Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The husband and I will be celebrating a big milestone in our life next year. To make it memorable, I am already hinting about the gift that I wanted. In fact, I’ve already bookmarked a store that sells diamonds online. He neither approved nor disapproved it but he acknowledged that it’s what I want. Or what I wanted.

This weekend, he mentioned about his office buying an iMac for a very good price. I have never been a jewelry-kind of girl. I am into gadgets. And certainly, that news has got me really interested. It is so nice to work and play on a big screen and high-tech thingamajig, right? But on the other hand, I can’t wear an iMac on my finger.


Decisions, decisions.


Shopping, Movie, Food and Flowers

As scheduled, my husband and I went to the mall last Saturday to check out a grand sale of Crocs. We are some of the few who left the place without a CROCS plastic bag, imagine that! We both found nothing that caught our fancies. While walking around, we noticed a rather large number of people around which is not usual. And we were not surprised since some of the fiesta activities were held there like taekwondo and billiards tournaments. Plus it’s a payday weekend and there were ongoing shop sales. On our way to the cinema, someone handed us with a garmin golf gps reviews but my husband is not into golf (or he will ever be, I think). However, we kept it and plan to give it to one of his friends who is an avid golfer and has been eyeing that nice watch.

Anyway, it was a great date all in all. We watched a very good movie, Real Steel and ate some local food that we have been craving for. Also, the husband insisted that he buys me a bunch of flowers and I find the gesture really sweet. It was a great Saturday, indeed.


One Down. Many, Many More to Go!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

There were some pending online tasks plus some awaited emails but my ISP was still busted, the weather is so conducive for lounging around and I had a good book to finish. Thus, I postponed my Monday into a Tuesday – today! I already paid for a prepaid Internet but I decided not to go online yesterday. Aside from finishing a layout for my friend’s Kids Birthday Invitations, my disconnection also afforded me to finish a book that I bought at the 2011 Manila International Book Fair. It has been sitting on my bedside table for quite some time now, along with my other unread books. I have no timetable on when to read or finish them but now that I was able to finish one, I am more determined to find more time to read. Aside from those that are gathering dusts on my table, I also have more stored in a big plastic box underneath our bed! It is embarrassing but I admit, most of those are unread too. That is why the husband can only shake his head when he sees me eyeing new titles whenever we visit a bookstore.

Anyway, I hope to do a review of the handful of books that I’ve already finished reading. Maybe soon. Maybe later. :)


Blog Contest Winners

It seems like ages that I haven’t blogged! I am still trying to come up with words that would make sentences coherent enough for me to understand. Hahaha! Anyway, this one is a long overdue post. I just wish to announce and let the participants of my blog contest that ALL OF THEM WON! Yay! Congratulations to my friends Litzie, Aggie, Kaje and Mich! I will be sending you all an email this week and hopefully, you will receive your prizes next week. Thanks for joining!


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