My Life After 13 Months

Thursday, July 21, 2011

It’s been thirteen long months since I have left my job and started to live a life which is a far cry from the life and environment that I was used to. The transition was not as easy as I wanted it to be and until now, I am still trying to adjust and find balance. Because of the abundance of time in my hands, I can honestly say that it can be very overwhelming. Almost every weekday for a year, I wake up wondering what to do that day, aside from my usual responsibilities as a mother and as a blogger. Also, I blogged whenever I feel like it. Everything that I did actually, depended on my mood. On my feelings.

It can get frustrating at times. Not being able to accomplish anything and being unproductive can be very annoying, especially when I was used to being productive when I was working at the university, when my day-to-day life was filled with meetings, consultations, coordinating and many others. It’s a good thing that with much prayers and perseverance, I finally found some ways to make this kind of life work for me. I found a system to make sure that I do what I need to do every day beginning this week, no matter how I feel upon waking up. My greatest enemy in accomplishing things is no other than myself. Like what I said, everything depends on my feelings. But it is wrong to make my feelings my master.

I am grateful for the resources I have found online help plus an inner conviction that I can do more. I am on for a good start and I am positive that I can absolutely sustain what I have started if I put my heart and mind into it. Wish me luck!


Kaje,  July 21, 2011 at 12:30 PM  

well said Mare :) I am happy for you that you have found a system, good for you! :) muah

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