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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentine's Gifts Hotel Chocolat Valentines Day is less than a month away – an exciting time of year! If you’re looking for a chocolate gift with a difference, visit Hotel Chocolat for a huge choice of luxury valentine gifts. Hotel Chocolat offer a super convenient chocolate delivery service, to shop for your valentines gifts stress-free with plenty of time to spare order soon!

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Hotel Chocolat is a specialist chocolatier and cocoa grower – the only British company to have its own cocoa-growing plantation in the Caribbean. On the island of St Lucia, the company grows the specially-selected rare cocoa trees at their 140-acre Rabot Estate that are used to make delicious chocolate. If you’re interested in how chocolate is made, the Hotel Chocolat website has a wealth of information, along with gourmet chocolate recipes and details of the company’s charitable work. Through their ‘Engaged Ethics’ programme, the company supports cocoa farmers in Africa and the Caribbean.

The range of valentine’s gifts available is large, with choices at a good range of prices. The Heart-to-Heart Goody Bag is a gorgeous collection of chocolate specialties to sweep your Valentine off their feet, including a Milk & White Chocolate Slab, six Praline Heart milk chocolates, six Caramel Heart chocolates, and a bag of Milk Hearty Nibbles. Alternatively, The Love Book is a unique gift with two intricately engraved love hearts sealed with thick ribbon – one heart cast in fruity milk and cookies chocolate and the other in dark caramel and pecan nut chocolate.

Valentine's Gifts Hotel Chocolat For an extravagant gesture, the Sealed With A Kiss selection is Hotel Chocolat’s most glamorous collection of chocolates – a large heart-shaped chocolate box tied with ribbon. Inside you’ll find irresistible liquid caramels, melting pralines, truffle chocolate hearts, and luscious chocolate lips. Or for a small and cute gift, Caramel Sweethearts are a mix of mellow caramel with a hint of fruitiness and lots of caramelised hazelnut pieces – a sumptuous loved-up nibble!

Hotel Chocolat has a wide choice of luxury chocolate gifts for Valentine’s Day, all made with high-quality, ethically-sourced chocolate. Available online for convenient home delivery, there’s a large selection of gifts for a variety of tastes and different budgets.


My Little Big Girl

Time flies indeed fast. Two months from now, the school year will end and we are on our way to our summer break. However, my daughter still has to hurdle some exams and school activities before she can enjoy the break. Yesterday, she brought home her latest exam results and I am quite impressed with her scores, considering that she had little time to study her lessons since the exam was conducted after our trip. It just proves that she is one brilliant girl, modesty aside. Haha!

My husband and I are worried though that she is not comfortable using her study chair which looks like medical step stools and her study table. She has grown quite tall and those were bought for smaller kids. Soon, we hope to scout for a study table and chair suited for big girls like her.


Storing and Displaying Books + Saving Space

Monday, January 24, 2011

My small family of three have accumulated many, many books through the years. Many of them we left back at my parents’ house when we made the big move. Some, especially those owned by our daughter, had to be given away or donated to charity. Other books on leadership, governance, education, etc. we also gave to individuals who can put those books into good use.

After seven months of staying here, we have started a new collection since we now have easy access to various bookstores. My bedside table can’t accommodate all the books that I bought – both unread and want to reread. My daughter is also complaining about her need for storage to keep her books and I hope we can find/ think of an effective solution.

And then I found this:

Of course, this is not possible in our case. Not YET. But this is a very nice idea, don’t you think? Our dream house is not necessarily big but it’s a must that we’ll have a library. Or at least a nice storage/ display of our books like the one shown above.


It’s Not Too Late to Start

Friday, January 21, 2011

Like what they say, it is never too late to start something that you have been dreaming of doing. Someone I personally know who studied nursing for four years and passed the licensure exam is now taking up law. The last time we had a serious talk, she shared that after earning her degree and passing the exam, she was left wondering why did she ever took up nursing. It was never her passion. I guess she just did it to please her parents. But now that she is earning and able to finance her studies, she is taking up something that she really wants to pursue. And I salute her. Her choice of school is commendable too. It is noted to be one of the best in the country.

Now if you are looking for a career shift and wishes to engage into the wonderful world of cosmetology, make sure that you go for quality education. There is Regency Beauty Institute for you. It is geared towards providing you with the best education when it comes to beauty. Their highly skilled trainers are equipped with proper knowledge and training to provide you with the best beauty education.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 10217 North Metro Parkway West – Phoenix, AZ 85051


Mother, Mother I am Sick!

I was hoping to finish most of my tasks (both online and otherwise) today so that I can enjoy the weekend. One of my husband’s longtime mentors will celebrate his birthday next week and we are hoping to buy some nice fiftieth birthday gifts for him for him at the mall tomorrow.

However, I have been feeling a bit ill since yesterday afternoon. I have been taking things easy hoping that resting will help prevent this from getting worse. I also took some medications and have increased my water intake. The naps I have been taking are helpful too. Hopefully, I will feel much better tomorrow so that I can enjoy the shortened weekend that we are going to have with the Husband. He will be leaving for work earlier than usual on Sunday because of a training.


She Found Me!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

We had an impromptu trip to the mall last weekend though all we planned on doing was lounge around the house and enjoy the day. It was a good decision though because we were able to spend some time with my family in-law. The long ride was fun and our stroll at the mall was equally enjoyable.

While shopping for some stuff for our daughter at the department store, I was surprised when someone I know tapped me on the shoulder and said hi. She is a friend back at the university and I find it is indeed astonishing to see her here. She said that we passed by her some minutes back and she called my name but I did not notice so she ran after us. I apologized by saying I might need to have my ears checked with an audiometer to see if something is amiss with my sense of hearing. Either that or that her voice is not too audible to be heard. Haha!

Anyway, it is good to know that she is around. We have set up a date sometime next week to catch up and so that I can also show her around the city.


The Best Chicken Lollipops

I can’t help but think of this simple yet delightful feast that we had last month when we visited some relatives in Davao City:

It was my first time to eat chicken lollipops and I think I had 9 pieces! I also forgot about dieting and feasted on carbo-rich rice and macaroni. I still think of Grandma’s chicken lollipops and I wonder if I can find a more delicious version of them. My husband thinks that it is good that we do not live with or near Grandma Liling or else, I will regularly ask for her chicken lollipops (among her other specialties) and forget dieting altogether. Losing weight will be very tough and he said, I might resort to appetite suppressants without considering phentermine side effects. Well, there is no need to worry since Grandma and Grandpa already left for New York early this month and will be back after three years. Besides, we only get to visit Davao every three months or so so no chance of binge eating.


Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Thoughts
I was a bit busy (with work and/ or entertaining unhappy thoughts) in the past weeks that I failed doing this meme. However, it is good to count our blessings no matter what our circumstance is. So here we go:

  1. The happy weekend that was. I have not blogged about it yet nor do I have photos to show it but definitely, our recent weekend was certainly, absolutely wonderful.
  2. My weight! I find it amazing that I have maintained the ideal weight for my height without the help of diet weight loss pills. I have been pigging out since December and I have not returned to my usual exercise routine (oops) and yet, I have not gained weight. Yay!
  3. An upcoming trip come February. The plans are not definite yet but we are looking forward to it.
  4. The ability to see things and life in general, in a new and better perspective. It makes life more bearable and us, more hopeful.
  5. The possibility of seeing and spending time with some of my friends on varied occasions pretty soon.
  6. The cold weather though I am having a love-hate relationship with it. Hahaha!


A Baby No More

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We thought that she already lost them all but we were surprised to learn that my daughter still had one more milk tooth. One of her permanent tooth, an incisor at that, started growing some weeks back. We were planning to bring her to the dentist last weekend but since the milk tooth was almost ready to fall off, I suggested that we wait for another week.

Last night, after supper, my brave little girl proudly reported that her tooth finally fell off! It caused bleeding which stopped after some time. The bleeding did not even bother nor scare her.

And it is her last milk tooth.

It made me somehow sad to realize that truly, she is not a baby anymore. Soon (though I am not excited about it), she will be asking me for advices when faced with worries about monthly periods or crushes or best acne face wash when having breakout problems and other girly concerns.

Or maybe not. But I sure hope that she will. I may not have all the best answers but like any other mothers out there, I want to be involved in the matters concerning my daughter for as long as I can, I mean, as long as she likes. Hehehe.


The Endless Battle

The war between the sexes seems to be unending. One proof is this post by a friend of mine on her Facebook wall:

Kung magiging isang bagay ang Lalaki o Babae, ano ito at bakit?

Boy : Ang mga babae parang damit. Madaling palitan, may reserba pa.

Girl : Oh talaga?! Eh kayong mga lalake parang accessories, pwedeng sabay-sabay!

And this goes on and on and on…


Lovelinks Jewelry as Valentine’s Day Gift

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The next big celebration that many of us anticipate after New Year is Valentine’s Day. Just like any celebrations, Valentine’s Day is also loaded with commercialism. Many stores carry out Valentine’s Day sale to help lovers find and eventually buy that perfect gift for their special someone. But for many, the issue about commercializing the day we celebrate love does not matter. It is the perfect and very special time to honor relationships, love, affection and adoration.

Lovelinks Jewelry If you are one of those who are wondering what to give that special woman in your life come Valentine’s Day, you might want to consider a Lovelinks jewelry. They are classic and elegant pieces of jewelry which can be great gifts to your lady love on that very special day. One reputable store that sells Lovelinks jewelry is Their online store makes it easy to shop by providing a comprehensive list of their offered products. You can also find a list of their best sellers in case you are not sure which items to pick. However, if you want an item which are hot off the fresh, check out their new arrivals section. Moreover, special deals and offers like free Lovelinks Beads if you spend £100 or more and free delivery to all UK orders are also found at their home page. You can certainly find something for your loved one from the store’s wide array of earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and many others. Certainly, there is always something at CoolRocks that fits your budget no matter what your recipient’s taste and style may be.

If you wish for a more special yet fashionable gift, Lovelinks jewelry is still a good choice because you can have them customized. With Lovelinks sterling silver initials, you can have your recipient’s name using Lovelinks alphabet beads.


Making New Year’s Resolutions

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

If you’re still thinking of making your list of new year’s resolution just like me, well, do it now! It’s still feasible since it’s just the 11th day of the year! We can still all do it.

Some are understandably skeptical when it comes on making resolutions. They have tried (or have seen others do it) but have miserably failed when it comes to implementing those changes.

I believe that it can be done, provided that we think of doable and practical changes that we need to do. The changes we wish to happen must be anchored on what we value most in life. For example, if you value relationships and yet you feel like you are not spending quality time with your family, you might want to cut a bit off of your time for Online casinos and use it to bond with your loved ones instead.

Like what they say, doing the first step is always the most difficult task of all. But once you’ve done it, the next steps will probably be much easier.


My Mama’s Gift

Last month, we surprised my parents and some relatives and friends with a visit for the holidays. I guess my Mom was so delighted with the surprise that she immediately handed to me her new unlocked phone 30 minutes after we arrived! It is a pink touch screen phone that I absolutely love. Initially, I found it difficult to navigate but thanks to my younger brother who taught me the basics, I now know how to use it. However, I still need to know its other functions and features (aside from the usual call and text) to fully maximize it.


How I Celebrated the New Year

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

For the first time in my life (as far as I can remember, of course!), I celebrated the New Year by sleeping! Yes, I was in lalaland when everyone was bidding 2010 goodbye and welcoming 2011. I even missed the chance of test-driving L (my happy-birthday-to-me gift) in taking fireworks photos! I just slept due to exhaustion and ill feeling and because my medicines made me very drowsy.

We flew back here via Manila on the 31st and I was feeling under the weather the day before our flight. I was actually sick prior to our trip and was under medication as soon as we arrived. However, when things got busy and when I felt slightly better, I stopped taking the medicines. Or rather, I forgot them altogether.

The Husband was unhappy, of course. When we passed by a medical supply store that displayed a number of poc cart on our way home last December 31, he told me to finish my medication this time or else, he will be forced to bring me to the hospital for confinement.

And yes, I chose to be a good girl this time! Hahaha!


A Better Game Plan for 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011

I have learned a very tough lesson this year: joining the Christmas rush can be VERY stressful and not to mention frustrating. It was a good thing that one friend offered some gift items for the boys so I was able to save time shopping for gifts for them. And what are those gifts? No, not cigars. I gave them t-shirts which I conveniently bought online. However, wrapping them is a different story though. Though I enjoy wrapping gifts, I have tons of things to do prior to our trip (blogging, packing and doing more shopping) that I had to squeeze in some gift-wrapping time into my busy schedule. And to be honest. To be really, really honest, I still have some gifts to buy and to be sent. Some kids did not receive gifts last month plus I left some of the boys’ shirts here so I will be sending them the stuff before the week ends.

I should really formulate a better game plan when it comes to gift-giving this year. I do not want to undergo the same experience ever again! I might do my Christmas shopping as early as October 2011. Hehe.


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