How to Avoid Being Charged With a Misdemeanor

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to Avoid Being Charged With a Misdemeanor

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A misdemeanor is a criminal act that is much less serious than a felony, but more severe than a simple infraction such as speeding. This includes acts of minor violence, petty theft, vandalism, trespassing, and other similar crimes. Being charged with a misdemeanor, results in anything from a small fine, to a year in jail.

Being charged with a misdemeanor also keeps you from receiving certain jobs and can have other effects and consequences, such as probation or community service, based on the state you live in. If you are faced with a possible misdemeanor charge, you are probably wondering what you can do to get out of it. Follow these tips, in order to avoid a misdemeanor charge.

Hire a Good Lawyer
One of the best things you can do to avoid being charged with a misdemeanor is, to hire a good lawyer. Begin by researching different lawyers, and make sure that the one you hire has a good history of working with clients. While you are looking for a lawyer, make sure that they have experience in dealing with your offense. For example, if you are at risk of getting a DWI charge, the best person to hire would be a New York DWI Attorney.

Seek an Alternative Disposition
An alternative disposition can be given to first time offenders, which allows them to avoid normal punishments, by following other sets of rules. For example, in some states you can avoid charges and certain punishments by, attending certain classes, visiting a counselor, or taking part in other court-ordered activities. If you are accused of drunk driving, for example, you can simply get away by taking alcohol awareness classes. And you can possibly get your license back sooner than later.

Seek a Plea Deal
Instead of an alternative disposition, you can also try seeking a plea deal. A plea deal helps lower the severity of your charges, meaning, you can end up with just an infraction, or with nothing at all. This is usually a good idea, if there is little evidence to support your involvement in the crime you are being accused of, or if it was a non-violent crime.

It is important that you hire a lawyer, as they will know how to work with others to lessen your sentence. Lawyers lessen your sentence through a plea deal, or an alternative disposition. They also help you in other ways throughout your case, by providing advice and presenting other ideas.


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