Rains and Schools

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It has been raining cats and dogs for several days now. A typhoon locally named Egay devastated and already left the country but another Low Pressure Area (LPA) has entered the country’s vicinity, thus, the heavy downpour. It will be called Falcon if it evolves into a tropical depression and we wish it won’t.

Classed in the city were suspended and I would like to commend our mayor for doing it before kids actually get ready for school. I hope that this will be their practice every time strong rains hit the city. We all know how bothersome it is to send our kids to school on a rainy day, only to arrive there and find out that the authorities have canceled the classes. In our case today, the news was already posted on the Internet and an aunt who works in the school informed us about the suspension of classes around 5 AM. We hope that the government and school authorities will maintain their diligence on situations like this one all year round.


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