Sweet Treats from Good Shepherd in Baguio City

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Who has gone to Baguio and not paid the Good Shepherd Convent a visit? My husband would usually bring home some sweet treats from the Good Shepherd whenever he comes home from a trip to the said place. He really knows the way to my heart. Haha!

Being an addict when it comes to sweets, I was more than excited to finally see the place myself and shop for goodies of course. The walk up to the store was fun. We passed by several stores and yeah, I shopped. Haha! The Good Shepherd store is impressive too. The place is packed with tourists, as expected. I was impressed that the store has barcode scanners and that they accept major credit cards. Aside from that, big photos of their products along with their corresponding prices are posted outside. Pieces of paper and pens are also provided so one can already write their orders prior to entering the store. A brilliant idea if you ask me.

Anyway, we bought our goodies. Our loot was composed of the usual – peanut brittle plus some new ones like alfajor and snowballs. After paying, we stayed a while for photo opps. We also had some snacks before heading to our next destination.

Anyway, a photo of the snowballs:
Good Shepherd Convent
15 Gibraltar Road
2600 Baguio City


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