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Sunday, May 29, 2011

It’s just two months of vacation and some trips to different places but I am slowly gaining back the weight that I lost when we relocated. That is why I love-hate this period because I get to rest from the daily routine that my daughter and I have to follow for one school year. On the other hand, I seem to eat more than the usual since most often, we meet friends who are also foodies. Aside from that, the husband and I agreed recently that we go out on dates on Saturdays – movies and good food while Sundays are reserved for the three of us when we go out. That explains the weight gain. *sigh*

It’s a good thing that there is redemption though. I have already proven that I can lose weight if I put my mind and heart to it. Exercise and diet are the answers. One friend of my suggested that I try creatine to enhance my workout experience but I told him that I am quite satisfied at the results of my current workout regimen. I just need to stick to it. I dread the boring normal life which are about to face but I need THAT normal so I can get my old weight (and peace of mind) back.


Topamax and Congenital Birth Defects

Sunday, May 22, 2011

If you have taken Topamax during your pregnancy and your newborn is injured in the form of congenital defect like a cleft plate or cleft lip, chances are, you are qualified to file for a Topamax birth defect lawsuit. The manufacturers of Topamax, an anti-convulsant and anti-migraine drug failed to warn the public through the product label regarding the harmful effect of this drug to the unborn children.

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Nuts and Rehabs

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I was complaining about my breakouts and a friend nonchalantly told me that I should start looking for inpatient rehab treatment centers to help me get over my lack of self-control. What do my breakouts got to do with rehab centers? Read on.

It’s that time of the month (when my hormones go crazy) and I have been binging on nuts. That is why I have been having breakouts one after the other. The culprits:

To the left is a container of boiled nuts courtesy of my mother in-law. Prior to cooking, I have already resolved that no, I won’t be eating peanuts because they cause major breakouts. However, when they were cooked and hot and smell heaven, ignoring them was a tough job. So yeah, I gave in. Talk about self-control, right?

To the right is another container of roasted cashew nuts. These were given by my best friend last month. They are nuts and though I love them, I resolved not to eat them basically because of you know, the reason why I planned not to eat peanuts (see paragraph number 2). It’s husband’s favorite and I boldly told him that these nuts are for him. But then, one afternoon when I was hungry and craving for something salty (though this is far from being one), I opened a pack and I was in heaven! I think that it is the most delicious roasted cashew nuts I have ever tasted!

My friend knows this story and I even showed her the photos which made her conclude that I need rehab. She thinks her idea is funny but I disagree though I admit, self-control is one of my weakest points especially when good food is involved. :P


Ebooks Mania

This is a picture of my iBooks book shelf some nights ago:

Ebooks. That is the newest craze that hit our small group over at Twitter. Overnight, we have filled our respective iBooks with all sorts of ebooks. I for one have been sleeping very early in the morning because I kept on obsessing about how the covers of my ebooks collection look. Do not ask me how tedious the work is. Let’s just say that yes, I have my tendencies and that these tendencies make my life hard. Haha!

Anyway, my search for ebooks led me to ebooks websites which are not limited only to novels but also to self-help and other interests and topics. I even found some good ebooks on photography for my photographer friends and a motorhome repair manual that my uncle has been wanting to buy. I have been painstakingly downloading some many titles, convert them to an iBooks-friendly format, complete with covers, of course. With the number of ebooks that we now own, I believe that we have enough reads to last us a lifetime! Hahaha!


Of Games and Money

I was at a lunch date yesterday when I received an SMS from a friend, asking for suggestion regarding free iPhone apps and games. It seems that his wife gave in and gifted her with a brand new iPhone. I suggested some which I find useful like social media apps namely Facebook, Tweetdeck and Instagram. There’s dictionary and the Bible too.

However, when it comes to games, I do not have anything to suggest since I do not play much iPhone games these days. I have learned that my friend is into online casino for real money so it is not surprising that he is interested in casino-type apps and games. I did a quick check and found that iTunes abound in casino-type games. Even though I am not familiar with them, I told my friend to just see for himself. Same with his favorite website,, he can check the reviews and ratings of those that interest him.

Truly, casino-type games have not only invaded PC games. You can se it on social media websites like Facebook. Those and what they claim to be the best online roulette for real money have kept some of my friends very busy for some time. I also checked the Android market through my phone and discovered that this kind of game tops the list.


Hello Monday!

Monday, May 16, 2011

It has been one lazy day for me. I guess it’s the hormones PLUS the unbearable heat! I woke up rather early, had a good breakfast and finished some tasks to beat the deadlines (as usual) and accomplished some online transactions. I did hang around my regular social media sites and spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping.

Now that the temperature is relatively cooler, I think I can do something productive like finish more tasks or probably read. Some old friends and I will be meeting tomorrow and the succeeding days are rather busy, so I need to do accomplish much so I won’t be cramming on the weekend.

Or maybe I’ll do cram. Hahaha!


Scrubs for the Young and Young at Heart

Schools here will open next month that is why displays of malls, stores and shops are filled with school supplies, uniforms and shoes. The husband and I braved the mall last Saturday and we both noticed how packed the place is with parents and kids doing early shopping for school must-haves. There are all sorts of schools supplies, bags and lunch boxes in different colors, designs and shapes. Choices indeed, can be very overwhelming!

However, one thing that caught my attention that day was the abundance of costumes for kids on display. We all know that Halloween is still far and yet, this mall has been displaying costumes all year round! There were super hero costumes, fancy dresses, character costumes and even uniform for different professions. But for me the cutest were costumes for little nurses!

Speaking of nurses and schools, I learned that one of my friends who took nursing as her second course is already hired as a school nurse. She has been looking for cheap yet fashionable nursing scrubs because she does not want to look plain and boring while doing her first nursing job. I advised her to visit this website for quality scrubs: Blue Sky Scrubs offers the best when it comes to designer scrubs for both men and women (and kids too!). I know that my friend will like their collection because Blue Sky Scrubs’ products are comfortable and made of high quality fiber and gives that slimming effect to its wearers.


OMF Lit’s R.O.B Us Forty-fied Sale

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I have been meaning to pay my favorite bookstore a visit very soon because of this:

From May 16 to May 31, 2011, OMF Lit holds a promo sale named R.O.B. Us Forty-fied where booklovers get to enjoy 40% off over 200 titles and 30% off all other books. But wait, there’s more! Special in-store surprises also await loyal customers like me.

See you there! 


Learn Your ABCs the Twilight Way

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Now how cool is this:
Twilight Alphabet Poster

A Twilight-inspired alphabet poster. I do not know if kids can appreciate and would learn their ABCs with this thing but it sure is a good and exciting gift for all Twilight fans out there.

I was able to finish all the Twilight series some about two years ago but I was not able to follow all the movies. As always, I prefer the books.

Photo credits


Our Fast & Furious 5 Movie Date

Last December, we received two movie passes as gift from one of my brothers in-law, Asley. The husband and I waited for the good time and movie to watch and last Saturday was just perfect being a day before Mother’s day. After a lunch date, we watched Fast and Furious 5. And it sure was one good movie! It was that good that we both want to watch it again. We were able to catch Thor on the big screen the two weekends ago but methinks that Fast 5 is much better. We have already planned our next movie dates and I can’t wait!

All these movies make me feel like I am missing a lot. I have been contemplating on buying a nice and big LCD TV with and home theater speakers. However, the husband and I agree that it will just distract me and make me unproductive. (It’s not that I am very productive. :D) So yes, the TV and home theater speakers can definitely wait. For now, the movie dates with the husband will do.



Friday, May 6, 2011

Too lethargic to work on some posts some nights ago that after reading the acnepril review that a friend forwarded to my inbox, I spent the night away by solving some Sudoku puzzles. Sudoku

I was introduced to this craze last 2009 by my friend Roy. Initially, I found it intimidating but when he explained the rules and after trying some easy puzzles, I got hooked! The husband even bought me a book which has 234 puzzles to solve with 3 difficulty levels.

For once, I am enjoying something that involves numbers. Hahaha!


My Current Battles

While one friend posted about the need to eat more for her to gain weight, I, on the other hand, need to eat less. I have not shed the pounds I gained during our two vacation trips last month. It is indeed tough to go on a diet when your travelling. Moreover, since we were constantly on the move (or I was just too lazy to care for my skin when on a trip), some bad acne have been growing on my face. That is why I don’t like being on photos these days. *sigh*

So there you go. I am doing a battle with my weight plus a bad case of acne. Wish me luck!


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