How to Avoid Self Destructive Behavior During Financial Crisis

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A financial crisis can be devastating for millions of individual and families during steep recessions and long depressions. As families struggle to keep their jobs and find financial reprieve, bad news can accumulate very fast.


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If all the family members have been laid off from their jobs, the situation can quickly transform into extreme stress, anxieties, and constant quarrels within the family.

Repeated confrontations which may become more and more violent over time can lead to separation of at least one spouse from the children. Sometimes both spouses can lose their children to government managed social services, where the kids may not get a healthy environment for full and harmonious development.

As financial ruin faces them squarely in their faces, they may resort to cash advance such as pay day loans with medium to high interests.  While such loans are helpful in emergencies such as an unexpected family medical situation, these loans can also feed self destructive behavior such as drug addiction and alcoholism.

Consider these two steps to avoid self destructive behavior when you are under financial stress:

1. Consider moving temporarily to a relative's home:

If you live in an unsafe neighborhood where rampant drug culture and alcoholism is the order of the day, consider moving into your parents or grandparents house where you can stay for a few weeks until you recover from your trauma and recompose yourself.


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Seniors, especially retired grandparents can provide a lot of help in time of need, especially to grandchildren. They can not only protect you for a certain period of time from financial uncertainties with their retirement pensions, but they can also keep your kids safe from negative and dangerous influences.

2. Seek counsel from friends, family, neighbors and Churches:

If you were busy with your job and haven't had time to socialize with people outside your immediate family, this is your time. You should reach out to neighbors and friends. Call your friends and ask them how they are doing and if you could spend some time together in person.  This can be very helpful in keeping your emotions under control and allow a healthy outlet for your inner thoughts and sadness to go away.

During weekends, catch up with your neighbors who may be on their front yard or talking to others outside their house.  Take the opportunity to speak with them and ask how their lives are going and what they have been up to lately. Go to the local Church and speak to the Pastor who may provide you with some spiritual advice. This may liven up your day.

The bottom line is that you have to stay involved in good healthy social activities in order to stay out of self-destructive personal habits such as drugs and alcohol.


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