collecting: slippers. And that reminded me of the nice ON slippers I saw at their online shop. I have been intending to buy more since I ordered my first pair which looks like this:
ON SlippersIt’s so nice, soft, comfortable and just the perfect slippers if you ask me. Hopefully, I will have more pairs soon and there’ll be a moratorium on slipper-shopping for like 5 years. LOL!

I showed this to my friend and she went gaga over it. She said she’ll order some pairs for her collection too and that makes me wonder what she’ll do with all those slippers!



Thursday, May 13, 2010

Aside from the sinful crispy pata that we had during lunch time today, we also had ice cream some minutes ago as our afternoon snacks. I Twitted it and one friend sent me a direct message asking me about my diet which is non-existent for now. Hahaha! She knows that I made a promise that I will cut on my food intake (and try apidexin to see if it really works) after Mother’s Day but nah, it’s too hard when there are many reasons to pig out! Tomorrow, we are going to celebrate my father’s birthday plus a friend’s grand son’s baptism (She’s my age and already has a grand son. Go figure.)

So, when will diet start? Next month, I presume. :)


Purging, Sorting and Purging Some More

Honestly, I am also in a blogging rut. I am stuck and lost and waiting for my blogging mojo to return. I guess that's what I get from taking a break from blogging (and everything else) last week. Or maybe I am just too tired of everything that I need to accomplish because of our big move.

On a happy note, I am proud to report that all our stuff were transferred to my parents' house. I've also succeeded in purging many of our stuff - clothes, books, kitchen stuff, etc. Some of DD's toys and books were donated to a center that caters to the needs of street children while many of our clothes were given out too. However, we still have a lot of stuff to sort - those that we can bring and not, those that we can do without so we have to purge again. DH and I have books that need beneficiaries too. Good thing my mom found us one - the library of a state university's graduate school.

It feels good to get rid of stuff that we don't need anymore, especially when we know that there are others out there who will find those things to be useful.


Tips in Buying Life Insurance

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A lot of people are afraid of considering life policy insurance because it sounds too morbid. Obviously, claims are not made until the policy holder passes on. Death is usually something not everyone is comfortable to talk about, right? The subject comes along only when someone experiences a near-death experience or when some agent offers the product. But come to think of it, you do not want to consider it when it is already too late, do you? A person actually has to review life policies each year since needs change through time. These are questions agents usually ask to verify if you are covered sufficiently:

  • Would you want funeral expenses covered or let accumulated cash settle it?
  • Does your estate exceed $1.5M? If yes, you will need money to pay for estate taxes.
  • How much lump sum money are you willing to leave your family? Sometimes family members are not good in handling money so you might want to consider this aspect carefully. Otherwise, provide specific income for the family.
  • If the decision is to provide income, for how long you want it set-up? Some want it for a lifetime but you may opt for paying out for a limited number of years.
  • Do you want your spouse and/or children to get coverage too?

These are just some of the guide questions. You might also want to check out state laws where you live in because life insurance in Califronia may be different from Texas life insurance in terms of policies and rates.


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