A Better Game Plan for 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011

I have learned a very tough lesson this year: joining the Christmas rush can be VERY stressful and not to mention frustrating. It was a good thing that one friend offered some gift items for the boys so I was able to save time shopping for gifts for them. And what are those gifts? No, not cigars. I gave them t-shirts which I conveniently bought online. However, wrapping them is a different story though. Though I enjoy wrapping gifts, I have tons of things to do prior to our trip (blogging, packing and doing more shopping) that I had to squeeze in some gift-wrapping time into my busy schedule. And to be honest. To be really, really honest, I still have some gifts to buy and to be sent. Some kids did not receive gifts last month plus I left some of the boys’ shirts here so I will be sending them the stuff before the week ends.

I should really formulate a better game plan when it comes to gift-giving this year. I do not want to undergo the same experience ever again! I might do my Christmas shopping as early as October 2011. Hehe.


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