A Well-Deserved Day Off Part 1

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I have been slacking badly that I failed to share with you some of the fun things I did in the previous weeks. One of those is a well-deserved day off with a very old friend of mine. We have been classmates since high school and she is one of the wackiest in our bunch. I like hanging out with her because she amuses me and can knock some sense into me. Most of the time, that is.

Anyway, it was one fine Wednesday (one of her days off from work) when she came for a visit. I met her at the mall and we proceeded to the Air Force Park in Clark for some sight seeing and being shutter bugs, for photo opps, of course. We took turns to take photos of each other secretly and I give her credit for this lovely photo HERE. However, I was able to take nice photos of her too, if I may say, despite violent protests on her part. Take a look:

In between taking photos, we exchanged anecdotes from the past and the present. It is fun to know her life at work which is totally different from my job in the past. We also talked about and had so much laugh on our imaginary pack of high breed dogs and their highly skilled yet funny caregiver. When we finally got tired, we rested by the swing and ate ice drops. Once we’ve gained enough energy, we decided to head back to the city for a very late lunch.  

To be continued…


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