Controlling Your Cravings

Monday, January 30, 2012

How to control your cravings

Eat small meals all throughout the day. Slight growling of your stomach can sometimes be a good excuse for you to indulge. However, if you keep your stomach full by eating small amount of food all throught out the day, it is less likely for you to crave.

Keep yourself distracted. If you feel a craving, do something that you have been meaning to accomplish like responding to an email or reading a blog. It has been a proven fact that visual distractions are very effective when it comes to fighting thoughts of food. 

Have a mantra. Try “I will not eat this ____.” Repeat the mantra at least three times until it becomes true to you. If you declare your intentions verbally, it increases your will power. And it is the best backup you need to keep your cravings at bay.

Go and lightly indulge. The more you deny yourself of your cravings, the more you will want them. However, you should keep it brief. Limit your indulgences in to a few bites just to savor the flavor and texture.


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