Rains and Girls

Thursday, June 9, 2011

 plant in the rain
We woke up to a very nice and cold morning today. My initial thought was, the temperature was indeed perfect for sleeping in if only classes are cancelled. However, when my girl woke up rather late and seeing how heavy the downpour was, she made up her mind about not going to school. I had to agree not only because I would like to sleep a little bit longer but because I do not want to risk going out of the house with a girl in tow with this type of weather. I learned from an aunt that classes were not suspended. However, the evening news tells otherwise. Argh. The LGUs, DepEd and school officials should get their act together and soon!

So right after breakfast, we both settled in our respective areas. I occupied the bed where I usually do my blogging and reading (plus a whole lot of Net surfing. Yikes.). On the other hand, the girl took out one of my yoga mats and camped on the floor. She read, played and read some more all day long. I took a nap early in the afternoon and upon waking up, I found her still playing with her toys. She did not take a nap which is good. It means I won’t find it tough to send her to sleep tonight.

The temperature was also conducive for eating. My daughter and I shared a lot of treats today – nuts, chips, cookies and biscuits. Now I regret not buying more food supply during the weekend. But just the same, it was a great, cold day for us girls.

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