Typhoon Out, Typhoon In?

Friday, September 30, 2011

Boy, I am glad it’s over! And I am talking about typhoon Pedring which devastated our place and has left damages to properties and lives of the many. Since I was feeling ill and had to stay in our room to rest and my Internet connection was down, it was only last night that I saw how great the destruction is caused by this natural calamity while watching the news on TV. I was deeply humbled and saddened upon seeing the living condition of those who live in the places that were greatly affected by the typhoon. Authorities had difficulty in rescuing families and flood victims. The place where the eye of the storm hit was isolated for some days because electricity and communication were cut off. The authorities were somehow able to prepare the people for this but yes, they can do better. And the government need to invest on more powerful and highly specialized vehicles and equipment like waterproof radios for truckers to make rescuing of victims more efficient.

From what I have seen, another typhoon is approaching. In fact, one broadsheet yesterday carried a headline saying “Typhoon Out, Typhoon In”. We pray that it won’t be as devastating as the last one. The victims are still trying to get their lives back and obviously, another strong typhoon is something that won’t help them accomplish that.


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