Safety Tips When Buying Baby Beddings

Thursday, May 3, 2012

baby boys bedding In order to complete the look of a crib or nursery, one must carefully choose a baby bedding. There are lots of designs, colors and patters available both for baby girls and baby boys bedding to match the taste and preferred themes of the expecting parents.

However, aside from its appearance the safety of the bedding must also be considered. Here are some safety tips when shopping for baby beddings:

  • Instead of buying a bundled bedding, go for single items. Handpick each item in order to be assured that each does not have items or materials which do not pose as hazardous to your baby when used.
  • Finding fitted sheets that goes with your baby’s room’s theme is a good idea. However,what’s more important is to look for fitted sheets that fit very snugly against the mattress. Loose and poor fitting sheets will have the tendency to come off and might suffocate the baby.
  • When looking for a crib bumper, choose one that securely fastens to the crib. You can also go for a mesh bumper which prevents a baby’s arms and legs being stuck between the crib’s slats.
  • Consider buying sheet protectors. These made of thin cotton cloths with waterproof backing – perfect for keeping the sheets dry. These are economical and easy to change compared to changing an entire set in case of diaper leaks.
  • When it comes to blankets, make sure that you have good and lightweight blankets to swaddle you infant at night. You can keep it in place by putting it over your baby’s lower half and tucking it into the side of the crib’s mattress.

Remember, cuteness and appeal matter when buying baby beddings. But safety of the baby must come first. Bear this in mind when you are looking for the best baby beddings for your new bundle of joy.


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