Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just because I am a certified crammer, here I am, blogging in the middle of a vacation. It's a good thing that my new netbook arrived on time or else I would be lugging my heavy laptop in this trip. I am working on some expiring tasks and checking on email simultaneously. I need to go through them so as not to miss any important ones. I am flooded with more than 80 emails, including spams which are mostly about a certain male enhancement product. Ack. How I wish someone would volunteer to help me with my online and domestic tasks next week as they are plenty. But that's all that I can do - wish. Haha!


Skin Problems

One source of frustration of my friend these days is the skin problem being experienced by her youngest son. We were doing some catching up this afternoon when she shared her problem. She has been looking for an effective eczema treatment and after self-medication has proven to be futile, they have finally sought the help of a dermatologist. Hopefully, they have found what the right cure because worrying over skin problems can be very irritating and inconvenient.


Great Company and Great Food

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One of the three meet ups that we attended last weekend is with my Twitter friends. We exchanged loots and at the same time enjoyed some great food at Yakimix, Macapagal branch. It’s been a while since the last time I saw them. We arrived a bit late and were number nine on the waiting list. But just the same, we had fun being photographed and exchanging stories. One of them kept on insisting that indeed, I’ve lost weight but I disagree. I have been unmindful of what I eat and stopped exercising for three months now. So it's not surprising that some bulges in the middle are already visible.

Summer is almost near and my friends and I have plans on hitting the beach. I don’t really want to look all too flabby on my summer wear so I should be going back to dieting and exercising since taking weight loss vitamins is not an option for me yet. Anyway, here is our photo while waiting. Thanks to our photographer, Amiel. Not in the photo are Peach and Crislyn who arrived later. Yakimix Macapagal
It was a day of great company and great food. Truly, life is good.


The Greatest Gift

Monday, February 21, 2011

One update on Facebook that caught my fancy today is one from Things We Forget:


I am a multi-tasker and most often, I put my girl to sleep while blogging. Or chatting over YM and helping a friend decide whether to buy apidexin online or purchase it from the pharmacy instead. Or maybe playing Zuma Blitz while doing all those mentioned above. These are all doable because my “office” as my daughter coined it, is just composed of a laptop and a wooden laptop table. The convenience of compact computers.

But since last week, I have resolved to spend more time with my little girl before her sleeping time. I put the laptop away and just be with her. It’s a work in progress as I tend to forget what and who really matters but I am getting there.


Another Milestone

Today, my daughter and the other girls in their level went to school in their new white dresses, white veil and all made-up. On the other hand, the boys looked like big men in their black slacks, long sleeve white polo and bow ties. Today is their pictorial in the occasion of their First Communion. It is unfortunate that parents were not allowed during the session but we did take photos prior to leaving home.

Tomorrow will be their First Confession and I am hoping that my daughter who was feverish some hours ago will wake up feeling better for she can’t afford to be absent. Wednesday will be their final rehearsal. On Thursday, their First Communion will take place and she is fairly excited.

I am too, albeit nostalgic. My little girl is growing up too fast and I do not think I am ready. :(


Cebu Pacific’s MINDAnow Seat Sale

Thanks to the stiff competition among many airlines these days, we get to enjoy discounts and promo fares every now and then. Early this month, I was able to book a one-way domestic trip for myself and my daughter for as low as P400 for June 2011. That’s way, way cheaper compared to a bottle of acne treatment that I ordered last month! 

Cebu Pacific

This afternoon, Cebu Pacific launched another seat sale to ten destinations in Mindanao for as low as P999 for ‘Go Lite’ seats. Promo is from today, February 21 until February 24, 2011 or until seats last. Travel period is from May 1 to June 30, 2011. Destinations include Butuan, Cagayan de Oro, Cotabato, Davao, Dipolog, General Santos, Ozamiz, Pagadian, Surigao or Zamboanga. 

Cebu Pacific also offers P1,499 ‘Go Lite’ seats from Manila to Brunei and Ho Chi Minh. This seat sale also covers connecting flights from Mindanao to Brunei and Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh). Travel period is from April 1 to June 30, 2011.

Needless to say, I took advantage of this promo and booked another flight for May 2011. Now all I need is another seat sale promo for April and our summer 2011 bookings will be complete.


Injury Lawyers for Maritime Workers

Friday, February 18, 2011

Searching for a skilled and experienced Offshore Injury Lawyer can be a daunting task. It is a good thing that an internationally acclaimed maritime injury law firm has been around for over 45 years serving injured offshore workers  and their families. The name is Schechter, McElwee, Shaffer & Harris, L.L.P.

They are experts when it comes to representing injured maritime workers and/or their families who are victims of accidents occurring on the high seas, in coastal areas or on inland waters. Initial consultation with them is free and you won’t be required to pay them unless they win your case  and you have received your compensation.


Weekly Accomplishment

It is unfortunate that I have not accomplished much this week, blogging-wise. My blogging mojo is gone and I was feeling a bit low. It’s a good thing that I found something that lets me sort through my thoughts and feelings (good and otherwise) while being productive and that is ironing our laundry. Almost 75% of our accumulated load is done! I also washed this week’s laundry yesterday and that’s two days earlier than usual. If we have home security cameras and my husband could see me, I know he’ll be applauding me for all my accomplishments!

Though a bad blogger, at least I was a productive domestic goddess this week!


Valentine’s Day Madness and Magic

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We were at the mall last weekend because it was the advent of Valentine’s Day, the place was filled with flowers both plastic and real, teddy bears in all sizes, chocolates and even chocolate flavored ecigarettes. We went to church and the market which were all brimming with everything red and pink, thorny and cuddly and sweet. Truly, the madness and magic brought about by Valentine’s Day is not lost yet.

I hope you had a great one!


Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy ThoughtsMy happy thoughts this week:

  1. 1.5 days off from school for my daughter and me.
  2. Recovery from colds, cough and asthma.
  3. YM calls from the Husband.
  4. M&M dark chocolate peanuts from the Husband and Ferrero Rocher from an Aunt.
  5. A surprise from the Husband.
  6. Tangled, Megamind and Despicable Me – movie time with my daughter. Yay!
  7. Busy yet fun weekends spent with my husband and daughter, relatives and close friends.
  8. A scheduled meet up with Roy next week. It means shopping and eating and good company.
  9. Another possible meet up with super old friends next weekend.
  10. The inspiration to do what I like and be paid for it.
  11. Summer. It’s just around the corner!
  12. Books.
  13. YM, Facebook and Twitter.
  14. I was able to come up with a cute baby shower invitation for Tel. Yay!
  15. It is both stressful and relaxing – Zuma Blitz on Facebook. Haha!
  16. Last but definitely not the least, my friends who keep me sane and grounded. I am deeply blessed because of them.


When Good Things Turn Bad

I have been suffering from colds, cough and mild asthma since last weekend. This was caused by the strong fume of the bleach we used for laundry last Saturday. One friend who is a fellow asthmatic was bothered when he learned about my condition. He advised me to take my medicines for asthma as soon as the attack begins. However, I never like their side effects – mainly palpitation. But my friend said that it is something we have to bear with in order to breathe easier and feel better

It’s a small price we have to pay actually, compared to those who are suffering from severe cystic acne and sought the help of Accutane. From what I have learned, Accutane use can result to devastating injuries such as inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. In fact, one patient filed and Accutane lawsuit some years back and was granted with a generous amount to cover his past and future medical expenses. It is good, however, there are things like good health and freedom from worries and anxiety that money can’t buy.


It’s that Time of the Year

Friday, February 4, 2011

I woke up this morning missing my good, old friends back at the university. Thus, prior to going online, I called up one of them. I learned that she is now busy preparing materials, tradeshow giveaways, brochures and other marketing paraphernalia for their annual Career Guidance activity. And I remember, it’s that time of the year again! Career Guidance is one of the activities that I miss, when we get to visit different high schools and encourage their students to pursue university education and hopefully, choose our school. It was also a good time to bond with other member of the Career Guidance teams – selected students and faculty members who are also our friends. We usually cover the schools within the city and those in the neighboring provinces. I always ask to be assigned to provincial trips, obviously because I like going places!


Hello, Weekend!

It’s a Friday and it only means one thing: the weekend is almost here! Like almost everyone, it’s my most anticipated time of the week since I get to be with my small family and do fun stuff together. Most often, it is the reward I look forward to after a week of hard work.

However, I can say that this has been a relatively easy week. Workload is not that heavy. Sure, I’ve wrote some few personal blog posts here and there, booked some travels and scrapped a page. I also helped a friend with a poster he designed for a Casino and another for her wedding invitation. And oh, my daughter and I also had a chance to meet up with an old friend.

It was a great week still. And I can’t wait to cap it with an equally lovely weekend with the two loves of my life.


Securing Your Identity from Theft the Easy Way


Digital identities have made identity theft easier as it increased its number of victims million every year. Close to ten million Americans are becoming victims of this crime and its number continues to increase. The constant increase in victims make identity theft a real threat to American consumers and the sad fact about identity theft is that anyone can be a victim of identity theft.

When another person accesses your identity, these persons can cost you thousands of dollars even draining your bank account and costing you more debt than you can imagine. More than that, identity theft criminals can ruin your life and wreck your future because a stolen identity can also mean a low credit score which can potentially affect your future employment. Potential employers often check their applicant’s credit rating and if they find anything undesirable in your credit report, then you there is a big chance that you will not be hired. They cannot determine if you are a victim of identity theft crime that is why it is important that you take all the necessary precaution to stop identity theft cold before it is reflected in your credit report.

Identity theft is one of the saddest facts about your life. No matter how law-abiding you are and how diligent you’ve been in paying your dues and credits, you can never really say if somebody else has accessed your account and taken hold of your important information. If you want to protect your name fully, you need at least three strategies:

  1. Keep as much personal information as possible. It is practically pointless to say that you do not want to be a victim of identity theft yet you provide your personal information to the first bank representative that calls you up without checking the identity of the person on the other line. Of course, your personal information needs to be provided to people “who matters” like your doctor, employer, insurance agent and more but you do not just give out your information to anyone that you meet on the street. Keep your documents close and your wallet closer because lost wallets can also be the key to your identity.

  2. Check your credit report. It is important that you check your credit report regularly because if there are any changes in your credit, it will be immediately reflected in your credit report. More than just checking your credit report, you should also try to run a full background check on yourself at least once every two or three years. This would ensure that nobody else is committing crimes under your name or doing other activities that you are not aware of.

  3. Subscribe to credit monitoring activities. When you subscribe to credit monitoring activities, you will be informed if there are changes in your credit report and you don’t have to bother yourself requesting for your credit report from time to time. Credit monitoring facilities can be conveniently found online and all you have to do is choose the best service provider for your credit monitoring needs.


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