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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Productivity has been my issue for more than a year now. That’s how long I’ve been a work-at-home-mom (WAHM). Working in the academe for more than a decade, I can track and measure my accomplishments based on the number of programs we have implemented and meetings that we either conduct or attend. We also take into account the number of scholarships we have approved or aid we have provided. Household chores took a little of my time because rest and quality time with my family were far more important. Thus, laundry and ironing of clothes and house cleaning were done by a lady who comes during weekends while the carpet were taken cared of by a carpet cleaner similar to the raleigh carpet cleaning company that I read about.

But when I became a WAHM, the only job I can talk about now is either blogging or household tasks. Almost everything (excluding cooking) is done by yours truly. For a time, I used to think of accomplishing them to be insignificant. What made me appreciate them now? When I started making a list of things that I have to accomplish for a week and then breaking them down into a day-to-day list. They are big things, I realized. When I accomplish them, well, I feel accomplished! And my husband affirms by saying that getting them done is important. We do not like wearing soiled clothes, right? Besides, I do them with love and for the people I love. That makes those tasks more special. :)


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