How the Internet Provides More Learning and Earning Opportunities

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A big number in the population these days live online. Many have pursued careers, part-time jobs and even hobbies on cyberspace. Thus, more and more people spend more and more time in front of their computers. When one’s work time ends, he usually goes online upon coming home to keep up with friends through Facebook or instant messaging, play role-playing games (RPG) or online casinos.

A person wanting to learn a new craft or skill can easily find help through videos, forums and blogs all around the World Wide Web. These how-to sites are truly helpful when one needs to know the basics of something that they are interested in. Upon learning new things, a person taking up a new hobby can eventually turn it into a profitable endeavor. The Internet can also provide opportunities to make people earn from doing what they like. Many stay-at-home moms who are artists and into crafts can setup an online home-based business to sell their products.

Finally, freelancers like bloggers, graphic designers and layout artists have also found the Internet to be helpful in  making their jobs more profitable. Their exposure is not limited only to their immediate surroundings but to the entire world.

The Internet has indeed provided people with varied options whether for work or pleasure. We can choose to have more learning and earning opportunities without leaving the comforts of our homes. We can even be entertained by watching videos, playing games, online casinos or listen to radio stations from across the globe with just some clicks.



Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It’s that time of the month again when I suffer from the dreaded PMS. Aside from the physical manifestations like lethargy and headache, what I don’t like the most is the PMS-induced feelings. I get to be irritable, angry and depressed all at the same time for about a week or less, needing a standby breakdown service just in case. And being lethargic plus emotional do not really help in making me accomplish a lot of things. As usual, I am cramming! The forever objective and eternally level-headed husband that I have reminds me to pray, get some exercise and try not to worry too much. This too shall pass, he told me. And I believe him.


The Hunger Games Official Trailer

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Here is something that I am very excited about:

Hunger Games the Movie Trailer

One of the thrilling books I’ve read, The Hunger Games, was made into a movie and will be shown early next year. I was encouraged by some of my friends to read it and I did during a vacation trip to our first home early this year. It is one of the best that I forced encouraged a friend to start reading it this week. And she was ecstatic when she started reading the first book and she said that it’s like when she found a good allergy doctor austin last year. She was having a very bad allergy but the doctor she went to didn’t help. The last one certainly did wonders and she is nothing but grateful. This time, she is suffering from boredom but The Hunger games trilogy is a good read and just like me, she can’t also wait to see the movie next year. Yay!


Get Active and Try Paintball

Two weekends ago, my family and I had a rare chance to go for a weekend getaway with some of my husband’s old and closest friends. We attended a wedding on Saturday and on Sunday, we went boat-riding, trekking and food-tripping.  It was a good experience to go to an adventure with people who were game on all the fun activities available to us.  Moreover, it was a good way for us as a family to bond plus it was a nice way to try the outdoors, especially for sedentary people like us. It was fun and exciting and my husband and I agreed that we should try living a more active lifestyle and try something new like hiking or even running.

Speaking of outdoor fun, one thing that seem to be popular these days is playing paintball. My friends and I met some months ago and the boys can’t help but share about how fun it is. Of course, I had no idea what they were talking about so I looked it up on Google to find. Here’s what I discovered: Paintballs is a sport that aims to “eliminate” opponents. This is done through tagging them with the use of gelatin-shelled capsules that have water-soluble dye which are are called paintballs using a CO2 Tank – powered paintball gun.  All paintball players are required to put on a Paintball Gear for safety purposes.

It is good to note that paintball can be played indoors or outdoors. It can be played in commercial areas or private lands. The playing field can have features which are either natural or artificial terrain or themed to simulate a specific environment.

The number of players may vary too – from individuals to groups or teams. Due to the nature of the sports, injury is inevitable. There are reports of injuries while paintball is being played. But most often, these cases are incidental or when a player removes a protective equipment like the mask while playing.

Paintball requires many equipment and accessories. However, when shopping for paintball equipment and accessories, one must only trust brands like Pure Energy Paintball and stores like JT Paintball Parts which are known for the superior quality of their products . Getting second-rate paintball equipment and accessories might compromise your or other people’s safety thus, it is important to make sure that you look for those brands and shops that offer topnotch products.  


Hello Monday!

Monday, November 21, 2011

It’s the week before we welcome the joyful month of December. It’s a busy week for me as I try to accomplish so much before the month ends. On top of the list is preparing for two celebrations that we are going to have very soon – our first Christmas party this year plus a christening of a friend’s daughter where I volunteered to help. Last week, I also helped a relative prepare for their daughter’s baptism by facilitating their ordter of souvenirs which are really, really cute!

Anyway, I am happy to report that laundry is done for this week! Yes, I did it today, a Monday, despite of the husband’s belief that no one does the laundry on Mondays. At least, I am done with the most challenging weekly task! I decided to do it as early as today since we’re going to have another busy weekend and days approaching to it, I seem to be cramming. As usual. Teehee!

I hope you have a productive week! Cheers!


How To Heal a Broken Relationship

Friday, November 18, 2011

It is innate for human beings to build relationships, not just at work or within families but with someone with whom he or she can grow old with, hopefully. And there are many ways of meeting this special person. Some at work, others through their circle of friends and for some, through online dating services like Parship Ireland. However, we all know that relationships of whatever kind is prone to problems. Once you find that special someone, there is not guarantee that your relationship will not meet a few bumps along the way. If you feel like something is amiss in your relationship and are seeking to mend it, here are some tips to help you heal the relationship.

  • Know what the problem is. Identify what is going on, accept responsibility instead of putting blame and avoid getting angry. Anger will only cause anxiety on both parties. Instead, try to see things objectively in order to find solutions to fix it.
  • Like what they say, Rome was not built in a day. So is a bad relationship. Remember, bad relationships are nurtured over time into becoming what they are. Thus, to fix a bad relationship, you must identify your contribution to the problem, accept the responsibility for your actions and take actions. What you do to address the problem might not result to an immediate favorable result but you have to be patient and wait.

  • Take another look at the relationship myths you believe in. Sure, there are dating tips which are sensible and practical to follow. However, there are also wrong relationship rules and tips. You must be keen on identifying which are right and not just preconceived notions or outright falsehoods.

  • Avoid destructive behaviors. Identify them, know the reason behind them and then conquer them. Creating a healthy relationship is highly dependent on your ability to be aware of these harmful behaviors with the intention of overcoming them.

  • Embrace new relationship rules by moving past your relationship myths and destructive behaviors. Replace them with positive and healthy rules that promote a loving and nurturing relationship that you have always wanted.

  • Start to put your work into action, now that you have adopted fresh ways of thinking, being and doing. The insights and learning you have gained can now be put into good use in order to have a loving relationship with your partner. It may not be easy but if you really want your relationship to work, you must be patient and do your very best to have a healthy relationship with your partner.


Making Good Use of Your High Ceilings

Now that space has become more and more expensive, we are faced with a dilemma on how to effectively utilized the little space that we have. However, most often, the problem does not lie on how the size of space that we have. Whether we have a big or small space, it all depends on how we make good use of it. For those of us who have high ceilings, we are challenged to think vertically. The space overhead can provide us with endless storage solutions and display. We just need to think outside the box and be creative. Here are some tips to help you efficiently use your high ceilings:

  • Try creating a false ceiling which you can use for storage. Build an overhead storage area in your hallways, bathrooms and anterooms. The overhead storage is the best area to store items which you seldom use.
  • Build a tall shelving and add a ladder. If you own many books and are worried about how to store or display them in such a small space, why not go for a tall book shelf that reaches your ceiling? Do not forget to add a ladder to help you access the books which you keep near the ceiling.
  • Take advantage of your high ceiling by making an artwork salon right into your very own home. Your high ceiling is perfect to display your collection of art works. A salon-style display of works of art makes a striking impression and adapts well whether despite the size of your room.
  • If you have high ceilings in a very small apartment or small bedroom, try building a tall bed which you can access using a stairway or a ladder. With this solution, you are freeing up some space below for cabinets or lockers.

    Remember, there are many ways to effectively use a small space. Try to think creatively and ask around. There are many home building companies out there who can give you an advice or two to make you use your space effectively no matter how big or small.
  •

    Types of Bankruptcy

    Wednesday, November 16, 2011

    It is one of the worst times of your life – being incapable of paying off your debts. It is good to know that the Federal Bankruptcy Law provides debtors with a new start. Filing a personal bankruptcy is an option when your debt is climbing at a rate which is faster than you can pay it off. With the aid of an experienced bankruptcy attorney who is knowledgeable when it comes to all bankruptcy questions and answers, you will be able to identify many other options. However, once you have discovered that bankruptcy is your only choice, you may start fling a petition that includes a statement of your assets and liabilities, plus a list of your creditors.

    There are two kinds of bankruptcy. The first type is Chapter 7, the most common form of bankruptcy in the US. and filed in a federal court by an individual or business facing a great amount of debt and unable to pay it. The concerned must first meet some qualifications in order to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy like making less than the minimum income level of the state where he resides.

    The second type is Chapter 13, filed by a debtor who owns valuable assets which he wishes to keep but are not covered by the state of federal exemptions like a house. Under Chapter 13, the debtor maps out a plan of payment with his creditors for a period of years. This plan of action works best for a debtor who has a steady source of income. Most often, creditors opts to receive payments sooner so they settle for less than the full amount owned by the debtor. Under Chapter 13, rules and regulations must be adhered to by both debtors and creditors which are made clear by the court.


    Actos and Bladder Cancer

    Tuesday, November 15, 2011

    Patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes and who have been taking Actos (Pioglitazone) are facing an increased risk of developing bladder cancer. Along with this dreaded illness, a diabetes patient who is taking Actos may also suffer from heart failure, heart attacks and even death. Diabetes patients who have been taking Actos and developed bladder cancer are qualified for product liability claims. They should immediately contact Watts Guerra Craft LLP for a free case evaluation. This law firm specializes in pharmaceutical cases including Actos claims so their clients are assured that they are in good and highly experienced team of pharmaceutical lawyers.


    Weddings Make Me Feel Old

    Thursday, November 10, 2011

    When we got married several years ago, we picked a few good friends to stand as witnesses to our union. Most of them are very close to us while others were friends of our parents. I remember how surprised someone was when we informed him that we wanted him as a sponsor because we thought (and still think!) that he is very capable of guiding us through our marriage and family life. He said he’s too young for the role but eventually, we got him convinced!

    Nine years after, I am now asked to stand as secondary sponsor for a wedding! The bride was one of the students who served as an intern during my stint at the university’s guidance center. And how time flies. She is now about to get married! Am I really that old?! Hahaha! Unfortunately, we can’t make it. One day soon, she’ll be looking for baby shower treats and preparing for the arrival of their bundle of joy. I feel old. Hahaha! And since I have been “suffering” from baby fever, I am more excited about baby showers, baptisms and first birthday parties these days than weddings. Hahaha!



    Wednesday, November 9, 2011

    Outside my window… a sunny day that I can tolerate.
    I am thinking… of all the things on my to-do list this week.
    I am thankful for… my online job.
    From the kitchen… bread.
    I am wearing… the usual tank top and shorts.
    I am creating… . some pretty little boxes.
    I am going…to shop for a new pair of shoes for me and my daughter this week.
    I am reading… my emails. Gaaah! 
    I am hoping… for a fun weekend!
    I am hearing… cars honking.
    Around the house… kids and parents in-law preparing for school.
    One of my favorite things… my iPod.
    A few plans for the rest of the week: just be done with my to-do list and enjoy our family’s weekend getaway with some friends.
    A picture I love: A family portrait with Mount Mayon in the background during our recent family trip to Legazpi, Albay.

    Mayon Volcano


    Work Instead of Facebooking

    Monday, November 7, 2011

    “If I were you, I will start working instead of Facebooking.”

    That’s what a smart aleck (a.k.a. my daughter) told me some months ago. I was telling her not to disturb me because I am working on some posts. But when she peeked and saw that my browser is displaying my Facebook account, I was awarded with that remark. Hahaha!

    Last week, she overheard me and the husband talking about the possibility of me going back to the university as a student this time. Oh my, she totally freaked out! She was so used and comfortable to having me around that she feels threatened learning about a possible schooling or even full-time employment. I am seriously thinking of a new profession in the IT field but let’s see how things will turn out. They say that IT jobs like System Administrator Jobs pay well but let’s see if indeed, IT is for me. We are hoping to start a new BIG project next year and a contribution on my part will greatly help. Wish me luck!


    Wealth Management and Tips to Stay Out of Debt

    Thursday, November 3, 2011

    Christmas is just around the corner and soon our inboxes will be filled with email notifications from different online sites about their ongoing promotions and discounts. Before you get lured in this bait, here are a few tips that you should remember to help you be on track with your wealth and stay out of debt:
    1. Make a Budget. Always keep track of your income and expenses and make sure that all financial obligations are covered before you go on a shopping spree. We are so used to this formula to manage our paychecks: INCOME – EXPENSES = SAVINGS. But because of the difficult times, we should all learn to save for the rainy days and we should learn how to manage our income using this formula instead: INCOME – SAVINGS = EXPENSES.
    2. Refrain from using credit cards. Credit cards have high interest rates and so is not a wise way to spend. As much as possible, use only your credit cards for emergency purposes and make sure that you pay it in full when the due date comes to avoid the high interest and financial charge.
    3. Maximize coupon codes and discount vouchers. If there is really a need to shop, check the Internet first for coupon codes and vouchers to get savings on your purchases.
    4. Don’t get a loan to pay another debt. The interest from this new loan will just add up and will not help to get you out of debt.
    5. Live within your means. Only buy what you can afford especially if you are paying via credit card, so you will be sure that you have the money to pay for it and be able to avoid charges.
    It is not bad to splurge once in a while to reward yourelf especially with the coming of the holiday season. But always remember that things of greatest importance should be given priority and that one should always live within her means.
    The author Melissa, writes about special discounts and voucher offerings such as weight watchers voucher and ediets coupons. She works for You Love Coupons as a contributor writing tips on where to get weight watchers voucher and coupon code.


    Finding the Best Staffing Agency

    Wednesday, November 2, 2011

    One year after leaving a job that I loved for more than a decade, I was left with a choice between finding a new similar job here in the big city or reinventing myself by taking up a new course and going for a new career. Both are exciting but as I have to prioritize family over career, I have to choose the latter. It will allow me to do something new and at the same time, make time to nurture and care for my family.

    I have already been involved in online jobs for about six years and I intend to do more and explore new grounds. I am grateful that moms like me nowadays are given options to work from home so we get to care for our family but still possess the power to earn at the same time. There are good and reliable online employment services that connect potential employees and employers from all around the globe. In fact, one of my friends was hired through an one of the finance staffing agencies that she found online.

    I am seriously considering a fulltime online employment too. However, I want a staffing agency that is stable, reputable and holds a high respect for its employee. It is also good to find an agency that does only seek to match potential employers with employees but also help these would-be-employees to increase their chances of being hire and to become better in what they so that they’ll have better advantage in their job search.


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