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Monday, November 7, 2011

“If I were you, I will start working instead of Facebooking.”

That’s what a smart aleck (a.k.a. my daughter) told me some months ago. I was telling her not to disturb me because I am working on some posts. But when she peeked and saw that my browser is displaying my Facebook account, I was awarded with that remark. Hahaha!

Last week, she overheard me and the husband talking about the possibility of me going back to the university as a student this time. Oh my, she totally freaked out! She was so used and comfortable to having me around that she feels threatened learning about a possible schooling or even full-time employment. I am seriously thinking of a new profession in the IT field but let’s see how things will turn out. They say that IT jobs like System Administrator Jobs pay well but let’s see if indeed, IT is for me. We are hoping to start a new BIG project next year and a contribution on my part will greatly help. Wish me luck!


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