Making Good Use of Your High Ceilings

Friday, November 18, 2011

Now that space has become more and more expensive, we are faced with a dilemma on how to effectively utilized the little space that we have. However, most often, the problem does not lie on how the size of space that we have. Whether we have a big or small space, it all depends on how we make good use of it. For those of us who have high ceilings, we are challenged to think vertically. The space overhead can provide us with endless storage solutions and display. We just need to think outside the box and be creative. Here are some tips to help you efficiently use your high ceilings:

  • Try creating a false ceiling which you can use for storage. Build an overhead storage area in your hallways, bathrooms and anterooms. The overhead storage is the best area to store items which you seldom use.
  • Build a tall shelving and add a ladder. If you own many books and are worried about how to store or display them in such a small space, why not go for a tall book shelf that reaches your ceiling? Do not forget to add a ladder to help you access the books which you keep near the ceiling.
  • Take advantage of your high ceiling by making an artwork salon right into your very own home. Your high ceiling is perfect to display your collection of art works. A salon-style display of works of art makes a striking impression and adapts well whether despite the size of your room.
  • If you have high ceilings in a very small apartment or small bedroom, try building a tall bed which you can access using a stairway or a ladder. With this solution, you are freeing up some space below for cabinets or lockers.

    Remember, there are many ways to effectively use a small space. Try to think creatively and ask around. There are many home building companies out there who can give you an advice or two to make you use your space effectively no matter how big or small.

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