Typhoon Out, Typhoon In?

Friday, September 30, 2011

Boy, I am glad it’s over! And I am talking about typhoon Pedring which devastated our place and has left damages to properties and lives of the many. Since I was feeling ill and had to stay in our room to rest and my Internet connection was down, it was only last night that I saw how great the destruction is caused by this natural calamity while watching the news on TV. I was deeply humbled and saddened upon seeing the living condition of those who live in the places that were greatly affected by the typhoon. Authorities had difficulty in rescuing families and flood victims. The place where the eye of the storm hit was isolated for some days because electricity and communication were cut off. The authorities were somehow able to prepare the people for this but yes, they can do better. And the government need to invest on more powerful and highly specialized vehicles and equipment like waterproof radios for truckers to make rescuing of victims more efficient.

From what I have seen, another typhoon is approaching. In fact, one broadsheet yesterday carried a headline saying “Typhoon Out, Typhoon In”. We pray that it won’t be as devastating as the last one. The victims are still trying to get their lives back and obviously, another strong typhoon is something that won’t help them accomplish that.


Thankful For…

This week, I am grateful for:

  1. Having survived typhoon Pedring.
  2. My husband beside me on a Friday. He filed a leave of absence for a dental checkup later today.
  3. Our date after his checkup.
  4. Our daughter being happy and healthy.
  5. A relatively reliable temporary Internet connection since my ISP is still busted, no thanks to Pedring.
  6. Work and hopefully, another work.
  7. Chocolates and roses. They make me smile always.
  8. An upcoming weekend trip.
  9. End of the month and beginning of another month.


Rie Hosokai Uses Balloons to Design Dresses

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rie Hosokai, a Japanese balloon artist has found a new way to use latex balloons and that is to create unique dresses.  that can only be worn 24 hours before they deflate and change color in hot weather. These highly sensitive materials are inflated and hand-woven to create a texture which is similar to fabric. And due to the nature of latex balloons, Hosakai’s masterpieces only last 24 hours before they start to deflate or change colors. I wonder if Hosakai designs french maid outfits using latex balloons. But based on what I’ve read, she designed and sold a wedding outfit with headpiece and bouquet made of latex balloons. The entire set costs about ¥1 million or $13,000.


Thankful For…

And today’s happy thoughts (or what I am thankful for) are:

  1. A long weekend with the husband. Yay!
  2. Movie dates and dining out with him too! Plus some shopping for a new pair of shoes for me. (And let us not forget some new rechargeable aa batteries for my daughter’s toy car. Yes, she has one. :D)
  3. A clean and fresh room. I did another round of general cleaning last Monday which earned me an allergy attack.
  4. But I am feeling better now.
  5. My project being featured at one of my favorite designer’s blog. (Love her name!)
  6. And joining her Creative Team too!
  7. New books!
  8. The weekend that was. We spent it with some really close friends. We attended the MIBF 2011, ate to our hearts’ content and stayed overnight at a guest house.
  9. Another busy weekend ahead of us and the weekend after that. ;)
And that’s just it. Care to share your list?


What Does it Feel Like to Fly Over Planet Earth?

Do you want to know how it’s like to fly over planet Earth? Oh yes, you can with this very cool time-lapse video. It was taken from the front of the International Space Station while it orbits our planet during night time. The video starts over the Pacific Ocean and continues over North and South America and then enters daylight near Antarctica.


Tips to Make Your Kitchen Stylish and Functional

Friday, September 16, 2011

The kitchen is the heart of every home. It is where meals are prepared to nourish family members and sometimes, visitors and guests who grace the household with their presence. The kitchen then, must not only be clean and beautiful. It should also be functional. Here are some useful tips to make that special place in your house an ideal place to cook:

  1. Add a bit of life and greens by placing a plant in your counter space or by the window. Plants are good and practical accents to any area of your house. It helps clean the air of pollutants and provide oxygen to the environment. .
  2. Set the mood in your kitchen with good lighting. A small lamp is a good addition to your area by placing it on the counter. When preparing for breakfast, a bright and cheery kitchen is ideal. On the other hand, those late-night snacks are enjoyable with gentle and quiet light provided by your lamp.
  3. Find a cupboard design and style that will complement your kitchen’s layout with a size and color that will not overwhelm the area.  Deals Direct has a wide collection of functional and stylish cupboards for sale in case you are looking for one.
  4. The top of your refrigerator is a good place to display your often used cookbooks. You are likely to browse and use them if you see them and if they are within your reach whenever needed.
  5. Consider changing your tea towels, potholders, aprons and other items in your kitchen in line with the season or occasion.
  6. Make your counter space a place to display the kitchen gadgets that you frequently use like a coffee maker if you are a coffee-drinker. On the other hand, a food processor which is used occasionally can be best stored in a space beneath.


OMF Lit at the 2011 Manila International Book Fair and a Blog Giveaway

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

From September 14 – 18, all roads lead to the  SMX Convention Center as we celebrate the 2011 Manila International Book Fair. My family and I will be there, that’s for sure. We are self-confessed book worms and it’s going to be like a family trip to the candy store! And what makes that much-anticipated trip more exciting is the presence of our favorite bookstore at the MIBF - what else but OMF Literature!   
The OMF Lit Bookshop booths can be found at Aisle D. Readers can enjoy 20% discounts while visitors with the I Read Postcard can avail of selected titles at 30% off. Postcards for free at any OMF Lit Bookshops in the Metro Manila area. Holders of Pastors’ Exclusive and Kaibigan card (I am!) can enjoy additional 10% discount. Moreover, there will also be a sale pile where more books are sold at outrageous discounted prices. And to give book readers outside of Manila a tasted of MIBF, all OMF Lit Bookshops in Pampanga, Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro and Gen San City will also be on sale with all titles at 20% off! Now, isn’t that awesome? 

Aside from these outrageous discounts, there will fun activities and events like a meet and greet with home-grown authors like: Joyce Piap Go, Francie Castaneda-Lacanilao and Grace Chong on September 14; Hiram Pangilinan and Gicky Soriano on September 16 and Ronald Molmisa on September 17.

Booklovers can also look forward to the launch of new titles from both homegrown and international authors. My daughter is seriously excited about one of their newest release entitled, Dopple Ganger Chronicles Vol 2: The Secret of Indigo Moon by G.P Taylor. It is a graphic novella featuring more adventures from twins Sadie and Saskia and their friend Eric. She was able to read the first book which was one of the prizes that I won in an OMF Lit contest early this year.

Speaking of contests and books as prizes, are you game for one? YES? Well, that’s good because I have one! I am giving away two books courtesy of OMF Literature. Thank you, OMF Lit!

The mechanics are very simple:

  1. This contest is for residents of the Philippines only.
  2. Leave a comment below telling me: If you are going to choose just one book for a very loooooong trip, what book would it be? (OK. I just want to know your MOST FAVORITE BOOK OF ALL TIME. :) You can also tell me why. Don’t be shy!)
  3. Increase your chances of winning by tweeting about this post through Twitter and blogging about this with a link to this entry.
  4. Remember to include OMF Literature’s website which is www.omflit.com in your post. You may also like them on Facebook (omfliterature) and follow them on Twitter (omflit).
  5. Do not forget to come back and leave a comment with your tweet/ blog post to earn additional entries.
  6. Winners will be selected using Random.org. Announcement will be on September 21, 2011. Cost of shipping of the prizes to the respective winners will be shouldered by my husband. Hahaha! Prizes at not convertible to cash.
  7. Not a blogger? No Twitter account? It’s OK! You can still join as long as you answer my question.

But wait. There’s more! Since September is our wedding anniversary month, I am going to give away ANOTHER book! That’s right! Three books are at stake so comment and post away! I can’t wait to read your answers! 


The World of Free Radicals and Antioxidants: A Closer Look

Nobody wants to get sick. As much as possible, we all want to be healthy and disease free. But most often than not, there are a lot of things that we are doing unconsciously that can affect and deteriorate our health. Let us take a look at some of them:

  • We all require 8 hours of sleep, but since the 24 hours and 7 days a week seems not to be enough to do all our duties, most of us don’t get to have a straight 8 hours sleep which is really important to maintain a healthy body. An 8-hour sleep is needed so your body can recuperate from all the day’s activities and so without it, your body will feel weak.
  • With the abundance of ready to eat and microwaveable foods, most of us prefer to eat these kinds of foods instead of the all-natural and healthy home cooked meals. This ready to eat food is a real convenience since all that has to be done is pop it inside a microwave oven and in just a few minutes, dinner is served. But these foods contain a lot of harmful toxins that is bad for our health.
  • Most of us have bad vices too like smoking and drinking which contribute to the death of good cells in our body.
  • Since we live a very fast-paced life and with all the problems that we are facing because of the economic recession, most of us had made stress a daily part of our lives, which is also not good as it also contributes to the deterioration of the healthy cells in our body.
  • The environment that we live in also plays a big part in maintaining good health and since our environment is already damage, we tend to be exposed to different kinds of pollution, which again is not good for our health.

These things can cause free radicals to attack our body. Free radicals are unstable molecules that attack our cells, which can cause health problems like stroke, cancer, ageing, Alzheimer’s disease, and more. Thankfully, a healthy lifestyle and a diet containing foods rich in antioxidants is all that is needed to fight these free radicals.

Antioxidants are the protectors of our body against these free radicals. They are the vitamins and minerals that prevent the free radicals from damaging our body and affecting our health. Foods that are rich in antioxidants includes:

  • Fruits: Lemon and orange which are rich in Vitamin C; strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry which has anthocyanins; pineapple, apple, mango, etc.
  • Vegetables: Green vegetables like cabbage which contains lutein; carrot, broccoli, and sweet potato which is rich in Vitamin A.
  • Nuts: Walnuts and peanuts, which are rich in Vitamin E; dried fruits that have beta-carotene.
  • Grains: millet, barley, corn, and oats
  • Poultry, Sea Food and Meat, which contains selenium and zinc.
  • Healthy Juice Supplements: Juice drinks made from the fruit acai berry are also a good source of antioxidants. Healthy juice drinks such as those manufactured by Monavie, contains the essential vitamins and minerals that our body needs to stay healthy. Monavie has their own processing plant in the rainforest of the Amazon so they were able to extract all the vitamins and minerals that the fruit acai berry contains, making their juice drinks a very healthy supplement if you want to get the daily dose of antioxidant that your body needs to successfully fight the free radicals that harm our body.

Staying healthy is a goal that is not difficult to attain if you start living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a balance diet with foods that that are rich in antioxidants.


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