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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Angry Birds is an iPhone/ iTouch/ iPad app which I never seem to get the hang of. I just can’t seem to win in this game, unlike my young daughter who seem to enjoy this game very much. No matter what version I play, on iTouch or iPad, I. Just. Can’t Win. So I gave up and moved on. Hahaha!

It has been very familiar all around the world that the malls and stores are bombarded with all things Angry Birds – from cakes, to clothes, school supplies and toys. Name it, most likely, you can have in Angry Birds design. And since it’s the “in” thing, my daughter has lots of Angry Bird stuff. The latest addition is this pen that lights up. She got it as a gift during our group’s Christmas party last weekend.

Angry Birds Pen

It was sure hit to kids of all ages. And I get to use it to when signing my daughter’s home work. Open-mouthed smile


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