Nuts and Rehabs

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I was complaining about my breakouts and a friend nonchalantly told me that I should start looking for inpatient rehab treatment centers to help me get over my lack of self-control. What do my breakouts got to do with rehab centers? Read on.

It’s that time of the month (when my hormones go crazy) and I have been binging on nuts. That is why I have been having breakouts one after the other. The culprits:

To the left is a container of boiled nuts courtesy of my mother in-law. Prior to cooking, I have already resolved that no, I won’t be eating peanuts because they cause major breakouts. However, when they were cooked and hot and smell heaven, ignoring them was a tough job. So yeah, I gave in. Talk about self-control, right?

To the right is another container of roasted cashew nuts. These were given by my best friend last month. They are nuts and though I love them, I resolved not to eat them basically because of you know, the reason why I planned not to eat peanuts (see paragraph number 2). It’s husband’s favorite and I boldly told him that these nuts are for him. But then, one afternoon when I was hungry and craving for something salty (though this is far from being one), I opened a pack and I was in heaven! I think that it is the most delicious roasted cashew nuts I have ever tasted!

My friend knows this story and I even showed her the photos which made her conclude that I need rehab. She thinks her idea is funny but I disagree though I admit, self-control is one of my weakest points especially when good food is involved. :P


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