Topamax Lawsuit Process

Friday, April 22, 2011

A Topamax lawsuit involves a process that has five major steps. These are:

Treating the Child’s Injuries. A birth defect like cleft lip or palate can be treated with surgery especially so if it is done soon after birth or in early childhood. However, treatment varies, depending on individual cases. Things to be considered are the type and severity of the congenital deformity.

Collecting of Evidence. Since documentation is imperative to any successful lawsuit, one must keep all Topamax records, unused medicine containers and other medical records and even receipts. Also needed are all documents that are related to the child’s prenatal care like sonograms, testing and birth records.

Retaining a Qualified Lawyer. For a product liability claim like a Topamax lawsuit, finding a good law firm like the O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath is critical. They must be experienced when it comes product liability claims and have a great understanding about the case.

Preparing Demand. This is done by the lawyers once all documentation is received, organized, summarized and packaged for a settlement proposal to the manufacturers of Topamax. .

Negotiating Claim. Once Topamax’s manufacturer has reviewed the demand package, their counsel will propose a certain amount to settle the claim. Your lawyers will then consult their client to make a counteroffer. After several offers and counteroffers, a final amount will be reached and only you can make the decision whether to accept the offer or not. Once you decide not to accept the claim, the case proceeds to trial.
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