A Baby No More

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We thought that she already lost them all but we were surprised to learn that my daughter still had one more milk tooth. One of her permanent tooth, an incisor at that, started growing some weeks back. We were planning to bring her to the dentist last weekend but since the milk tooth was almost ready to fall off, I suggested that we wait for another week.

Last night, after supper, my brave little girl proudly reported that her tooth finally fell off! It caused bleeding which stopped after some time. The bleeding did not even bother nor scare her.

And it is her last milk tooth.

It made me somehow sad to realize that truly, she is not a baby anymore. Soon (though I am not excited about it), she will be asking me for advices when faced with worries about monthly periods or crushes or best acne face wash when having breakout problems and other girly concerns.

Or maybe not. But I sure hope that she will. I may not have all the best answers but like any other mothers out there, I want to be involved in the matters concerning my daughter for as long as I can, I mean, as long as she likes. Hehehe.


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