Encouraging Your Kids to Eat Healthy

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Eating Healthy

Kids nowadays are smarter and more confident to express their feelings and emotions event at a young age. This is quite a good thing because parents can skip the whole baby talk and treat their children as young adults. The growing years are very important when it comes to training and honing their attitude. This is also a good time to encourage kids to eat healthy and make them aware of the importance of fruits and vegetables.

Of course they will frown at the site of those greens and could probably lead to whining and crying. As parents, how can you encourage your children to start a healthy way of living?

Start by making this a fun activity. Let your kid’s imagination run wild when they see those vegetables. Ask them to form shapes and figures with it. Get them involve with the preparation and explain as you go over the process. Not only are they learning about food but it can also serve as a good family time.

Set out rules when it comes to lunch and dinner. Let them know that fruits and vegetables will be often served. Also, set a good example. You can’t expect them to eat their servings if you are not eating healthy as well. Be a good role model that they can follow.

Give them a variety of choices. Kids will get bored seeing the same dishes on the dinner table. Look for kid-friendly vegetable recipes and try them at home. It might take some time before you can convince them but start the first step today towards healthy living.
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