Exercise for Painful Neck

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I have been complaining about my sore neck and shoulders for about three days now. And my poor solitary audience is the husband whom I greet with my-neck-and shoulder-are-still-aching-and-i-need-to-work-but-they’re-aching-so-bad when he calls. Most likely, these caused my injury:

  • My sleeping position since I usually cover my head with a pillow when I sleep to zero out noise and light.
  • My poor posture and prolonged period of time sitting in front of the computer blogging, surfing and checking out those pay per install programs that I recently discovered. Include in that my crafting while watching TV in bed.
I’ve already taken some pain reliever but they don’t help. I did some reading and discovered that exercise and hot compress can somehow ease the nagging pain.

The exercise to relieve painful neck: Gently stretch the neck muscles. If there is a feeling of  tightness on the right side of the neck, tip head toward the left shoulder and stretch the right arm downward. Gentle massage is also useful for freeing up knotty neck muscles.

Hopefully, this will go away soon as we have an upcoming exciting long weekend ahead.


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