June Babies

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June marks the first birthdays of two babies in our group. We have attended the first of two birthday celebrations two weeks ago and my family had so much fun! Indeed, it was one of the best first birthday parties that we have attended. I was also surprised at how my daughter participated in all the parlor games that were played there! We took home many prizes and it’s a good thing that we brought along a spare bag. On the other hand, my husband and I enjoyed the magic show. The magician truly is amazing and not to mention funny. 

This weekend, we will be attending another first birthday party. The mom of the birthday boy already posted a wish list on his behalf on her blog and I am delighted to see that included in it are books. I always like giving books as gifts, especially to children. It is something that they can keep for a long time and once they outgrow it, they can always pass it on or give it away for other kids to enjoy. It is always a safe and fun gift idea. But one friend asked, what if the parents are not that passionate about reading that they won't be reading my gift to their kid. Oh well... That is a problem, indeed. But at least, I gave a good gift, right?


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