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Monday, January 24, 2011

My small family of three have accumulated many, many books through the years. Many of them we left back at my parents’ house when we made the big move. Some, especially those owned by our daughter, had to be given away or donated to charity. Other books on leadership, governance, education, etc. we also gave to individuals who can put those books into good use.

After seven months of staying here, we have started a new collection since we now have easy access to various bookstores. My bedside table can’t accommodate all the books that I bought – both unread and want to reread. My daughter is also complaining about her need for storage to keep her books and I hope we can find/ think of an effective solution.

And then I found this:

Of course, this is not possible in our case. Not YET. But this is a very nice idea, don’t you think? Our dream house is not necessarily big but it’s a must that we’ll have a library. Or at least a nice storage/ display of our books like the one shown above.


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