Great Company and Great Food

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One of the three meet ups that we attended last weekend is with my Twitter friends. We exchanged loots and at the same time enjoyed some great food at Yakimix, Macapagal branch. It’s been a while since the last time I saw them. We arrived a bit late and were number nine on the waiting list. But just the same, we had fun being photographed and exchanging stories. One of them kept on insisting that indeed, I’ve lost weight but I disagree. I have been unmindful of what I eat and stopped exercising for three months now. So it's not surprising that some bulges in the middle are already visible.

Summer is almost near and my friends and I have plans on hitting the beach. I don’t really want to look all too flabby on my summer wear so I should be going back to dieting and exercising since taking weight loss vitamins is not an option for me yet. Anyway, here is our photo while waiting. Thanks to our photographer, Amiel. Not in the photo are Peach and Crislyn who arrived later. Yakimix Macapagal
It was a day of great company and great food. Truly, life is good.


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