Tuesday, April 3, 2012

photo by irisale87I finally found a good and delicious way to add more fruits and vegetables to my family’s diet. That is to juice them. The idea came from my group of friends and almost all of us are now into juicing. One thing that I really like about juicing is we get to consume a good amount of vegetables and fruits in juice form, which we can never consume if we were just to eat them. To make it more delicious, I add yogurt which my daughter used to detest. These days, she would gladly take a glass of fresh fruit and vegetable juice with yogurt.

For now, we’re stuck with carrot and apple juice. That’s my family’s favorite. However, we’ve also tried adding celery and two days ago, I had cucumber (something that I super rarely eat) and carrots which I find really refreshing. I am grateful for Pinterest and friends – my greatest source of recipes and inspiration for juicing. It is not only healthy but a delicious way to be fit and well.


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