Friday, June 24, 2011

One of my plans for this year that I had to put on hold is going back to the university as a student. My husband and I agreed that if I wish to return to the academe to work, I might as well prepare myself by earning another master’s degree which is relevant to my field of interest and past work experience. We have already visited the university that offers the best master’s degree program within the area. I have already imagined myself bringing my daughter to school and then proceed to my own school which is a few steps away from hers. Moreover, I have prepped myself up for taking exams and writing essay papers again.

But like what I have mentioned earlier, this plan is temporarily shelved due to some limitations set by the school. The program needs at least six enrollees in order to offer some subjects and I do not think that the school has attracted enough students to achieve that minimum number. So anyway, I take it as a sign that it is not time yet. Besides, I still have not learned how to balance my time between caring for my family, working online and enjoying my hobbies. Adding more activities to keep me more preoccupied does not sound to be a good idea at the moment though there is a free essay writer who can partially help me accomplish my academic requirements.

Speaking of essay writers, I recently encountered a website named As the name implies, they offer a customized and highly qualified academic research writing services that covers any field of study. One good thing about them is their fast completion of essays. That will certainly work for a crammer like me!


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