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Thursday, June 9, 2011

One of the many things that I wish to undertake (again) as the new school year opens is living a healthier lifestyle. It means dedicating an amount of my time to exercising and choosing to eat healthy and stay on a diet, at least during weekdays. I declared weekends to be my free days simply because the husband is around. Dieting can be tough when I eat with someone. Moreover, we have scheduled dates and family activities during weekend so squeezing in some time for exercise is next to impossible.

I decided to start last Monday to no avail. But yesterday, I was successful! I spent 30 minutes doing a workout and then had a hearty breakfast composed of these:

That’s coffee, cheese pimiento sandwich and a good serving of eggplant omelet with lots of tomatoes and onion. Its a pity I forgot to add ketchup! But it was indeed a good breakfast that I was craving for since the week started. I know I should be cooking and visiting the market more frequently. And those cookbooks that have been gathering dusts must be put into good use!


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