How to Shed Your Holiday Weight

Friday, December 9, 2011

The problem with the Christmas season is that you tend to forget about your diet. Who could resist those yummy dishes and the fun of enjoying each bite with friends and family? Once the holiday season is over, the next step is to get right back up to that treadmill and continue with your weight loss plan. Consider yourself lucky if you can resist the food temptation but just in case the “mind over matter” trick won’t trick then you can follow some of these tips on how you can lose your holiday weight.

Start slowly especially if you have not gone to the gym for quite some time now. Your body would need to adjust so it would be best to just gradually increase your workout routine once your body has been accustomed to it again. Do not strain yourself on your first day back in the gym as this could bring injuries rather than benefits.

Stick to the basic principle: burn those calories. With the amount of food you ate during the Holidays and the lack of exercise that went with it, you can be sure that weight gain will surely follow. Get right back on track with your diet plan. You would need to refrain from eating the unhealthy meals and increase your intake of fruits and vegetables.

And since this is also the season of parties, alcoholic dinks are pouring everywhere. Most people tend to increaser their alcohol intake during this season. Excessive alcohol in your body is a great health risk; you could opt for a detoxification procedure to remove toxins. Remember that the key to a healthy holiday eating is to do it in moderation.

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