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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One year after leaving a job that I loved for more than a decade, I was left with a choice between finding a new similar job here in the big city or reinventing myself by taking up a new course and going for a new career. Both are exciting but as I have to prioritize family over career, I have to choose the latter. It will allow me to do something new and at the same time, make time to nurture and care for my family.

I have already been involved in online jobs for about six years and I intend to do more and explore new grounds. I am grateful that moms like me nowadays are given options to work from home so we get to care for our family but still possess the power to earn at the same time. There are good and reliable online employment services that connect potential employees and employers from all around the globe. In fact, one of my friends was hired through an one of the finance staffing agencies that she found online.

I am seriously considering a fulltime online employment too. However, I want a staffing agency that is stable, reputable and holds a high respect for its employee. It is also good to find an agency that does only seek to match potential employers with employees but also help these would-be-employees to increase their chances of being hire and to become better in what they so that they’ll have better advantage in their job search.


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